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The Best Food Websites & Beverage Brands

The Best Food Websites & Beverage Brands

21st April 2022
18 Minute Read

We have compiled a selection of 12 of the best food websites and beverage brands to highlight what the future of commerce is beginning to look like.


Written by Madeleine

21st April 2022
18 Minute Read

Website Design Inspiration from the Best Food Websites 🍟

In 2022, ecommerce is predicted to do more than just sell products to customers, by redirecting website visitors from point A to point B with little to no interaction.

Right now, we’re in the dawn of the evolving shopping experience and we're witnessing an increasing demand and awareness for online retailers to live up to this expectation.

Our take is that the goal for online retailers is to not only continue to generate sales for their business but to educate and entertain their website visitors in the process by using creative and innovative responsive elements.

So, for today's guide, we have compiled a selection of 12 of the best food websites and beverage brands to highlight what the future of commerce is beginning to look like.

You can take it from us that these businesses are well ahead of the game, turning that typical shopping process into more of a shopping experience. So, if you’re looking for some cutting-edge web design inspiration, this is the perfect place to start.

N0.1: Notorious Nooch Co

First up in today’s guide of the best food websites is Notorious Nooch, an excellent example of how a one-product store can be effectively executed with the right website design.

In a nutshell, Notorious Nooch has dialled up the flavours of nutritional yeast through a special toasting and blending process so that the product can provide a deep, rich and nutty cheese hit with your favourite foods.

Currently, the flavour variations of this product extend to Cheesy Immature Nooch and Smoky Bacon Nooch but if you can’t choose between the two then why not opt for both?

These products have been designed to be a secret seasoning weapon in the kitchen and they’re high in B vitamins.

However, the B12 Super Nooch would be the ideal product for those who are looking to take things a whole step further as this pouch is packed to the brim with a whole bunch of B vitamins.

To get started, simply sprinkle these products on top of anything that usually includes cheese or bacon, such as pasta or pizza, or try them out on things like roast potatoes, rice and even popcorn.

We realise it's a little out there, but that's just Notorious Nooch doing what they do best and if you visit their website, you'll understand why.

When it comes to this store's web design, we'd recommend taking note of the interactive home page and its frequent use of moving banners, large and bold typography, not to mention flawless product photography and recipes for resourcefulness that showcase what these guys are all about.

Notorious Nooch Co
Notorious Nooch Co

N0.2: Re Grocery

Re Grocery is a Los Angeles-based package-free store that has risen to light due to its avoidance of utilising plastic packaging for its products.

It’s no secret that the supermarket industry has made avoiding the use of plastics very difficult, so it is the goal of the team at Re Grocery to change that.

Did you know that more than 500 refillable bulk goods are available through this website? What’s more is that the team attempts to acquire only the greatest quality organic, non-GMO and clean materials, all of which are plastic-free.

Furthermore, reusables and zero-waste accessories are also available for consumers to purchase, so it would seem as though shopping sustainably has never been easier.

To go above and beyond recycling in a plastic consuming industry is highly commendable, but it’s not just this store’s mission that has caught our attention.

The Re Grocery web design is sleek, clean and spacious, featuring an interactive banner that moves with the user’s scroll to make the homepage and its elements more intuitive.

Also, when skimming through the store, we noticed that the load on scroll function is active to improve the website's loading speed for a positive user experience.

Additionally, we couldn’t help but notice this store’s utilisation of white space and oversized typography with a mix of orange and white branding to focus the customer's attention which is something that we may see more of within today’s guide.

Re Grocery
Re Grocery

N0.3: Wildwood Bakery

Next up for the best food websites is Wildwood Bakery, the business that is inspired by the time-honoured craft of the magic of baking.

Browsing through the Wildwood Bakery store transports us to our childhoods, but it is this store's approach to combining real-life imagery with illustrations and choice of branding colours and typography, that we find so appealing.

From what we’ve heard, the team at Wildwood Bakery enjoy dealing with high-quality natural components, adoring the art form of baking and that of their neighbourhood.

So, if you’re in the Thornbury, Preston or Reservoir area, why not take a look around this store? They deliver.

Wildwood Bakery
Wildwood Bakery

N0.4: Get Peak

Designed to provide a nootropic-enhanced beverage to the next generation for the mind, Get Peak is the drink that everyone has been talking about.

