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The Best Loungewear Brands UK

The Best Loungewear Brands UK

30th November 2021
15 Minute Read

In today’s article, we have assembled a list of the top 10 loungewear brands UK style on the web to provide you with some web design inspiration.


Written by Madeleine

30th November 2021
15 Minute Read

Loungewear Brands UK - The Best Sites 🛏️

In today’s article, we have assembled a list of the top 10 loungewear brands UK style on the web to provide you with some web design inspiration.

These examples are some of the best ecommerce sites on the web that utilise creative designs and unique features to grab the attention of their customers.

Whether you’re getting ready to launch your ecommerce business, or are looking for ideas on how you can redesign your online store, you’ve come to the right place. So, let's kick things off with the first loungewear store that has been featured within today's guide:


It’s only fitting that we jump headfirst into a guide compiled of the best loungewear brands in the UK with LOUNGE themselves.

In 2015, LOUNGE was established - it all started in the Lounge of Co-Founders and couple, Dan and Mel. The perfect combination of a business brain and creative soul built the foundations for a brand that would change the game.

In 2021, the brand is responsible for inspiring many new and upcoming loungewear and intimate collections, since the business found the gap in the market for items of comfort that double up as effortlessly stylish outfits.

LOUNGE is one of the best ecommerce sites on the web for showcasing its designs with pure elegance, but it’s not just the website that we’ve been admiring. If you head on down to the website footer, you’ll notice a link to their social media channels.

We’ve been paying particular attention to the brand’s activities on Instagram, as the store has cleverly expanded its reach across more than one account, separating its stock into categories to reach defined audience groups.

For instance, the core LOUNGE account can be found under @loungeunderwear, the loungewear side of the business can be located @loungeapparel, the sultry side of the company can be found @loungeintimates and last but not least is @loungeswim, where everything vacay related can be shopped.

We think that’s a pretty smart business move right there where Instagram marketing is concerned, but there’s way more to love about this brand than their social media techniques.

The website itself has a minimal theme and colour scheme, featuring heavy influences of; white, black and grey to keep the store’s aesthetic feeling sleek and clean and just like it does on Instagram, the website does well to separate the elements of its inventory and the collections available.

So, on the whole, we’d say that the store is very easy to navigate and discover new items of interest in a visually appealing way. Well done LOUNGE, well done.


N0.2: Oysho

Oysho captivates website visitors with its utilisation of sharp videography featuring branded products that are available to purchase in-store.

It’s a known fact that many customers prefer to see a product in motion when shopping for goods online, as it presents a true to life interpretation of the item and leaves the element of surprise for someone somewhere else.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, but with Oysho, what you see is what you get - apparel at its finest.

As you move around the site, you'll notice how easy it is to get from A to B. We particularly love this design’s incorporation of a left-hand navigation bar, as opposed to streamlining the tabs across the screen.

When in use, the sidebar emerges from the left and tucks away into the same corner when visitors are browsing, giving the site a large wide-angle outlook and sleek, modern vibe. From loungewear to knitwear, sleepwear to gym wear and more, Oysho has it all when it comes to living life comfortably.


N0.3: Girl of Muse

LOUNGE has fought to change loungewear by combining everyday comforts with style and now we’re seeing the ripple effect of new blossoming brands such as Girl of Muse excitedly joining the movement in the fashion industry.

Girl of Muse channels everything and anything to do with self-love and manifestation, which is something that I’m sure most of us can get on board with.

In short, this brand asks everyone to be their own muse when it comes to layering cosy and fashionable loungewear pieces together. After all, who said comfies can’t be stylish?

We love that the business is actively promoting its unique hashtag #beyourownmuse for use across social media in the footer section of their ecommerce store to keep their customers talking.

If there’s one thing that merchants should want users to do after they’ve made a purchase, it should be to keep the conversation going. The more people that share their experiences, the more likely new visitors will be to convert to loyal customers.

The Girl of Muse site is; minimal, edgy, modern and bold with its choice of typography and page layouts and from its virtual presence, we can see that the brand’s image is confident in its message, unafraid to step up to the plate and bring unique styles into the limelight.

Girl of Muse

N0.4: Manière De Voir

Manière De Voir is an international ecommerce store that ships to the; UK, USA, Europe and select countries throughout the world. Taking a business on a worldwide scale is no easy feat, but for the stores that accomplish this move, always own it like a boss.

Of course, each regional version of the Manière De Voir website will differ depending on the user’s browsing location and country of origin, but for a guide focusing on the best loungewear brands UK style, we are going to be focusing on our local version of this site.

We are pretty mind blown with this store’s utilisation of the full-screen layout, as the high-quality imagery used here packs a punch when it comes to making a statement.

If the photography wasn't enough to sway online users to take that plunge and make a purchase, perhaps those implemented Trustpilot reviews will?

Every online store should have some kind of system where previous purchasers are invited to leave a review of their brand experience.

Nine times out of ten, browsers will look for and read through the reviews left for a product by other customers before making a purchase decision. It’s human nature.

We all want the best and if it’s something we should jump onto, then tell us, but if it’s something we should avoid, well we’d like to know that too. Everybody likes the truth so get customers talking with an integration like Trustpilot.

Ultimately, the best aspect of this store is its simple designs that feature; high-quality images, product grids and stunning parallax effects.

