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Design Inspiration - Luxury Accessories Brands

Design Inspiration - Luxury Accessories Brands

13th May 2022
14 Minute Read

We have assembled a list of 12 luxury accessories brands on the web to provide you with some web design inspiration.


Written by Madeleine

13th May 2022
14 Minute Read

Website Design Inspiration for Luxury Accessories Brands 💍

In today’s article, we have assembled a list of 12 luxury accessories brands on the web to provide you with some web design inspiration.

Whether you’re getting ready to launch your ecommerce business, or are looking for ideas on how you can redesign your online store, you’ve come to the right place.

So, without further ado, let's get started with the first accessories brand featured in today's guide:

N0.1: Etienne Aigner

Etienne Aigner was raised in a close-knit Jewish household in Hungary, where he learned the value of education and hard labour. He worked as a carpet merchant, a window dresser and a light bulb salesman as a young man.

Aigner then learnt to manufacture purses from a colleague in what he described as a "fortunate accident" while apprenticing under a well-known bookbinder in Paris.

Since this time, the team at Etienne Aigner have continued to build on their founder's legacy, with many innovative handbags, shoe and accessory features inspired by his initial designs.

From the; unique logo, signature hardware, braided leathers and wicker handbags, many elements of this ecommerce store and its products are simply just timeless hallmarks of Etienne Aigner’s heritage.

If you find yourself visiting this store, be sure to take note of its; seamless grid block layout, aesthetic branding and eye-catching discount banner bar that sits above the store’s fixed navigation menu for effective ecommerce tips.

Etienne Aigner
Etienne Aigner

N0.2: Palette

Palette was developed and founded in the Netherlands with a passion for making it easier for everyday consumers to find the perfect paint for unique living spaces and the brand believes that painting should be a simple task.

“Painting should be simple, easy to choose your colour, easy to apply it wherever you want.
At Palette, we strive to offer you artist-selected colours, premium quality, free from harmful ingredients, at the best prices.” - Palette

So, if you’re in the market for a splash of something new and are feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of possibilities available in a traditional paint store, give Palette’s selection of 50 hues a try.

Before you can make a purchase from Palette with the store’s sample stickers, simply perform a test run to determine the best hue for your space based on the changing light conditions throughout the day.

So, say goodbye to mess, waste and mismatched colours. This luxury home accessories brand will have you covered with all of the necessary supplies and the highest-quality tools in one convenient kit.

If you're here to see how this business stands out among the ecommerce crowd, you'll see that it makes use of; oversized typography, minimal product grid blocks and backdrops, as well as interactive paint sample imagery that activates on hover to grab the viewer's attention.

We're especially impressed by how this online store can replicate the experience of going out and purchasing paint samples by using clever branding. It’s pretty much true to life. Now, that’s clever ecommerce.


N0.3: Bala Bangles

It's no secret that the team at Bala Bangles believe that beautiful and functional training equipment will transform movement, as they also understand that life includes exercise but is not exclusively defined by it.

If you're curious about how Bala's products might fit into your active lifestyle, pay a visit to this accessories brand website and take a look at the wide video elements that present the store’s products.

Once on-site, you will also stumble across the store’s; sleek grid layouts, scrolling banners, high pops of colour, influences of art and high-end style throughout.

Take a look for yourself and discover how your business could step into the daring side of ecommerce like Bala.

Bala Bangles
Bala Bangles

N0.4: Yield Design

Founded by Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant in San Francisco in 2012, Yield Design straddles the line between function and elegance, high-end design and accessibility.

Yield Design was initially first curated within a diverse product portfolio, which includes everything from furniture to jewellery, making this accessory brand a prime example of the businesses out there that demonstrate an uncompromising dedication to; skilful craft, intelligent presentation and design language.

Currently, Yield Design products are sold across hundreds of stores throughout the world and have been featured in magazines such as the; New York Times, Dwell and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Yield Design
Yield Design


Next up on today’s guide of luxury accessories brands is WHOOP and its purpose is to help customers reach their full potential as humans.

The WHOOP team has spent the last 10 years building the WHOOP System and has had the honour of working with some of the world's leading athletes.

Additionally, this accessories brand claims that its System is life-changing, enabling consumers to alter their life through; positive behaviour modification increased fitness and injury prevention.

Will Ahmed, the Founder and CEO of WHOOP believes that the degree of sophistication and scale of the data that his business has acquired on athletes is unparalleled, as no physiological studies have ever been undertaken on this scale before.

As a result, the extraordinary connections between physiology and performance, the approach to health monitoring and the different strategies for evaluating and acting on body responses have been discovered.

So, in addition to developing a product that people can enjoy, the team at WHOOP hope that their findings will also advance human knowledge within the fitness industry.


N0.6: Patch Plants

The next of today’s featured luxury accessories brands is Patch Plants and its mission is to assist everyday consumers when it comes to enjoying the benefits of gardening.

To do this, the team has provided customers with fresh and individualised ideas to locate and discover the greatest plants and materials from the finest suppliers alongside all of the information an urban gardener could need to care for their new plants.

So, if we take a quick side step over to this brand’s store design, the Patch Plants homepage is presented with a minimalist black, white and green aesthetic, with straightforward navigation.