The journey of Get Peak began when Founders Louie and Ben noticed the distinct shortage of options when it came to selecting a functional beverage that tasted nice and wasn't unhealthy.

So, they did what creative partnerships do and got to work on something new:

“We founded Peak to help creative minds take control of the way they feel. As someone who has wrestled with ADHD most of my life I'm more prone to anxiety, stress and overworking.
I'm so grateful to have discovered the power and benefits of nootropics when I did, they've become a clean, daily alternative to coffee and alcohol.” - Louie Syred (Co-Founder at Get Peak)
“Traditional functional drinks like coffee, energy and alcohol all come with their ups and downs that take a toll on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
We believe the impact is greater on the creative brain, so we created nootropic mood drinks to help people get in their peak state of mind.” - Ben Whales (Co-Founder at Get Peak)

It’s fair to say that this brand’s mission is very attention-grabbing and so is that of its website design.

Featuring bold typography and a simple aesthetic that enables the product to take centre stage, there's no avoiding what the duo have developed and we’re here for it.

We are firm believers that simplicity is key and with features in the likes of; Metro, LS:N, BBC Goodfood and Speciality, we’re not the only ones who think that Get Peak is one of the best beverage brands on the web.

Get Peak
Get Peak

N0.5: Discovered Wildfoods

From what we’ve heard, the team at Discovered Wildfoods have stumbled across an opportunity to provide a high protein, low fat and sustainable meat option by making wild game accessible to every dinner table.

As a result, their mission is to help every chef uncover the taste, health and sustainability benefits of ethically harvesting wild game.

If you head on over to the Discovered Wildfoods website, a sidebar scroller can be seen to the right of the home page, informing the browser of the section that they are currently viewing.

We're also big fans of the parallax scrolling and responsive features for cursor and page movement on this store, as websites like this make online shopping truly exciting and intriguing for online browsers.

Also, we’ve noticed that most of the best food websites highlighted within today’s guide are implementing oversized headings and bold text into their branding.

However, when it comes to the Discovered Wildfoods web design, we particularly admire how this aesthetic shopping experience comes together with the help of clean and classic food photography.

Discovered Wildfoods
Discovered Wildfoods

N0.6: Silver Oak

The origin of Silver Oak began with a handshake between two friends who shared a daring vision and focus on one varietal, Cabernet Sauvignon, aged only in American oak and capable of cellaring for decades.

However, in 2022, this business farms more than 400 acres of vines in Napa Valley and Alexander Valley using cutting-edge farming and viticulture techniques with the least possible impact on natural resources and the environment.

“We have yet to make our best bottle of wine,” is the idea that their best wines are still ahead of them is a founding philosophy that still guides the duo behind Silver Oak today.

So, what is it about the Silver Oak store that we adore? Well, we'd have to emphasise the company's traditional and exquisite web design that includes subtle references to timeless wine and the use of white, black, and grey colourways throughout.

Additionally, the journal provides some interesting insights into the company’s products and the store’s navigation is user-friendly with customer-related tabs at the top of each page.

To learn more about Silver Oak, simply scroll to the bottom of the homepage and submit your email address to have the team fill your glass with joy.

Silver Oak
Silver Oak

N0.7: W*nder

Have you ever heard the phrase “works like wonder”? Well with W*nder, it does. Each sip of their delicious CBD sparkling beverages has been thoughtfully formulated to keep customers; energised, focused and relaxed throughout the day.

If you pay a visit to this store, you will notice what we like to call the W*nder metre, which tells customers what time certain beverages are best served throughout the day.

Online shoppers can also use this interactive feature by hovering over the dots on each point to discover more about the brand’s product variations.

Furthermore, the motion in the drinks at the top of the homepage is incredibly eye-catching, alongside their use of bold moving banners, large fonts, overlays and a mix of dark and bright colours to stand out.

So, as far as beverage brands go W*nder just might be one of our favourites.


N0.8: Yolélé

Yolélé is another of the best food websites in today's guide that has selected the white and orange colour palette with a focus on product imagery and interactive elements at the top of their homepage.

However, what’s unique about this store is that the cursor also features a "Discover" bubble, encouraging visitors to begin their shopping experience by clicking on one of the items listed there.

What's even cooler is that if you take a scroll to the left or right in the same section, you will see circular scroll navigation with a chromatic circle that showcases the store's products and flavour collection interactively.

