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Bespoke Design and Build

Built on the Shopify Plus platform for branding impact, lightning-fast performance, and increased conversion rates.

Who are Naturisimo?

In 2008 Naturisimo decided that the beauty industry could do better for people and planet. They began their journey to provide smart beauty for conscious people with a mission to showcase a more value-driven and planet-conscious edit of the world’s best beauty, makeup, skincare and wellbeing ranges. With a promise to be as transparent as possible about the values that matter most to their community, including ingredients and sustainability. They are changing the way beauty is viewed.

The Brief

We embarked on a mission to bring their latest brand revamp to life. As their brand evolved, so too did their e-commerce store, which required a complete overhaul to align with their new vision. Naturisimo sought to elevate their online presence and offer a truly beautiful, user-friendly, and lightning-fast shopping experience for their dedicated community. With the customer experience at the forefront of our efforts, we worked tirelessly to ensure that the new e-commerce site was not only visually stunning, but also intuitive and easy to navigate.

Naturisimo | Karmoon Shopify Development Agency
Naturisimo | Karmoon Shopify Bespoke Build
Naturisimo | Karmoon Shopify Design Agency
Naturisimo | Karmoon Shopify Plus Agency

A Beautiful Brand

With a new refreshed brand, Naturisimo needed a revamped e-commerce design to reflect a modern, polished aesthetic. The new design kept in mind the importance of user experience, ensuring that the website would be easy to navigate, with clear calls to action's and with ample whitespace, allowing for a clean and uncluttered layout. Our development team implemented the design across all devices and browsers, guaranteeing a seamless browsing experience for the customers.

The result is a brand that feels reinvigorated, with a website that reflects its newfound vitality.

Naturisimo home page

Mobile First

Understanding that the majority of purchasing customers come from mobile devices, it was crucial for us to prioritise mobile-first design in this project. Creating a visually stunning and seamless mobile experience for Naturisimo's customers was paramount. We also placed a strong emphasis on enhancing the customer journey by implementing strategic calls-to-actions and upsell/cross-sell opportunities within the mobile browser, resulting in a higher conversion rate and overall improved customer experience.

Naturisimo overview

Speed for Conversion

One of the the key objectives of the Naturisimo Project was online site speed. Over the years, their previous site had become slow due to bloated architecture, with over 30 apps installed and multiple iterations from different development agencies. As a key objective of the project, we were tasked with drastically improving the site speed. The goal was to achieve a score of at least 70 out of 100 on Google's PageSpeed Insights for mobile, but we were determined to surpass this benchmark. Through a combination of technical optimisation and streamlined code, we were able to achieve a score of 78 within the Shopify platform – 80+ in Google's PageSpeed Insights. Greatly enhancing the overall user experience for Naturisimo's customers.

Naturisimo | Karmoon Shopify Agency

Mobile Site Speed

We are thrilled to announce that through tireless effort and determination, we have successfully achieved exceptional speed scores of 78 within the Shopify Admin for mobile, with even higher scores of 98-100 on desktop. Our team expertly navigated the integration of a wide range of tools and technologies, including Yotpo for reviews and loyalty points, Klaviyo for email subscribers, and Hotjar for tracking, all within the Shopify Plus platform and so much more. We inched closer and closer ever day to achieve our goal, and the results speak for themselves. We're proud of this accomplishment and excited to say the impact and feedback for the Naturismo’s customers user experience and conversion rate has been great.

Typographic Storytelling

As a company with a vast inventory of over 2,000 products, maintaining an uncluttered and seamless shopping experience is of the utmost importance. To achieve this, a typographic hierarchy that guides customers through their browsing journey has been employed. By ensuring consistent and balanced font hierarchy with variations in size and weight throughout the site, we created a visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate layout. The use of mega-menus, brand filtering, clear iconography, and intuitive filter menus allow customers to easily find the products they're looking for, making their shopping experience effortless and enjoyable.

Naturisimo | Neom brand collection | Karmoon Agency


We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with the dedicated team at Naturisimo, specifically Alison and Judith, in building their Shopify Plus e-commerce store. It has been an honor to be a part of their journey and we are delighted to see the positive impact the new site has had on their business, with noticeable improvements in site speed, conversion rates, and average order value. We look forward to continued partnership and even greater successes in the future.

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