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Integrating Trustpilot Shopify Reviews

Integrating Trustpilot Shopify Reviews

19th August 2021
10 Minute Read

We want to help businesses across the web make the most out of what they have with smart marketing and integrated Trustpilot Shopify reviews.


Written by Madeleine

19th August 2021
10 Minute Read

Trustpilot Shopify Reviews 💬

In 2021, online reviews are a fantastic way for ecommerce businesses to control their reputation on the internet, but quite honestly, in today’s day and age, we’re shocked that many online merchants don’t utilise this essential marketing technique as much as they should.

As a team, our mission here at Karmoon is to assist online stores in the ecommerce industry to up their game and it’s almost frustrating for us to know that the role of customer reviews are undervalued or simply misunderstood by many merchants. They can change the outlook for a business completely if used correctly.

We want to help businesses across the web make the most out of what they have by reaching their fullest potential with smart marketing and integrated Trustpilot Shopify reviews.

Business Reviews Build Trust & Relationships

Before we delve into who Trustpilot are and how you can integrate their handy tool into your Shopify store, it’s important that we explain the role of customer reviews and how they enable businesses to build trust and relationships within the ecommerce industry.

In recent years, customer reviews have created innovative ways for companies to market their business. In a nutshell, reviews allow brands to understand what their customers think of their product(s) and/ or service(s).

Customer reviews are an outlet for positive consumer interaction between the business and its audience as well as from customer to customer. Sometimes a business telling its customers “we’re this” and “we’re that” gets a bit samey and people just switch off, no matter how impressive the information may be.

However, the free marketing tool of word of mouth walks hand in hand with customer reviews which is something that many businesses are utilising to increase sales in 2021.

How does it work? Well, consumers who purchase a product/ service from a business can share their experiences first-hand with other individuals who are on the fence about making a purchase.

A positive response from a real person who was once in the shoes of a new customer can make or break a sale. This is how customer reviews can build trust and long-lasting relationships online.

Faith in the brand isn’t just provided by the business itself, it’s provided by people like you and me to others looking for guidance and reassurance. So, let’s take a deeper look at how Trustpilot business reviews can assist ecommerce stores:

N0.1: Increased Sales 💰

The most obvious reason why ratings and reviews are an essential aspect of online business growth is because of the likelihood of increased sales. As customer reviews provide online browsers with further information on a product/ service a purchase is more likely to occur.

It’s a known fact amongst online retailers that customers are more likely to purchase a product or service based on positive ratings and reviews by others, as opposed to trusting a business alone (especially for the first sale).

N0.2: Increased Engagement

In addition to increased sales, Trustpilot business reviews have the potential to increase customer engagement across Shopify stores. See, online reviews have the effect of creating active social communities where many customers can share unique experiences.

Customers that leave reviews will note what others say about their experience of a product/ service. This form of social engagement allows customers to form a bond with the online business, which is why it is used widely as a marketing strategy by many businesses online.

N0.3: Improved Rankings 🙌

If you didn’t already know, customer reviews are great for SEO, as they help to create a steady flow of keyword content which means that online businesses have a chance of creating a more prominent online presence. In short, SEO helps to improve the page ranking of the website content, so the more people that talk about a business, the more buzz will be generated for the site.

This is especially true for search engines such as; Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as SEO is an extremely important aspect of how these browsers function and rank content online.

N0.4: Customer Loyalty

It is thought that the individuals who actively participate in writing reviews tend to develop brand loyalty, as they can share thoughts freely, giving customers a voice in the grand scheme of a business. One customer alone has the power to provide valuable feedback to help a company improve its product or service, which is why we think that Trustpilot Shopify reviews are well worth integrating into an online store.

In a recent survey, 72% of people felt that positive customer reviews made them trust a business more and did you know, 79% of consumers trust product reviews as much as a personal recommendation, that’s what Shopify says. So, there’s a little food for thought.

What Are Trustpilot Shopify Reviews? 🤔

With the Trustpilot Shopify integration, merchants on the platform can add great reviews to their store, which means that both Shopify and Shopify Plus businesses can allow their customers to leave reviews with ease, whilst the company join the fastest growing ecommerce brands in the market.

Getting Started with the Trustpilot Shopify Integration

With the handy Trustpilot Shopify integration, ecommerce stores on the platform can begin to display great reviews in a few easy steps. Want to know how to get started? You’re in luck because we’re going to walk you through the setup:

Connecting A Shopify Domain: The first step is the easiest. All that’s needed here is to find this Shopify integration within the Trustpilot app. Then, enter the Shopify domain name and click ‘Connect’.

Collecting Reviews: Once merchants have installed the Trustpilot Shopify integration, online stores will be able to start sending invitations right away to previous customers asking them to complete a product review. It’s time to collect customer reviews so, go fish!

Displaying Reviews: Show the world what your customers are saying about your brand. Simply drag and drop a TrustBox widget into your store and that’s it, you’ll be set up for good.

After completing this easy setup process, your business will join more than 3,600 others who are already collecting reviews from past customers, automating collections for future purchases and displaying reviews on-site to increase trust and conversion rates.

We’d like to point out that the Trustpilot Shopify integration is available to any merchant on the Shopify/ Shopify Plus merchant platform. All they’ll need is an account with Trustpilot on either a free or paid plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Trustpilot business reviews.

For those of you who want to step by step guide on how to install the Trustpilot Shopify integration into the crux of your business, here’s how:

Installing the Trustpilot Shopify Integration 💻

As we mentioned above, Trustpilot business reviews are made possible with a Shopify integration which will allow Shopify stores to automate their collection of service and product reviews as well as adding multiple TrustBox widgets and inviting customers to write reviews.

If you’re ready to take action, here’s how you can install the Trustpilot Shopify integration:

N0.1: In Trustpilot Business, go to Integrations > Ecommerce > Shopify.

N0.2: In the text field, enter your Shopify domain and click ‘Connect’.

N0.3: Shopify will then open in a new window, which is where you can select your ‘Business Unit’ from the drop-down menu.

N0.4: Click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and select ‘Confirm’.

Managing the Trustpilot Shopify Integration

Once the integration has been installed, Trustpilot Reviews will be available in the ‘Apps’ tab, which can be found within the Shopify admin panel. From here, users will be able to manage their settings, as well as reviewing invitations, and their TrustBox.

Note:Currently, Trustpilot does not have a sandbox environment available for testing purposes so, at this moment in time, this integration is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

The Benefits of Trustpilot Business Reviews 👌

Merchants using Trustpilot can connect to Shopify without writing a single line of code.

Typically, online stores grow 126% on average year-over-year with this handy tool.

Trustpilot data shows that $1M-$500M+ sales revenue can be achieved per merchant.

Trustpilot has been designed with ecommerce stores in mind, so your success is at the heart of what they do.

To learn more about Trustpilot and how they can help your ecommerce business to surge, click the link provided.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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