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Design Inspiration - Popular Coffee Brands In 2022

Design Inspiration - Popular Coffee Brands In 2022

28th April 2022
25 Minute Read

We here at Karmoon thought that it was about time we shed some light on some of the most popular coffee brands in 2022.


Written by Madeleine

28th April 2022
25 Minute Read

We as a nation will never abandon our love of coffee and the number of bustling businesses within the industry deserve to be credited for their individuality and straight-up awesomeness.

So much so that we here at Karmoon thought that it was about time we shed some light on some of the most popular coffee brands in 2022 and you can take it from us that these brands are not your average cup of Joe.

So, whether you're looking for some web design inspiration from popular coffee brands or simply want to discover some of the greatest businesses that will quench your thirst for caffeine, be sure to stick around to learn about the businesses that know how to make a mean brew in style.

N0.1: Caravan Coffee Roasters

First up in today's guide of popular coffee brands are the Caravan Coffee Roasters and this business utilises three major, yet simple sourcing principles to serve as the company's cornerstone:

In a nutshell, this brand is motivated by economic freedom, environmental sustainability and the quest for mighty fine coffee for all, as well as abiding by exceptionally high standards for roasting coffee, providing excellent service and educating others about their products.

Furthermore, the Caravan Coffee Roasters are also committed to developing and maintaining impact-driven collaborations throughout its supply chain, ensuring that every batch of coffee they roast and every cup of coffee they pour benefits the communities they serve.

Additionally, this online store offers everything that is required for the everyday Joe to make a delicious cup of something hot in the form of a subscription plan, which currently includes a complimentary cookbook if you order one for yourself.

A membership plan can also be given as a gift and subscribers will also receive; free shipping, monthly specials, entry into competitions, early access to new coffee launches and freebies from the brand's partners.

So, no matter whether you’re in the market for; coffee, coffee kits, tea or gifts, the Caravan Coffee Roasters has got your back.

Caravan Coffee Roasters
Caravan Coffee Roasters

N0.2: Origin Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2004 by Tom Sobey, Origin Coffee Roasters is an independently owned speciality coffee company that is dedicated to sourcing great coffee using a sustainable and triple bottom line strategy.

As an authentic coffee enthusiast, Tom has always been involved in the sector, working in his father's coffee shop.

However, it wasn't until the early 2000s that he saw Australia's progressive coffee culture firsthand.

So, that’s how the idea for Origin Coffee Roasters was formed and now, this business is one of the UK's longest-standing speciality coffee roasters, with a team of coffee professionals, a world-class coffee programme, six coffee shops and an ever-evolving product range.

“The last 15 years have been a journey of exploration and collaboration.
What we do has changed over the years, but our approach remains the same. Ultimately, it’s about respect, for the people, the process, the coffee and the brewing.
We simply focus on making the coffee the best it can be and we will continue to do this for the next 15 years.” - Tom Sobey, Owner & Founder of Origin Coffee Roasters
Origin Coffee Roasters
Origin Coffee Roasters

N0.3: Perky Blenders

Over the last few years, Perky Blenders have been featured in the Indy Best’s ‘Best Coffee Subscription Services’ and have recently won two Time Out Awards as the ‘Best Coffee Place’ within three London Postcodes.

Additionally, this coffee-loving family has also recently established a second roastery, as their membership website combined with a physical store presence is a winning approach for the business.

However, if you're curious about their subscription plan, we'll go a little more into what they offer below:

Perky Blenders provides a diverse selection of coffee to their customers. Coffee enthusiasts can subscribe and receive a subscription of their 'Forest Blend,' which has notes of; chocolate, plum and brown sugar, as well as their 'Decaf Coffee,' which has lingering flavours of; praline, walnut and dried fruits.

Products can also be bought as a one-time purchase, but if customers choose to subscribe, their chosen coffee types and bag weight will be delivered either once every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks, depending on their preference.

Additionally, this store’s gift subscription service is worth raving about as it enables customers to give the gift of amazing coffee and have it delivered to the recipient's door once every 3, 6, or 12 months.

Perky Blenders also offers monthly box subscriptions, which are delivered once a month to those who select this option. All that customers need to do is decide which coffee grind they would like, it's that simple!

Perky Blenders
Perky Blenders

N0.4: Pact Coffee

Since 2012, the team at Pact Coffee have been on a mission to revolutionise the coffee industry while offering delicious coffee to the masses.

However, it is the brand's objective that stands out to us the most, as the demand for coffee is higher than ever before.

Nonetheless, ongoing factors such as; low salaries, complicated supply chains, discount beans and climate change are all hurting the people at the heart of this industry.