Then, after you've looked at this opening aspect of the store, we’d recommend checking out the left-hand side menu, as this section contains all of the information found in a conventional sidebar or footer, but instead of the usual set-up, the titles take up the entire page.

With oversized and bold typography at the centre of focus, the viewer is presented with a different graphic depending on which word the cursor is scrolled over. Take a peek to see what we're talking about.


N0.9: Seedlip

Seedlip is on a mission to revolutionise the way the world consumes high-quality non-alcoholic beverages.

So what took two years of painstaking research and development to create the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, the Seedlip team met the demand for refined non-alcoholic beverage brands by uniting Ben's farming heritage, love of nature and design.

Seedlip's bespoke, six-week maceration, distillation, filtration and blending process was developed during those years and this procedure continues to produce a beverage that is free of alcohol and sugar today.

So, with Seedlip bringing the life of the non-alcoholic beverage back to its roots, it's safe to say that this minimalistic and naturistic vibe can be seen throughout their online store and we're especially fond of the parallax scroll that can be found there.


N0.10: Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Who doesn't need a cup of something caffeinated in the morning to get their day started? We know we do and this website by Ceremony Coffee Roasters is an excellent example of how all coffee brands should be approaching ecommerce.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters has built a basic yet cosy brand with simple and sleek tones of grey, white and black that make store visitors feel as though they already know what it's like to experience their product.

Picture yourself on a comfortable sofa, in a warm blanket with a hot beverage, all snuggled up, with nothing else on the agenda. That's what we call unwinding, and Ceremony Coffee Roasters know just how to deliver that feeling.

Not only is this store home to some of the best coffee, but Ceremony Coffee Roasters also provide a subscription service and a wholesale program for businesses to offer a broad spectrum of fresh options on their menu.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters also offer; classes, weekly coffee breaks and brewing guides so that their customers can learn on the go, but if we’re talking about web design specifically, one of our favourite elements of this store is their ‘taste by colour’ guide.

See, colours instinctively express what tasting notes explain and Ceremony Coffee Roasters are one of the only beverage brands that we have seen pick up on this connection.

Simply put, this store’s colour guide is a lovely visual aid for matching coffees to flavour memories. The team says “trust your memories to lead you to new coffee experiences” and we're fascinated by the psychology behind it.

Who knew we’d be connecting ecommerce with individualised preferences through psychology? What a blast!

Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Ceremony Coffee Roasters

N0.11: OffLimits

With black, white, grey and splashes of pink and blue, the OffLimits branding is like a cross between an outer space video game and a cartoon.

This futuristic store is one of the best food websites that provides more of a shopping experience than a standard checkout process.

How? Well, customers can 'play the game' on the homepage by flicking through each of the store's cereal products as the starting point for each story.

Meet; Dash, Zombie, Flex and Spark, the typical four personalities of cereal eaters. Play the game and you’ll know what we mean.

In a nutshell, OffLimits is an excellent example of how interactive storytelling can be utilised to educate and entertain an audience in regards to a store and its products and we think that more businesses will begin to follow in the footsteps of brands like this as time goes on.

No matter how futuristic this may seem, we’re not the only ones that believe that this is the future of ecommerce as Vogue noted OffLimits is - “The one new brand that is here to instigate change from its founding.”

N0.12: Occo Spices

Are you tired of buying a jar when you only need a touch of something?

Our antidote is Occo Spices and it’ll probably be the best you’ve ever tasted, but hold on. If you don't go to Occo's about page, you won't understand the full effect of this store’s humour.

Are you there? Yeah, that first GIF is us, but in all seriousness, Occo Spices are doing the right thing by playing on their customers' emotions positively.

So, this quirky and chirpy company already has our interest and our guess is, that’s their marketing idea.

However, what we especially love is how this website design incorporates video content, spinning elements and sliding elements whilst adopting the same strategy as many of our friends at the top of today's list in the form of typography, colour schemes and layout.

If there's one thing we've learned from these exceptional food websites and beverage brands, it's that industry leaders aren't scared to stand out by being distinctive and that's exactly what we're seeing from these groundbreaking businesses within today's guide.

Occo Spices
Occo Spices

So, what are your thoughts on our guide to the best food websites and beverage brands? Reach out and let us know.

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