In addition, the homepage now has a "Why Patch?" section, which is important for customers to understand what makes this online store different to the rest in its field.

Furthermore, the section on which plant varieties would survive best in each room of the house is very eye-opening, so this is a terrific approach to guide customers and give them the confidence to buy something that they ordinarily wouldn't know much about.

Patch Plants
Patch Plants

N0.7: Ceremony

Situated in Los Angeles, California, Ceremony was founded to honour the value of meaningful connection and love expression, as this accessories brand offers a modern edit of rings for treasuring, symbolising and honouring love of all kinds.

From what we’ve heard, this store focuses on producing the highest quality, most appealing rings possible using the most responsibly sourced materials across the globe.

While many ring types are dictated by the brand’s permanent collection, each Ceremony band is individually fashioned to order with a diamond picked and purchased by you.

So, even though this process is time-consuming and labour-intensive, the team has noted that it is the greatest and most responsible method for acquiring products with true integrity.

As a result, the team at Ceremony believe that in a notoriously opaque industry, the most "open" thing they can do is simply put actions where their words are.

Not to grow without care, but to deliver items into the world that are noteworthy, create value and stimulate constructive change.


N0.8: Missoma

Next up on today’s guide of luxury accessories brands is Missoma, a fashionable website with a strong ecommerce presence.

The homepage currently includes a picture gallery and a video element that captures Missoma's authenticity. It conveys a message: we have something for everyone, which is part of the store's brilliant design.

Missoma has to be one of our favourite ecommerce websites because of its straightforward commitment to style and elegance, with all jewellery designed and manufactured in-house by the team.

Additionally, this accessories brand currently produces products that are created from recycled metal jewellery and customers wishing to purchase sustainably sourced products will find a dedicated section on the left-hand side of the navigation bar specifically for these items.

In a nutshell, this tab details the company's; sustainability journey, carbon footprint, community effect, metals and sourcing.

On a separate note, the loading time of this jewellery store is much faster than many other ecommerce sites on the web, making it super responsive and user-friendly for customers browsing the Missoma store.


N0.9: Daisy Jewellery

After debuting in 2009 with the namesake Daisy collection, which was inspired by wildflowers, the brand has evolved to cult status, merging a bohemian frame of mind with wearable, contemporary jewellery designs.

Daisy Jewellery is one of our clients here at Karmoon, so we may be a little biassed when we say that their website is flawless, but we are proud of our work.

With amazing photography and eye-catching typography, this brand achieves total excellence and visual storytelling capabilities.

The site's typography matches the brand's colour scheme, resulting in a great UX and UI experience for customers throughout the store.

Have you ever visited Daisy Jewellery on your phone or tablet? Its appearance and usability are both flawless. Any competitive online merchant should make sure that their store displays and performs smoothly on all devices.

Daisy Jewellery
Daisy Jewellery

N0.10: Leaf Envy

The next of today’s luxury accessories brands is Leaf Envy and this business has a mission to connect people with nature by bringing spaces to life with plants.

Created to make beautiful botanical homes achievable to all, Leaf Envy offers a carefully curated selection of; high quality and unusual plants, bespoke pots, botanical accessories and expert advice for contemporary, modern homes.

Since its establishment, Leaf Envy’s roots have flourished alongside its founder’s personal love affair with the botanical world.

After transforming her apartment into a foliage-filled retreat, Beth discovered how difficult it was to navigate the world of plant care and locate unusual plants and perfectly-fitting pots that matched her style. So, Leaf Envy encapsulates these aspects in one.

If you pay a visit to the Leaf Envy website, you will notice that this ecommerce store enables customers to; shop for plants by room, give plants as a gift, join a plant subscription plan and uncover plant care information.

Furthermore, because this store cares about the future of our planet, they have pledged to plant a tree to help with global forestry and ecological restoration.

Leaf Envy
Leaf Envy

N0.11: RAINS

Next up is RAINS, the lifestyle brand that specialises in outerwear and its collections combine a conceptual-meets-functional design approach, with a strong urban inspiration and a signature fabric identity to create a unique look.

RAINS' first design, a contemporary reimagining of the classic rubber raincoat, inspired a coated waterproof fabric palette and today, consumers across the world can enjoy RAINS' neo-Scandinavian aesthetic, unisex designs and continually unexpected curation.

Take a look at this accessories brand's website to see how they've utilised; bold font, eye-catching photography, an auto-scroll grid layout that pauses on hover, a sleek design and a simple navigation system.


N0.12: Behind Bracken

Created by Ashley Lovie in 2017, Behind Bracken is a fine jewellery brand situated in Edinburgh's Leith district and every item is made with care and has been designed to be worn and enjoyed daily.

In a word, myth, memory and the cosmic are among the store's design inspirations, as is a love of; minimalist design, heirloom jewellery and mindful structure for everyday usage.

Each piece is created from a master model or entirely by hand at the bench, utilising classic goldsmithing techniques such as; lost wax casting, forging and stone setting.

Take a look at the soft feminine branding, exquisite minimal style and on-trend neutral aesthetic on this ecommerce website for inspiration on how to design your accessory website.

Behind Bracken
Behind Bracken

So, what are your thoughts on our guide to some of the best ecommerce luxury accessories brands across the web in 2022? Reach out and let us know.

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