In light of this, the team at Pact Coffee are determined to put an end to this commodity by; engaging in direct trade, paying great prices for quality coffee, building long-term connections and employing more sustainable farming practices.

Pact Coffee
Pact Coffee

N0.5: Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Next up for the most popular coffee brands is Square Mile Coffee Roasters, a multi-award-winning coffee roasting business that was formed in 2008 by speciality coffee pioneers Anette Moldvaer and James Hoffmann.

Over time, this company has evolved into a dynamic team of 34 outstanding coffee professionals, all sharing a wealth of expertise and love for what they do.

From what we’ve heard, Square Mile Coffee Roasters prefer to partner with, teach and support like-minded businesses that are eager to serve their customers carefully sourced and expertly roasted coffee.

As one of the best ground coffee brands on the web, this company is on a quest to keep evolving and measuring its impact, whilst looking for better solutions to their daily duties.

In a nutshell, the Square Mile Coffee Roasters team aims to continuously deepen its relationships, establish its expertise and help to put London’s speciality coffee culture on the map by supporting its partners across the supply chain.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters
Square Mile Coffee Roasters

N0.6: Calendar Coffee

Calendar Coffee is the next of today’s popular coffee brands and its story began back in 2014 with Zarah and Dan.

Zarah and Dan are the talents behind this business and the duo learnt that the best tasting coffee is almost always recently harvested.

See, coffee should be handled like any other form of fresh produce and this team of genuine coffee fanatics recognised an opportunity to increase quality by changing how ground coffee brands tend to work with farmers.

So, over the last 15 years, the duo have continued to; source, roast, serve and taste the best coffees together from around the world, to open a roastery that is dedicated to the coffees that they enjoy drinking.

With careful planning and working with the right producers, the team at Calendar Coffee have been able to build a diverse range of coffees that are sweet and full of flavour all year round - now that’s full flavour.

Calendar Coffee
Calendar Coffee

N0.7: Strangers Coffee Company

Established in 2009 by two brothers, Alex Sargeant and Samuel Maddocks, the Strangers Coffee Company team has since been joined by their brother William Maddocks in 2014.

Since this time, the business has grown into a multi-award-winning coffee shop and roastery, as the three brothers have spent more than a decade honing their craft, focusing on the quality and ethics of the coffees they source, roast and serve.

Fancy a visit to one of the Stranger Coffee Company store locations? The friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer all your coffee-related questions.

From how to make the perfect brew at home to learning about the different processes involved. Customers can also purchase coffee beans and ground coffee from any of its coffee shops or indeed from its online store.

Strangers Coffee Company
Strangers Coffee Company

N0.8: Jibby Coffee

The story of Jibby Coffee began with Avo and James.

Avo had already spent two-thirds of his life on medication for ADHD and decided that he didn't want to spend the rest of his life this way.

However, without the medication, Avo struggled to find a happy medium between having little energy and having so much that he became distracted.

Avo explored forums, science books and Reddit communities for other people with ADHD in search of a cleaner productivity fuel.

He then learnt about CBD and after giving it a try, he found it difficult to remember to take it regularly.

"What could I add it to?" he wondered as he sipped his third cup of coffee of the day.

However, over in Brooklyn, NY, James was experiencing a very different problem, as he had developed a passion for coffee while roasting beans in his mother's kitchen.

He travelled the globe to sample all of the major coffee bean varieties, but James developed a caffeine sensitivity and began to experience jitters.

After some time, James met Avo, who introduced him to CBD coffee, while on his quest for a smoother brew.

As a result, Jibby was founded in 2020 by the duo after they formed a friendship over their love of coffee and the creation of the perfect coffee product.

Jibby Coffee
Jibby Coffee

N0.9: Super Coffee

Starting in the dorm room and heading to the boardroom, Super Coffee is one of the best ground coffee businesses within today’s guide that understands that the finest fuel is required for us to feel our best.

As a result, this brand only utilises ingredients that are delicious, healthy and will keep us all going for the long haul.

However, this isn't the only prominent coffee company that believes anyone can achieve anything, as long as it involves saying yes to whatever comes.

Super Coffee
Super Coffee

N0.10: Minor Figures

Next up in today’s guide of popular coffee brands is Minor Figures, the business that is made up of an unlikely mob of; painters, jazz musicians, basketball players and barbers, all of which have been brought together by their shared love of speciality coffee and its creative cultures.

Together, this company creates 100% plant-based, vegan goods to elevate each coffee fix and the minds of those who consume it.

Did you know that Minor Figures have now become Carbon Neutral? That's right, the company believes that balancing out its impact on the world is the least it can do, but its vision extends beyond the present, as there is still much more work to be done.

