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Online Fashion Retailer Websites

Online Fashion Retailer Websites

15th November 2021
18 Minute Read

We are going to be walking through a list of 15 online fashion retailer website examples that we believe to be some of the best designs on the web.


Written by Madeleine

15th November 2021
18 Minute Read

The Best Online Fashion Retailer Stores 👗

In today’s article, we are going to be walking through a list of 15 online fashion retailer website examples that we believe to be some of the best designs on the web and yes you’ve guessed it, they all reside within the fashion industry.

No matter whether your business is new ecommerce or well established, today’s content is for those of you who are looking for some inspiration to up the game of your online store. So, let’s take a look together at how the following brands are approaching ecommerce web design with style:

N0.1: Club L London

Established in 2007, Club L London has become the go-to online destination for confident, glamorous, fashion-savvy women who are in search of something special.

With figure-flattering designs at the forefront of their forté, body-contouring fabrications and quality are always at the heart of this brand.

Club L London takes its cues from the latest red carpet looks, delivering the most on-trend styles before anyone else, making this brand the epitome of accessible aspiration.

Both statement designs and iconic silhouettes are reimagined in contemporary fabrications and luxury embellishments for modern and empowered women, which is something that customers adore.

Check out this online fashion retailer to discover how Club L London attend to the small details to create a flawless user experience by utilising eye-catching visual elements and high-quality imagery.

Club L London

N0.2: Chi Chi London

Recognised as the 49th fastest-growing private company in the UK Sunday Times, Chi Chi London is on a mission to become a one-stop fashion brand, as the brand specialises in aspirational, feminine styles for every event.

This online fashion retailer is home to several eye-catching collections, creating a sense of individual style for the wearer. The brand prides itself on exclusive, vibrant and expressive styles and are unique in both product and service.

Chi Chi London doesn’t just celebrate fashion, as the team also work tirelessly to spread positivity and empower their customers in every way that they can.

The brand also endeavours to give back to the community by working with charities, supporting the industry and setting targets to do more for others.

As a company, the goal is to showcase that style can be made for individuals of all; ages, backgrounds and sizes whilst striving to lead by example in all that they do.

We're certain that we will stumble across many more online fashion retail websites that practise equality and diversity, but we have to give credit to Chi Chi London for its inclusive and diverse; team, influencer selections and model selections that truly represent all women.

Chi Chi London

N0.3: Oh Polly

Oh Polly is a rapidly growing pureplay online fashion retailer that sells women's clothing on an international scale.

In 2019, Oh Polly was rated as the 5th most engaged UK clothing retail social media brand and by July 2021 the company had a combined audience of over 4.5 million followers, placing the company among the fastest growing fashion brands in the UK.

Ultimately, Oh Polly’s mission is to provide high-quality and trend-driven products from ethical supply chains that turn heads and is one of the few UK brands which designs and produces its garments.

As to be expected, the Oh Polly website is naturally aesthetic, with thoughtful colourways, crisp photography and ease of navigation at the core of its design. These factors are everything that consumers would expect to see from an established business to provide a positive shopping experience.

Oh Polly

N0.4: Femme Luxe

The Manchester-based fast online fashion retailer - Femme Luxe (also referred to as Femme Luxe Finery) was founded in 2015 and launched in 2017.

Just two years after the brand was launched from the Founder's bedroom, Femme Luxe recorded sales of £4.7 million, making it one of the best ecommerce sites on the web and in 2021, the brand has continued to drive its product focus around women's clothing and accessories.

This website is a perfect demonstration of how smooth transitions and aesthetic appearance affect customer experience. Take a look around for yourself and tell us if you think this website isn't flawless.

Femme Luxe

N0.5: Boohoo

Launched in 2006, the online fashion retailer Boohoo has been everyone's fashion bestie. They say that style never sleeps and neither do the Boohoo team.

This fashion brand is in constant operation, dropping over 500 new products a week so that their customers will always be able to access the latest looks for less.

Alongside this, Boohoo is on our list of best ecommerce sites where fashion is concerned because of its ongoing charity programme. We all know that it is better to give than receive and that is why Boohoo’s charity programme is so important.

The brand has held charity; sample sales, coffee mornings, bake sales, charity-shop takeovers, swap shops, sponsored challenges and raising money for important causes across the globe.

