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Shopify’s In-App TikTok Shopping Experience

Shopify’s In-App TikTok Shopping Experience

27th August 2021
6 Minute Read

Shopify is the first commerce platform on the web to deliver organic product discovery via shopping tabs. This new in-app feature is known as TikTok Shopping.


Written by Madeleine

27th August 2021
6 Minute Read

Discover TikTok Shopping 🛍️

Have you heard the latest product news from Shopify? Just hours ago, it was confirmed that the platform has teamed up with TikTok to scale social commerce via a new in-app shopping experience for TikTok users.

According to Shopify’s news release, the solution is the first commerce platform on the web to deliver organic product discovery via shopping tabs on TikTok. So, what is the new in-app feature known as TikTok Shopping?

What Is TikTok Shopping? 📱

TikTok shopping is essentially one of the biggest game-changers in the social ecommerce space, enabling content creators and online businesses to deepen the relationship that they have with their audience.

In 2021, social commerce has become one of the fastest-growing channels for merchants on Shopify. This is due to the volume of content creators online that have come to rely on platforms such as TikTok to build and grow their business.

Shopify x TikTok For Business

This groundbreaking form of TikTok news is super exciting for us here at Karmoon to discover, as it is essentially the next step forward that Shopify businesses can implement within their social media marketing strategy.

Shopify’s partnership with TikTok For Business is the new way for entrepreneurs to reach consumers with TikTok Shopping. For the first time in history, Shopify merchants that own a TikTok business account will soon be able to add a shopping tab to their TikTok profile.

With the tab comes the power to sync product catalogues directly from the Shopify store at hand, creating a mini-storefront that displays directly within the TikTok app. This new feature will bring the goal of checkout closer for the merchant with an easy, fun and unique customer experience via TikTok content.

Kylie Jenner on TikTok Shopping

Kylie Jenner, the American media personality, socialite, model, and Founder of Kylie Cosmetics has shared her thoughts on this latest update from the Shopify and TikTok For Business partnership:

“I built my business on social media; it’s where my fans look first for what’s new from Kylie Cosmetics. I have so much fun creating TikTok videos and I love sharing posts of my fans using my products. That’s why I’m excited for Kylie Cosmetics to be one of the first businesses to let customers shop directly on TikTok!”

The President of Shopify on TikTok Shopping

Additionally, Harley Finkelstein, the President of Shopify had a few words of his own to add:

"Creators are paving the way for a new kind of entrepreneurship where content, community and commerce are key. By enabling new in-app shopping experiences and product discovery on TikTok for the first time, Shopify is powering the creator economy on one of the fastest-growing social and entertainment platforms in the world.
We are excited to help this next generation of entrepreneurs connect with their audiences in more ways, with TikTok as a visionary partner."

The latest in TikTok news is that TikTok and Shopify have joined forces to bring product links right to the front doorstep of Shopify merchants, which can be used to tag products within organic TikTok posts. The TikTok community can choose to shop directly from the merchant’s storefront or click a tagged product within their video. If a product link within the TikTok video is clicked, users will then be taken directly to the checkout within the business's online store.

TikTok is one of the world’s fastest-growing entertainment channels out there, with hundreds of millions of active users in the mix, it’s no wonder why this is the platform’s reality.

Did you know that from February 2020 to February 2021, installs across Shopify’s social commerce channels increased by 76%? This is a considerable figure by any means, but where a gap in the market to deeply integrate commerce with TikTok has been opened, we’d say that this platform is the best outlet to empower Shopify merchants to reach new and existing consumers.

The President of Global Business Solutions on TikTok Shopping

The President of Global Business Solutions at TikTok added:

"Our community has transformed shopping into an experience that's rooted in discovery, connection, and entertainment, creating unparalleled opportunities for brands to capture consumers' attention.
TikTok is uniquely placed at the centre of content and commerce, and these new solutions make it even easier for businesses of all sizes to create engaging content that drives consumers directly to the digital point of purchase. We're thrilled to be expanding our partnership with Shopify and making TikTok more accessible than ever for their merchants."

Currently, the TikTok Shopping pilot is available to Shopify merchants in the US and UK and a select group of merchants in Canada will also participate in the pilot in the weeks ahead. Plans include rolling the feature out to additional regions in the coming months.

Note:Shopify merchants can request early access to the TikTok Shopping pilot via Shopify’s TikTok channel. Bring your Shopify store to TikTok and sell to millions of people who use TikTok every day. Anyone can shop right from your business profile so, why not show off the best sellers in your shop as well as being able to highlight hidden gems in your store with product links?

Sit back, relax and watch as one-time viewers turn into lifelong customers. What are you waiting for? Start selling on TikTok today! To learn more about TikTok’s channel alongside how to install the app, visit the Shopify App Store for further information.

That’s it for today’s article on the latest TikTok news. If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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