Beyond the likes of; roasted coffee, oat milk and speciality brews, gear and apparel are also offered at this store, making the brand a long shot away from your typical coffee shop and if you take a closer look, you'll see everything from pin badges and stickers to a holographic frisbee for sale in this store's merch section - it’s wild!

Minor Figures
Minor Figures

N0.11: Station Cold Brew

Established in 2014, Station Cold brew is a coffee subscription business that thrives on providing a product that can be referred to as a “café in a can”.

As a company, this Station Cold Brew has strived to steer away from the concept of the mainstream grab and go coffee on the high street that is often packed out with sugar.

Instead, this business has developed a range of chilled coffee beverages that have been manufactured with all the great stuff you'd expect from your local coffee shop without the junk that doesn't belong.

The brilliant part is that Station Cold Brew beverages are always ready to go, without a barista required. So, say goodbye to constantly sacrificing quality for convenience because this business is on a mission.

Change can be difficult, which is why this brand allows its customers to try out a trial pack containing each flavour of coffee before committing to a full case.

So, how does it work? Well, customers only need to choose their favourite flavours and order frequency and before each order is processed, the team will send a reminder to the customer, giving every shopper the option to; swap, skip or add to their order by replying to the message.

Additionally, subscribers will also have the option to discontinue their subscription plan at any time, so everything is cool.

Station Cold Brew
Station Cold Brew

N0.12: Touchy Coffee

Touchy Coffee was founded in 2018 in a historic city on the Hudson River, to challenge the community's coffee habits with vivid, gorgeous coffees that stand out from the crowd.

This company is not only one of the most popular coffee brands in 2022, but it is also a favourite of ours, as this business represents everything that we love as a team of passionate Shopify developers.

If you visit this website, you'll be quickly immersed in the brand's virtual shopping experience, from the quirky way that the scrolling banner explains Touchy Coffee's manufacturing process to the horizontal navigation buttons and the large company logo.

Everything about this website structure makes the customer take a second glance, which is what we call brilliant design.

To browse the store’s inventory, click 'shop' and then select your preferred product viewing mode by choosing 1, 2, or 3 using the numbers on the left.

Then, if you scroll down to the bottom of this store’s web page, you will notice that the footer of the website is somewhat different from what you might see in other stores when shopping for goods online.

It's a large, eccentric, spacious and colourful space which makes sense for the brand, as Touchy Coffee was developed to brighten each day by shining a light on the coffees and brilliant individuals who make up this fantastic, complex and all-too-often impersonal supply chain.

Touchy Coffee
Touchy Coffee

N0.13: Salford Roasters

Formed in September 2016, Salford Roasters was founded by Nik Storey, with the mission of bringing ‘Proper Coffee’ en masse to the people of Salford, Manchester and beyond to inspire a passion for speciality beans.

Nik's coffee journey has been rather unique, ranging from a garage to a roastery, as well to the coffee shops of Athens and the eccentric cafés of the NQ.

However, one thing it has taught him is that speciality coffee is for everyone and Salford Roasters is inclusive, as this brand’s approach represents the city's creative industrial past and daring modern future.

Salford Roasters coffee is processed with the original revolutionary Vortex technology, which, in combination with a heat generator separated from the drum, provides excellent temperature control throughout the roasting process.

From what we’ve heard, this method utilises “a technology that respects the environment, since IMF roasters do not need any additional catalyser, with carbon emissions way below legal limits.”

So, not only are the Salford Roasters a great business to hook you up with a caffeine fix, but the brand also offers a variety of products across its online store.

From single-origin coffee, coffee blends and decaffeinated coffee, to coffee kits, branded merch, sage machines and even hot chocolate, the team at Salford Roasters aim to wow its customers with speciality products and the best customer service.

So, why not head on down to Salford Roasters roastery to discover the detail and attention of how one of the most popular coffee brands makes the perfect brew in 2022?

Salford Roasters
Salford Roasters

N0.14: Redemption Roasters

Have you heard about Redemption Roasters, the world’s first behind bars coffee company? This business is on a mission to reduce re-offending rates through coffee.

How? Well, all of this brand’s beans are roasted inside the walls of HMP The Mount, working with offenders to produce outstanding coffee for the company’s coffee shops, online retail and wholesale customers.

Additionally, Redemption Roasters run speciality barista training in justice sector institutions across the country, as well as within their community training centre.

By offering education and employment in speciality coffee, the team at Redemption Roasters have made it their mission to help prison leavers successfully reintegrate into society.

On release, the brand supports Redemption Graduates to find work, either in their coffee shops or with committed employment partners and we have to say that this deserves all of our praise.

Redemption Roasters
Redemption Roasters

N0.15: Altitude Coffee London

Altitude Coffee London is one of the most credible ground coffee brands, as the business has won awards for its speciality coffee roasting based in East London.