Furthermore, Boohoo has developed multiple collections and presented charitable donations to amazing causes such as; Pride and Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Coppa Feel, not to mention playing an active role in supporting and fundraising for the Red Cross' 'We Love Manchester' victim’s fund in the wake of the terror attack at the Manchester Arena.

After an initial donation of £100,000, the Group launched a One Love charity clothing collection with 100% of profits going to the Red Cross fund and in 2020, the Group donated over $300,000 to charities tackling the Australian wildfires. So, if that’s not reason enough to support this company, what is?


N0.6: Quiz

Founded in 1993, Quiz began to trade with 3 stores in Scotland and the business model proved extremely successful which led to further stores opening year on year.

In 2021, Quiz has now accumulated over 250 stores and concessions in most of the major shopping centres and high streets across the UK. With over 50 franchises in Europe and Asia, the Quiz brand has grown worldwide.

For those of you who don’t know, Quiz is a dynamic online fashion retailer that focuses on delivering the latest catwalk styles and trends to women who crave both exciting and innovative looks within the fashion-conscious market.

As a company, Quiz realises that the most important aspect of their success is dependant upon their customers, which is why the team are focused on delivering an exciting shopping experience and making sure that high standards of; quality, value for money and service are always met.

Since the launch of Quiz’s online store in 2005, the company website has grown to become an important part of the brand’s multi-channel operation.

Today, Quiz constantly strives to improve the site to meet its customer’s requirements, which makes it one of the best ecommerce sites out there at this very moment.


N0.7: Missguided

The Missguided brand has a mission to empower females across the globe to be confident in their skin and be who they want to be. This online fashion retailer is a bold, straight-talking and forward-thinking company that is inspired by real-life.

Every product that Missguided creates is informed by their customers alongside global influences such as; social media, street style, and popular culture, creating a virtual destination that delivers and encompasses everything it means to be a girl on the go in the world today - and we love that.

If you head over to their website, you'll be impressed with the visually distinct page layout that can be seen across the website, which is one of the most important goals for any ecommerce business to achieve.

The branding is instantly recognisable as Missguided, with frequent flashes of pink, white and black, this online store is one of the best ecommerce websites that we could show you as an example business that has achieved on-point branding.


N0.8: Meshki

Meshki, is an online fashion retailer that was founded by two university students who went on to become fashion ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Like all great things, Meshki started as nothing more than a small idea conceived by two restless (at the time) Architecture students. Their incessant daydreaming for all things fashion prompted the duo to channel their inspiration on Instagram.

Shortly afterwards, the pair built a steady following who appreciated Meshki’s aesthetic and since this time, these two girls have come a long way from humble beginnings scurrying to the post office in between university lunch breaks, blossoming into the internationally recognised ecommerce brand that women from Sydney to Hollywood adore.

Here at Karmoon, we love the sleek simplicity that this website demonstrates. Meshki is the perfect example of an online fashion retailer who thrives on aesthetics. This can mean everything for a brand that makes this part of their persona.

For some inspiration on how the stripped back look can be applied to image galleries, check out Meshki's homepage to see how visual elements can make an impact without steering away from a neutral appearance.


& Other Stories is one of the best ecommerce sites within today’s guide for versatility and inspiration. If you haven’t heard of this online fashion retailer before, this brand is a one-stop styling destination that provides its customers with both modern and feminine wardrobe treasures that have been designed in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles.

The company was founded in 2010 by a small group of creatives, after which & Other Stories grew to offer women freedom of expression through one brand. We love to share uplifting stories and invite you to discover diverse collections of the brand’s ateliers.

While you’re online, check out the brand’s site to take note of their quirky use of element placements within their website layout. This design is far from ordinary and we love that the visual elements are centred around the brand’s design ateliers to express its unique styles and expression.

What are your thoughts on & Other Stories’ spin on the all so loved girl next door vibe? Take a look around the website and let us know.

& Other Stories

N0.10: Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing (also referred to as PLT) is an online fashion retailer that dares to be bold. As a brand, Pretty Little Thing thrives on standing out from the crowd, from the latest trend-led pieces to celebrity-inspired looks.

It is believed by the company that style should be accessible to all, whatever the budget so the team works relentlessly to deliver products that reflect catwalk looks and the coolest muses to provide modern women with everyday wardrobe staples that duo as ultimate party ensembles.

Pretty Little Thing has gone above and beyond to become an authority figure in the fashion and beauty industry. Moreover, this business is more than just a brand.

The company aims to inspire confidence in its customers when it comes to how they feel, dress and present themselves to the world, regardless of body type, race or gender.

