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Privy App vs Klaviyo App: Which One Is Best? 🙌

Privy App vs Klaviyo App: Which One Is Best? 🙌

15th August 2022
15 Minute Read

Should you choose the Privy app or the Klaviyo app to market your Shopify business?


Written by Madeleine

15th August 2022
15 Minute Read

Privy App VS Klaviyo App 🥊

Online stores across the web spend much of their time attempting to increase website traffic for their business and for 14,000 brands, Privy and Klaviyo are essential aspects of the tech marketing stack.

However, the real question is - should you choose the Privy app or the Klaviyo app to market your Shopify business?

Well, we know of several online stores that rely on the Klaviyo app to send emails to their customers and the Privy app to integrate pop-ups that grow an email list, but which app is the most effective out of the two?

To the curious kids out there, you'll be pleased to know that we are going to answer this question, comparing the characteristics of both the Privy app and the Klaviyo app in today’s definitive guide.

So, let's begin with the number one reason why brands on Shopify should consider choosing Privy over Klaviyo:

Why Should Brands on Shopify Choose the Privy App Over the Klaviyo App?

If you're looking for a solution that can drive ROI for your Shopify store, over 600,000 businesses in more than 160 countries across the world utilise Privy's conversion, email and SMS marketing platform to achieve their goals and here’s why:

N0.1: Feel Like A Pro with Privy

Launching a campaign or learning a new functionality on your Shopify store shouldn’t require a marketing expert and to prove this, Privy makes it easy for eager merchants to feel like a pro!

Online stores can expect a simple setup for high-performing email automations that work to increase sales round-the-clock for your business including welcome campaigns and abandoned cart series, alongside access to the drag and drop editor to create and send emails with ease.

This means that stores on the likes of Shopify can spend more time expanding their business and less time attempting to understand complicated marketing tools thanks to the Privy app.

N0.2: Access Expert Support and Coaching

At Privy, the team believes that its users and their customers deserve better than waiting in long lines for support just to talk with a chatbot and we couldn’t agree more.

With the Privy app, customers can access live chat or email support from a human – 7 days a week with an average waiting time of just 5 minutes!

Got More Than 250+ Email Contacts?

A Privy specialist will be on hand, happy to provide your Shopify team with a 1:1 coaching session to help your business get started.

Note: No matter how many contacts your company may have, your business will always receive help from a member of Privy’s support team. Additionally, merchants using Privy can qualify for ongoing support from a customer success manager if they have more than 10,000+ contacts.

N0.3: Spend Less and Sell More with the Privy App

With the Privy app, Shopify merchants can spend less and sell more with an unlimited cap on the number of emails that can be sent to their customers each month.

Don’t you just hate email limitations? Yeah, we do too!

It’s just not practical when the email marketing tool you’re relying on restricts how many emails can be sent out to customers each month.

After all, a cap on email sends puts a cap on revenue potential and that’s not something that any business would turn a blind eye to, but unfortunately, the Klaviyo app does have an email cap, which charges extra for sending more emails than a plan allows for.

The Privy app however does not impose any email sending limits or hidden fees, which means that customers will only be charged for mailable contacts that they can market to and not unsubscribed contacts or recipients who didn't opt-in for emails in the first place.

Two women are smiling, sitting on a grey sofa with a laptop, looking at the Privy app

Comparing Privy App vs Klaviyo App

N0.1: Privy

Unlimited Email Sends - No matter how much a plan costs, merchants can send an unlimited number of emails with the Privy app. So, how and when you market to your customers via email is entirely up to you!

Privy Convert Integration - Create popups, forms and other onsite displays using #1 rated conversion tools to expand your email and SMS subscriber lists.

Proactively Increase Average Order Value - To create urgency while customers are on site, the Privy app enables displays such as cross-sells and free shipping bars to encourage customers to add more goods to their carts and to generate a rise in the order value.

Revenue Reporting Across All Channels - With income attributed across onsite displays, emails and SMS, Privy's all-in-one platform provides a comprehensive view of the health of your business.

True Cart Abandonment Emails - With automatic abandoned cart emails, merchants can save up to 10% of abandoned carts and not just abandoned checkouts! Additionally, customers can create a series that is precisely timed to retrieve as many abandoned carts as possible.

Flexible Shopify Coupon Creation - Create master and distinctive coupons with the Privy app that works with your Shopify store. Simply drag and drop coupon codes directly into your emails, without worrying about having the “right” number of codes available for recipients.

Personalised Onboarding - Privy offers live onboarding sessions so that business owners can lead with critical displays and emails that are ready to drive sales right away.

Expert Support - Privy’s ecommerce coaches demonstrate what is effective to help Shopify businesses like yours implement an effective marketing strategy into the heart of their brand. It's like always having marketing staff on hand outside of your team.

User-Friendly Editor and Template Library - Send promotions and updates to stay in front of customers with Privy’s simple drag-and-drop email editor and robust template library.

N0.2: Klaviyo

Monthly Email Sending Limits - When the Klaviyo app is used, the number of emails that can be sent per month is limited by the number of contacts on a customer’s price plan. Therefore if users exceed their allotted number of email sends, additional fees will be charged.

Forms that Limit List Growth - Did you know that the targeting conditions on Klaviyo's signup forms are not designed for list expansion? Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal reality for merchants on Shopify, as this can result in the loss of thousands of signups per month.

Reactive Cross-Sell Tools - Klaviyo’s cross-selling tools are limited to emails that are sent after a shopper lands on site. Therefore, if you offer free shipping to your customers, you’ll have to use something other than Klaviyo to keep shoppers informed.

Basic Signup Form Reporting - Unfortunately for Shopify merchants, the Klaviyo app doesn’t track revenue attributed to signup forms, which means that you’ll have a gap in understanding how forms are impacting your bottom line.