Manière De Voir

N0.5: Boux Avenue

Launched in April 2011, Boux Avenue is like the girly pink hub for all things comfy. Need a cute tracksuit set? Boux has got you. Looking for something a little more neutral for those days that you just want to look good and feel great on a weekend spent at home? The Avenue has you covered.

All Boux Avenue designs are curated in London, with their fabulous community in mind. This business invites its customers to upgrade their wardrobes with collections that have been designed to empower every curve on a woman's body.

With such a large inventory in their midst, Boux avenue has to remain on the top of their game when it comes to alerting their customers of the deals and discounts that can be reaped from this online store.

After all, if the free delivery banner didn’t pop up right there at the top of the homepage, customers wouldn’t know about this offering now, would they? So, to keep the sales rolling, all promotions and newsflashes will be advertised here.

Additionally, to keep the deals and offerings displaying loud and proud for all website visitors to see, the navigation bar pays tribute to these announcements, with corresponding discounts and deals being advertised within the relevant product category section.

There’s nothing like shopping and saving money, it’s almost too easy.

Boux Avenue

N0.6: Chelsea Peers

Chelsea Peers is an outstanding website that is the home of modern lounging. Here is another one of the best ecommerce sites on the web that ensures pyjamas are no longer solely confined to bed sheets.

This company does well to create loungewear that not only their customers feel comfortable in but are proud to wear, wherever their lounging lifestyle may lead.

The website’s design includes multiple grid layouts, sale and discount alerts, not to mention captivating imagery that just makes you want to browse for something that you didn’t know you needed. Any store that can do this is doing something right.

Alongside offering their customers free shipping once the threshold of £60.00 is reached, Chelsea Peers is also known to offer free gifts to its customers at the checkout when select items are purchased.

Furthermore, the brand has joined the movement of sustainability within the fashion industry and this year they’ve made it their mission to become as resourceful as possible.

These positive steps all form part of the Chelsea Peer’s journey to make a change for the future. To do this, the company has teamed up with REPREVE® and @onetreeplanted in a conscious effort to work together to create a greener, more sustainable environment that promises to plant one tree on each customer's behalf.

Chelsea Peers

N0.7: T/ALA

Can we just start by commenting on this store’s homepage display? How cool is this graphic? This layout is distinctive, edgy, trendy - it’s just so 2021.

Alongside selling a range of products within their core collection, T/ALA also focuses on its loungewear and nightwear offerings in particular.

Out of all of the ecommerce sites that we’ve checked out so far, this one is super easy to discover the extent of the products that the store has to offer.

The layout is stripped back and easy to navigate, the tones are complementary, the product gallery and interactive slides add an extra layer of interest and that featured spot is standing proud for all to see which we just simply adore.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration when it comes to innovation, make use of a reasonably small space and own the web design game-like T/ALA.


N0.8: Angelle Collection

Just call me Angelle says every girl everywhere who owns a piece from this collection.

Angelle Collection was created by Founder - Ellenor Darby who detected a gap in the market for what she felt was truly missing from her wardrobe - luxury, high quality, flattering, cosy and comfortable loungewear that didn’t come with a designer price tag.

So, that’s where the Angelle Collection comes in, as it aims to serve up some sleek styles to the women of the world who require the perfect outfit to pop to the shops in or have a cup of tea with their friends.

Equally a night on the sofa can be enjoyed in style. Call us boring, but that last option sounds like a dream and as you’d expect, this ecommerce store is anything but boring, as its beautiful products and stunning apparel collections are what aesthetic Instagram and Pinterest accounts are made of.

This website is truly a masterpiece and displays just how important product photography can be for recognisable branding, not to mention giving peeking visitors an encouraging nudge to make that purchase.

If you’re wondering how businesses are influenced by popular social media channels to market and conduct their company, look no further than Angelle Collection for ideas and inspiration.

Angelle Collection


Clean grids, interactive elements, parallax scrolling, customer reviews, multiple ways to pay all while keeping things simple, ALLNEUTRALS is a brand that means business.

As we’re sure you’ll notice when hopping aboard and visiting this ecommerce store, the colour palette utilised within this brand’s products and web design are neutral, hence the name - ALLNEUTRALS.

Every garment is timeless and effortless, which is something that all guys and gals are looking for from their loungewear where fashion is concerned. Comfortable and neutral pieces designed for day and night, whatever the occasion can be found here.

After all, mixing, matching and layering is as simple as one-two-three and they've applied this to their store's layout too. With an eye-catching fixed header design, neat animation effects and well-organised content, this site's design was made to be simplistic in its beauty and we think that their customers would agree.


N0.10: Future Self

Last but not least in today’s guide is Future Self, the store that loves a slogan - on everything.

Future Self represents a small team based in Brighton that is dedicated to creating fashion-forward pieces that fit in with their community's lifestyle.

By purchasing Future Self products, customer’s will enter into a community of like-minded people who are focused on proactively taking the small steps needed to bring them closer to their goals.

From hoodies and sweater sets to embroidered products and acid wash designs, this is one of the best ecommerce brands that we could show you, as the company has taken comfort and style to a whole new level through this online store.

Can we just appreciate the effortless visuals and the 1990's version of cool kid vibes in this Future Self lookbook? It’s pretty iconic.

Future Self

Have we missed out on one of the best loungewear brands UK style that deserves to be featured within today's guide? Reach out and let us know.

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