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Mamamade Food

OnGoing Support and CRO

A baby weaning build-a-box subscription service – using Recharge Pro and Shopify.

Who are MamaMade Food?

Mamamade was founded to help busy parents provide nutritious, home-cooked meals for their children. The founder Sophie recognised the challenges of balancing the demands of parenthood with the desire to give their child the best, and set out to create a product that could offer a helping hand.

At Mamamade, they understand that every family is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and wellbeing. Their goal is to cater to the needs of modern parents and be a support system for all families.

The Brief

Mamamade entrusted us with the mission of making their build-a box baby weaning subscription even better. To tackle a customer churn – for a profitable cost of acquisition. It was an essential requirement to restructured the UX design alongside a comprehensive overhaul in fundamental code foundation for optimal user experience – as customers were struggling to use the customer portal, and often met with a big error screen. Customer Satisfaction is a core value for Mamamade and wanted more than just seamless operation; they wished an enjoyable experience too!

MamaMade Founder
MamaMade bundle kit
Child eating fruit
Baby eating food

User Journey

Karmoon reviewed Mamamade's current build-a-box functionality and we re-designed this from the ground up. Ensuring that users understand exactly what they need without taking up too much screen space. This is followed by a simple to use three step process with key prompts along the way. Guided prompts accompany them throughout and all while we maintain seamless UX and stellar branding for an easy and enjoyable experience.

MamaMade website overview

A Mega Menu

Mamamade was determined to give their customers a smoother, less confusing purchasing journey. After reviewing user journeys, wire-framing options and creating high fidelity designs, we successfully implemented a beautiful new megamenu that helps guide customers through an easy and effortless purchasing process – making it easier than ever before!

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Mamamade are dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible service. They're always looking for ways to keep improving - no area of their site is safe from upgrades! Little-by-little, they're striving for 1% improvements each and every day, through to major transformations moving forward in the background – there’s sure to be something new from Mamamade coming soon!

MamaMade desktop vs Mobile


We're so grateful to have had the honour of partnering with Ian and Sophie, two inspiring entrepreneurs who founded Mamamade Food. At Karmoon we firmly believe in their business vision and values – so much so that Karmoon's Founder is also an investor in Mamamade Food. We can't wait for what the future holds for us all together and our continued work – here's to a bright one ahead!

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