Pretty Little Thing

N0.11: Mistress Rocks

If you haven’t visited Mistress Rocks before, then you won’t know everything that there is to know about what lands a store on a list full of the best ecommerce sites out there.

Mistress Rocks demonstrates a sleek and clean gallery on the homepage of its website, with image sliders and crisp clear imagery and we’d group this brand right alongside & Other Stories and Meshki for its “straight from the studio” persona.

Some of you may recognise Mistress Rocks from the pages of your favourite magazines, as the brand is also well known for being worn by celebrities so, there’s a chance that you may have stumbled across the company before.

This online fashion retailer has evolved by offering gorgeous statement pieces that embody the company’s unmistakable signature. So, what began as a small and intimate project has evolved into a solid brand with customers all around the world who are in love with Mistress Rocks and its unique in-house designed pieces.

Mistress Rocks

N0.12: Girl In Mind

If you’re still hungry for more inspiration from the best ecommerce sites on the web, we’ve got you covered. Up next is the online fashion retailer - Girl In Mind.

Like a number of the brands within today’s guide, Girl In Mind is a celebrity and catwalk-inspired fashion label, as their collections consist of high-quality garments in bold girly prints that are adorned with eye-catching embellishments.

When browsing this online store, we noticed how the brand has made the decision of what to buy even easier for the customer by providing style inspiration through a trendy blog not to mention that of the Instashop feature that can be spotted right there in the footer.

This feature allows customers to flick through products that have been promoted on Instagram, giving viewers the chance to see additional imagery and footage of a product motion.

As we all know, influencer marketing is a strategic approach to increasing product sales for this very reason. So, if you’re already doing that, be sure to include an Instagram product feed shopping feature like Girl In Mind for an all-around positive user experience.

Girl In Mind

N0.13: In The Style

In The Style began with nothing more than an ambitious idea and 6 years later, the brand has grown to be one of Manchester’s biggest fashion retailers; offering trend-led styles to its customers at affordable prices.

Tapping into the (then) new world of Instagram, In The Style’s Founder - Adam Frisby realised that there was magic to be created with celebrities and social media. So, in 2014, the company launched its first designed collection with reality TV star - Lauren Pope.

With this launch, In The Style created a sell-out collection, as it offered customers the opportunity to wear celebrity-inspired styles at an affordable price.

Since then, the online retailer has created many unique collections with TV personalities such as; Jaqueline Jossa, Charlotte Crosby and Billie Faiers as well as introducing the OGs of Instagram into the mix, with collections by Sarah Ashcroft, Lorna Luxe and Fashion Influx.

In The Style has gone way beyond just a regular fashion brand, as the company has enforced a strong ethos to empower women with its take on fierce femininity, ensuring that its collections offer an inclusive selection for women of all shapes, sizes and styles.

The online fashion retailer also offers its customers multiple ways to pay such as; Klarna, Laybuy, Clearpay, PayPal and more to make the checkout experience as easy as possible which is something that all brands should aim to employ.

In The Style

N0.14: I Saw It First

Founded in 2017, I Saw It First are the ultimate one-stop shop for the stylish generation of authentic fashion-lovers who deserve to see it first and wear it first.

From designs made in-house to stocking some incredible brands, I Saw It First offers affordable, on-trend pieces to all of their customers.

As a company, this online fashion retailer works with some of the biggest players in the game from iconic O Beach to Love Island. Alongside this, I Saw It First has a legacy to uplift and inspire their customers, whilst encouraging wellness and advocating body confidence and equality.

For many charity conscious consumers, this is one of the best ecommerce sites to shop from, as the brand gives back to the community by working with some of the biggest and smallest charities out there.

Ultimately, the brand wants its legacy to be one of ‘giving back’ from charity to the environment and of course their customers too. So, if I Saw It First can maintain a website that is constantly putting the customer first at that capacity, then you can too.

I Saw It First

N0.15: Pink Boutique

The online fashion retailer - Pink Boutique was founded in 2012 by Alice Hall and since this time, the business has evolved rapidly - it just keeps on getting bigger and better.

From what started as an investment of £90 on eBay, an initial pack of six dresses has grown into the daily shipping of 2000 garments from the Pink Boutique warehouse and the rest is history. So, take a look at their website to have a peek at luxury glam and glitz at its finest.

Pink Boutique

Have we missed out on a website that deserves to be on this list? Reach out and let us know. If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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