Now, this brand of coffee may sound like your average cuppa, but the company’s Founder provides the business with a unique identity within the coffee industry.

Joe Townshend, is not your regular coffee nut, as he is also a former airline pilot and during his flying career Joe sought out the finest coffee in every destination he visited.

Do you know what they say? When one journey ends, another begins and for Joe that meant creating Altitude Coffee London, which enables everyone to experience the best coffee from the comfort of their home.

The team’s mission is simple:

“Great Coffee. Hand Roasted. For Everyone” and we have to say, the brand is well on track, as the business sources only the highest-quality organic speciality coffees throughout the world.

So, not only can Altitude Coffee’s customers voyage on a globe-trotting expedition with every delivery, but free next-day shipping is also available.

So, why delay? Place an order today and if you’re not going to be home, that’s okay. The team has designed their packaging so that the postman can slip the parcel straight into your letterbox - hooray!

Altitude Coffee London
Altitude Coffee London

N0.16: Obadiah Coffee

The team at Obadiah Coffee works closely with forward-thinking growers and producers to ensure that each coffee cherry is nurtured and the seed quality is preserved.

With a subscription service that invites customers to test out the brand’s rotating selection of exceptional coffees from prominent manufacturers, this popular coffee brand highlights two comparable coffees to feature each month.

Through this subscription plan, customers can receive deliveries; weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, depending on their preferences, with deliveries being available to customers around the world.

It should be noted that Obadiah Coffees are only available to existing subscribers. However, customers can opt-in to receive special deliveries on occasion.

Obadiah Coffee
Obadiah Coffee

N0.17: Hard Lines Coffee

Hard Lines Coffee is a Cardiff-based coffee store and roastery that thrives on roasting and serving exceptional coffee that is responsibly sourced and developing long-term partnerships through sourcing its products.

We feel that the team at Hard Lines Coffee are attempting to create more than just a good cup of Joe, as the business aims to keep things new, enjoyable and lighthearted throughout.

Nonetheless, Hard Lines Coffee has always been about more than just creating great coffee, as this business is all about; relationships, quality, design and the enjoyment that making and serving great coffee involves.

Hard Lines Coffee
Hard Lines Coffee

N0.18: Girls Who Grind Coffee

Girls Who Grind Coffee is the next of the popular coffee brands to be featured in today’s guide, as this business is an anti-patriarchy speciality coffee roastery and rebel movement run by an all-women workforce.

All of this brand’s coffee products are sourced solely from women who are making a difference in the world and the team honours their work, by promoting; their stories, ensuring representation and visibility by roasting their insanely great coffee.

Additionally, the women behind Girls Who Grind Coffee run the Cheek to Cheek initiative to give back to the producers in exchange for everything they contribute, above and beyond the beans themselves, by putting 10% of the sale price of all retail coffees back into pockets.

Girls Who Grind Coffee
Girls Who Grind Coffee

N0.19: Dark Arts Coffee

Maya, Mamo and Jacopo are a group of friends that formed Dark Arts Coffee in East London with warped fantasies of merging fire, water and magical beans into a glorious elixir via alchemy.

These three friends imagined putting the proceeds from their business into a cult based on their passions for the occult, bikes and all things unholy.

However, when that didn’t work out, they decided to focus on importing the best beans from all over the world and roasting them until they tasted good enough to drink.

Just a word of advice though, never refer to Dark Arts Coffee as the "Harry Potter coffee shop."

It irritates these guys, but they brought it up and now we can't get the link out of our heads!

Dark Arts Coffee
Dark Arts Coffee

N0.20: RAVE Coffee

The team at RAVE Coffee believe in keeping things simple and their goal is to provide customers with the best coffee they've ever had. Hey, we said it was simple, but we're confident there's more to this story than what originally meets the eye.

RAVE Coffee attempts to locate coffee that earns 82 points (or more) on the SCA quality scale and if you're a hardcore coffee fan, you’ll know how expensive a good caffeine fix can be.

See, this business understands this, but they believe that customers should not be forced to pay exorbitant prices for a cup of something hot, simply because it is difficult to obtain.

So, to cut back on expenses, RAVE Coffee is keeping the price of its packaging low so that customers only pay for the coffee that they drink. How fantastic?

Additionally, there is a limitless number of products available for subscription across the website, as well as the option to purchase monthly boxes and gift options.

It's so great to see so many subscription websites allowing their customers to purchase as much or as little of a product as they would like at the frequency they want. Now, excuse us while we sign up for our next coffee fix.

RAVE Coffee
RAVE Coffee

So, what are your thoughts on our guide to some of the most popular coffee brands in 2022? Reach out and let us know.

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