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Klaviyo Marketing Automation For Shopify Stores

Klaviyo Marketing Automation For Shopify Stores

17th August 2021
14 Minute Read

We’re here to help you take your business’ marketing approach to the next level with Klaviyo marketing automation.


Written by Madeleine

17th August 2021
14 Minute Read

Klaviyo Marketing Automation 👌

In today’s climate, the competition for ecommerce businesses is tough. As we’re sure you know, marketing is a key strategy for online businesses to implement if they wish to be an innovative and fast-thinking brand in the industry.

So, how do businesses find success with ecommerce marketing? Naturally, there are several characteristics here that deserve credit for the triumph of an online business, but first and foremost, success with online marketing would not be made possible without the right resources and tools at the disposal of a company.

It’s important to understand that while a brand may utilise several different tools and resources to reach its goals, it is not the volume of tools that a brand has in its armoury that provides success. It is of course down to the type of marketing tools that have been utilised.

In short, the right tools alongside a careful combination of planning and strategic analysis of data will make a huge difference with the success of an online business and as a web design and development agency, we know this to be true.

Our team of passionate experts are dedicated solely to Shopify and Shopify Plus so, it’s only right that we should serve the most beneficial resources, tools and knowledge for merchants already on (or looking to move onto) the platform.

No matter what your store’s status may be, we’re here to help you take its marketing approach to the next level with Klaviyo marketing automation, an email marketing tool that can be fully integrated right into the heart of your Shopify store.

Introducing Klaviyo Marketing Automation 📧

If you’re familiar with Shopify, you’ll know that it does a great job for the merchants that wish to send basic newsletters to their customers and like many enthusiasts in their sector, we’re always looking for ways in which our clients can grow their business. In our opinion, Klaviyo is one of the smarter ways forward.

How Can Klaviyo Assist A Shopify Business?

We know what you’re all thinking. How can Klaviyo assist a Shopify business? The answer is simple.

If you’re looking to send a newsletter or product announcement, Shopify email marketing might work well for your business, however, if you’re a growing brand, there’s always a curiosity about what’s next for the company and of course, the team will require a solution that solves problems while scaling with the business as it grows.

Get Up & Grow 📈

Klaviyo has been built with ecommerce stores in mind with speed and growth at the core of its foundation. Through pre-built integrations (including the richest available integration with Shopify), pre-built templates, flows and forms, setting up your business's marketing strategy can be achieved at the speed of your choice. There’s no reason to wait around, you can make 30% of your monthly revenue from carefully planned email automation, just like Popov Leather.

Access Shopify Data with Klaviyo

Did you know that Klaviyo helps Shopify stores drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook and Instagram marketing through its one-click Shopify integration process? This is the reality behind how successful Shopify stores generate $85 for every $1 spent on Klaviyo. What's more, segmentation does everything that you could dream of.

Klaviyo’s Segmentation 🤝

Klaviyo’s segmentation engine helps online businesses to make better connections with their customers. Go beyond basic targeting to segment attributes such as; products purchased in specific time frames, website browsing behaviour, order value and an unlimited number of custom attributes. If that wasn’t enough, this can be achieved in just a few clicks without complex tagging or forethought required.

When it comes to marketing, Klaviyo’s motto is “just dream it and do it.” which we rather like the simplicity of. It speaks for itself as good marketing should.

Pre-Built Templates By Klaviyo

Shopify email marketing offers merchants a beautiful selection of templates to get the ball rolling so, for the merchants that integrate Klaviyo into their Shopify store, this selection will only increase into a full library of beautiful pre-built email templates ready for selection.

Klaviyo’s hundreds of templates ensure that every business will find a template to fit their aesthetic and product assortment. Alongside the wide variety of choices that Klaviyo provides, the design editor allows for further; colour, theme, font and image customisation. So, Shopify merchants will never be short of choice, making the perfect look easy to find.

With Klaviyo, overspending and precious time being consumed is a thing of the past as building an email template from scratch is not part of the equation and we know first-hand that this is something that businesses dislike having to do.

Powerful Revenue with Klaviyo 💸

Want to make more money in your sleep? It’s possible. That’s right, you’re not dreaming. Merchants can take inspiration from a library of pre-built flows and select the ones which work best for their business. The pre-built flows are easily customisable and can be published in a matter of minutes. What could be better than Klaviyo’s time-saving aspect, being able to send personalised messages to your customers and driving revenue?

Turn Back Time

With Klaviyo marketing automation, Shopify merchants will feel like they have turned back the clock, in the sense that they will be able to get back time that would have once lost during the day whilst earning money through Klaviyo’s one-click integrations, powerful automation and simple segmentation abilities.

So, essentially, the team will be free to focus on other tasks, instead of spending hours digging through data to find the most valuable customers for their business or getting frustrated by trying to connect an ecommerce platform to a separate email service provider.

Automated Inbox Messages 📥

With Klaviyo, the scale of a business has no bounds, as messages can be sent to 500 email subscribers to 1,000, 50,000 or 500,000 recipients. No matter the number, Klaviyo will ensure that the message is delivered when and where you need it.

Oh, and don’t worry about delays or lost emails, because the Klaviyo marketing automation service is a solution that businesses such as; Shelly Cove, LonoLife, Bearbottom Clothing, Oliver Cabell and Homage rely on as part of their email marketing strategy. Excuse the pun, but they deliver every time!

