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Wolf and Shepherd

Bespoke Design and Build

Taking the brand to new heights with a bespoke Shopify Plus build.

Wolf and Shepherd

Wolf & Shepherd blends the power of sport and luxury to create footwear that is unparalleled in performance, style, and comfort. Their unique combination of Italian leathers and athletic innovations provides hard-working professionals with an unbeatable way to stay on their feet throughout long days - all while looking sharp!

The Brief

With a mission to improve the user experience, Wolf & Shepherds embarked on an ambitious journey. Their goal was to create a next-level e-commerce store that would allow users to seamlessly explore their world without limits – ensuring beautiful navigation with full accessibility and intuitive keyboard controls.

Comfy grey shoes
Smart brown shoes
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Typographic Storytelling

We believe in the power of typography to create design harmony, maintain brand consistency, and deliver a clean, beautiful aesthetic. The meticulous font selection ensures every element of the brand exudes luxury and functionality, making a lasting impression and providing a remarkable, memorable experience.

Wolf and Shepherd homepage

The World Continues

When you step into the Wolf & Shepherd e-commerce store, you're stepping into the brand's very essence. Every element of the website is meticulously crafted to immerse you in the world of Wolf & Shepherd. From the carefully chosen colour schemes to the intuitive user interface, every click and scroll is designed to provide a seamless and immersive shopping experience. We've considered every detail, ensuring that the site showcases its unparalleled footwear and embodies the spirit of performance, style, and comfort that defines Wolf and Shepherd. Shopping with Wolf & Shepherd isn't just about products; it's about entering a world where luxury and innovation meet, where every aspect of the site reflects its commitment to excellence.

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Driving Conversions: Our Commitment to Seamless Shopping

Our unwavering focus on conversion is at the core of our e-commerce strategy. At Karmoon we understand that a seamless and efficient shopping experience is paramount. The website is finely tuned to guide customers effortlessly from discovery to checkout, minimizing friction and maximizing convenience. From compelling product descriptions to intuitive navigation and a secure, user-friendly checkout process, every aspect is designed to inspire confidence and make every visit to our store a successful and satisfying one. Our goal is simple: to convert visitors into loyal customers who appreciate the unparalleled blend of performance, style, and comfort that Wolf & Shepherd offers.

Wolf and Shepherd typography

It's in the details

The Wolf & Shepherd site turned out beautifully with an arguable great home page. The user can effortlessly scroll through the page and enjoy ever considered pixel on the journey. With such a high consideration for typography, style guide and branding each element seamlessly blends together for an effortless browsing experience. You feel like you're stepping into the Wolf & Shepherd world.

Wolf and Shepherd Model


It has been a pleasure to partner with Wolf & Shepherd and Avex Digital on this amazing project. We are truly thankful for the opportunity, and our appreciation is extended as we admire how beautifully it all came together! Our team can’t wait to keep collaborating with you in the future.

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