Checkout Abandonment - The Klaviyo cart abandonment flow only triggers when the checkout process begins. This means that the Klaviyo app is unable to contact a customer who adds an item to their basket but does not make their way through the checkout process.

Tedious Coupon Creation - With Klaviyo, users are required to manually type coupon tags into their campaigns, but if there aren't enough coupon codes to go around, some recipients won’t receive the campaign at all. With this limitation in place, fewer campaigns can be delivered, which means fewer sales for your business.

Overwhelming Checklist - The only onboarding assistance provided by Klaviyo is a cumbersome checklist and a tonne of online resources that customers are left to navigate on their own.

Limited Support - If you’re not using more than 150,000 contacts with Klaviyo, your only options for support are email and chat, both of which have long waiting periods and boilerplate responses.

Complicated Interface - We’ve heard over and over again that the Klaviyo app isn’t user-friendly enough for merchants to operate, as the likes of simple adjustments can be huge time killers when running an ecommerce business.

Can Privy Help Your Business Grow?

Yes! The Privy app was created to assist brands on platforms like Shopify to expand and reach their full potential. So, here’s a quick run-through of what Privy can do for your business:

Grow your email and SMS lists.

Send messages that drive sales.

Recover abandoned carts.

Encourage customers to buy more.

Automate repeat sales.

Privy App vs Klaviyo App? - FAQs

Got a few questions? Check out the section below to view some of the most frequently asked questions when comparing the Privy app to the Klaviyo app:

N0.1: How Does Privy’s Pricing Compare to Klaviyo’s?

Both the Privy app and the Klaviyo app offer contact-based pricing, but Privy’s Starter Plan offers access to conversion and email tools for as little as $15 per month for up to 250 contacts.

For 250 contacts, Privy costs around $30 per month with up to 2,000 mailable contacts.

The Privy app also offers a Growth Plan for customers on platforms like Shopify to access the solution’s collection of conversion, email and SMS marketing tools. This plan begins at $45 per month for up to 3,000 mailable contacts with up to 500 textable contacts.

However, after the threshold of 3,000 emails is reached, the price of Privy increases by $15 per month for every 1,000 mailable contacts on record.

Additionally, the price will increase by $10 per 250 recipients for 500 textable contacts, which means that the larger the contact list you have, the less you’ll pay per contact with the Privy app.

To check out Privy’s price plans in detail, please refer to the link provided.

N0.2: Does Privy Have A Monthly Email Sending Limit?

If you’re on Privy’s Starter Plan or Growth Plan, you won’t be restricted by a monthly email sending limit. This means that Privy customers can send an unlimited number of emails regardless of how many contacts they have or how much their plan costs each month.

As a result, users will have full control over how and when they market to their Shopify customers via email.

N0.3: What Support Can you Expect from Privy?

When you make the switch from the Klaviyo app to the Privy app, you’ll receive specialised migration services to support your transition, alongside priority assistance to migrate your contacts to Privy!

Plus, the team will create an onboarding plan based on your specific goals and priorities so that they can start with what matters most to your business.

A Privy specialist will also be available to assist your Shopify team with implementing an onboarding plan for your company and regardless of how many contacts you have, you will receive 1:1 live chat and/or email support seven days a week when you switch to the Privy app.

Note: Need to reach out to Privy’s support team? No problem! You can expect an average waiting time of 5 minutes and if you come to Privy with 10,000+ mailable contacts, you’ll be eligible for ongoing support with a customer success manager too!

N0.4: What Happens If you Make the Switch from Klaviyo to Privy?

We know that email lists are ecommerce gold and that’s why Privy wants to make it as easy as possible for the likes of stores on Shopify to transfer their contacts into the Privy app.

As part of Privy’s Klaviyo Migration Services, customers will receive priority assistance and expedited contact migration from the team.

Furthermore, Privy customers will only ever pay for mailable contacts. So, you can say goodbye to getting charged for contacts who have unsubscribed or who haven’t opted into marketing emails.

With the Privy app, it’s all above board, which is why we’d recommend making the switch from the Klaviyo app if you haven't already!

N0.5: Can Privy Help with Email Automations?

Absolutely! Time is money and when you’re running an online business on the likes of Shopify, email automations are just another way to give your email marketing campaigns an easy outlet to work their magic.

Privy’s text and email automations are so valuable for Shopify stores, as the solution’s ability to welcome new subscribers, recover abandoned carts and drive repeat purchases whilst working behind the scenes without the need for manual labour are top-notch.

Then, once these automations are live in your account, they’ll trigger whenever shoppers meet the criteria that have been set so that you can capture sales for your business around the clock.

When you make the switch from the Klaviyo app to the Privy app, you can expect the team to be on hand to understand your goals and help activate the automations that are a priority for your business.

N0.6: Is SMS Marketing Possible with Privy?

Yes! Privy SMS is the fastest way to start driving sales with SMS marketing for your Shopify store and we’d recommend using Privy’s SMS tools to welcome new subscribers, add SMS marketing to your cart recovery strategy and promote your latest offers and products with money-making text messages.

When you choose Privy’s Growth Plan you’ll get access to all of the solution’s SMS marketing tools. Plus, the team will provide 1:1 support and coaching to help your team get started.

N0.7: Can SMS Contacts Be Imported from Klaviyo to Privy?

On compliance grounds, textable contacts must provide their phone number to your business via the Privy app popup or onsite display for you to text them with Privy SMS.

Additionally, when customers switch to Privy and choose the Growth Plan, the experts will work with your business to launch top-recommended plays to supercharge your SMS list growth!

So, that concludes our comparison of the Privy app to the Klaviyo app. What are your thoughts on today’s guide? Reach out and let us know.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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