Klaviyo Marketing Automation & Shopify Stores

The power of personalised marketing can be unlocked for the merchants that have Klaviyo integrated on the Shopify/ Shopify Plus platform. Store owners will be able to start sending personal and precisely targeted communications in a matter of seconds, leaving the team to focus on other tasks.

Additionally, this handy tool seamlessly collects and stores all of the relevant data about your business’ customers which can then be used to deliver memorable experiences, drive more sales and create stronger relationships.

What Can Klaviyo Marketing Automation Offer Your Business? 🤔

Now that we’ve covered who Klaviyo are and what they do, we’re going to delve further into what the solution can offer your business on Shopify’s platform:

Full Data Sync: Automatically ingest all orders and customers without stressing servers.

Orders & Details: Klaviyo syncs every important action and detail on every order made within your store without limitation so that you know exactly what your customers are purchasing.

Codeless Signup Forms: Deploy Klaviyo signup forms without writing a single line of code.

Personalised Coupons: Send personalised coupons to your customers with Klaviyo.

Stock Alerts: Out of stock products are no longer a lost sale. Let customers subscribe to alerts when items are back in stock.

Product Recommendations: Easy-to-use, zero-setup product recommendations based on customer purchase history.

Personalised Automations: Trigger Flows based on; dates, events, list membership and segment membership are available for Shopify merchants to utilise. Splits, filters, A/B tests and more can also be used to target and optimise audience reach.

Richer Segmentation: Klaviyo allows Shopify merchants to define segments without limitations. A combination of; events, profile properties, location, predicted values and more can be used over any time range.

Cutting-Edge Data: Automatically generate predictions for; lifetime value, churn risk, gender, optimal send time and out of the box personalised product recommendations are supplied by Klaviyo for stores on Shopify’s platform.

Lifecycle Engagement: With Klaviyo integrated into a Shopify store, merchants will be able to deliver targeted, branded forms to build up a marketing list. Then, engage with customers through the use of multiple channels while making predictions to anticipate churn and target high-value customers.

One-click Integrations: There are over 70 pre-built, one-click integrations alongside open APIs to ensure that merchants can easily transmute business data into Klaviyo without hassle.

Speedy Setup: Klaviyo can be integrated with your Shopify store in a matter of minutes. This setup automatically syncs all historical data and all future data for stronger marketing communications for your business.

With all of these features at your disposal, is it any wonder that over 265,000 businesses of all sizes are relying on Klaviyo to help them grow? Many of these brands claim that Klaviyo is the best Shopify integration out there, as its selection of tools gets businesses up and running quickly so that businesses are left to build sustainable customer relationships and make money.

Integrating Klaviyo with Shopify

So, now that you’ve learnt all about Klaviyo and how it can assist your Shopify email marketing strategy, we guess that you’re still reading because you’d like to learn more about integrating Kalviyo with your Shopify store?

If that’s you, you’re in luck because this part of the article is going to walk through the processes of enabling Shopify integration on your website:

Enabling Shopify Integration ✔️

When it comes to the Klaviyo Shopify integration, there are two ways that merchants on the platform can get started:

Shopify integration can be added from the Klaviyo getting started wizard if you’re a new customer.

On the other hand, if you’re not a new customer, Shopify integration can be added from the ‘Integrations’ tab within your Klaviyo account.

The following instructions walk through adding the Shopify integration from within a Klaviyo account:

N01: Once inside your Klaviyo account, click the ‘Integrations’ tab and click on the Shopify integration. This takes you to your Shopify Integration settings page.

N0.2: Paste the URL of your Shopify store and click ‘Connect to Shopify’. Three additional settings should be considered here:

Collect Email Subscribers: Checking this box automatically will add all customers who accept email marketing at the checkout or who have signed up to a default Shopify signup form to the list you have selected in the dropdown menu.

Automatically Add Klaviyo On-Site Javascript: Checking this box will automatically add an ‘Active on Site’ tracking snippet. If you do not check this box you can manually install Klaviyo's on-site javascript by following this guide.

Update Shopify Customer Profiles with Klaviyo Data: This option will sync certain fields such as; first name, last name, email marketing and more from Klaviyo to Shopify. However, merchants should only select this option if they would like Klaviyo values to override corresponding Shopify values.

Note:For the existing profiles in Klaviyo, the tool will start to sync those fields to Shopify the next time Shopify syncs any data. For existing profiles, Klaviyo will need a Shopify ID to update information in Shopify. So, for the profiles that don't exist in Shopify but do exist in Klaviyo, information in this situation will not be synced back as a net-new profile. However, they will still need to perform an activity in your Shopify store that adds them to a Shopify account before Klaviyo can start syncing data.

N0.3: After configuring the settings, click ‘Connect to Shopify’. Merchants will then be taken to their Shopify account.

N0.4: Once here, click ‘Install App’ and your Shopify data should begin to sync with Klaviyo. During this process, merchants will be taken back to their Klaviyo account.

N0.5: Once in motion, a green success callout will indicate that your data is syncing with Klaviyo. However, if you're syncing a large amount of data a green progress bar will indicate the status of your sync. Once this process is complete, Shopify integration will become fully enabled.

It should be understood that after integrating Klaviyo with a Shopify store, merchants can optionally sync any existing signup forms to their Klaviyo account.

Additionally, Klaviyo maintains a native integration with Shopify which means that a Klaviyo account is a separate entity from a Shopify account. Therefore, any changes made to Shopify such as; billing, updates, or cancellations will not apply to your Klaviyo account.

As we’ve walked through Klaviyo marketing automation and how this tool can be utilised by Shopify stores that just about sums things up. If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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