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The Best Subscription Websites

The Best Subscription Websites

22nd September 2021
60 Minute Read

In today's article, we are going to share an extensive list of subscription websites that are now revelling in their success.


Written by Madeleine

22nd September 2021
60 Minute Read

Web Design Inspiration for Subscription Websites 📦

Heralded as the newest, greatest ecommerce strategy, repeat purchase services can be found on subscription websites such as; Birchbox, The Dollar Shave Club and Glossybox have not only made headlines. They've made billions.

So, in today's article, we thought it would be a great idea to share an extensive list of websites for Shopify subscription stores to find some inspiration. So, let's begin with 'Dollar Shave Club’:

Dollar Shave Club

First up in today's guide of subscription websites is Dollar Shave Club. Who are they? The question is who aren’t they. Think of the Dollar Shave Club as the Godfathers of grooming. They know what their customers need and are here to supply them with it.

So, how does the subscription plan work? Dollar shavers can choose one of the risk-free starter sets and see what the Club has to offer. The Dollar Shave Club will then continue to deliver the full-size products from once a month to three times a year.

With flexible delivery dates, no hidden fees and a 30-day money-back guarantee, the Dollar Shave Club is confident that it can do one iconic thing - put men’s grooming first. Customers can cancel their subscription plan at any time, but we can't see why they would. Maybe it’s just us, but we love businesses that put the customer in control.

Now, this is pretty cool and if you've already got a Shopify store, you will be pleased to know that implementing a Shopify subscription plan as part of your brand's strategy is easier than ever.

Check out our previous guide on choosing between a Shopify subscription model with the Bold or ReCharge app to get started.

Check out the Dollar Shave Club advert that put this subscription-based business on the map.

So, how does a Shopify subscription plan work? Well you'll have to head on over to our linked article to find out, but Dollar shavers can choose one of the risk-free starter sets and see what the Club has to offer. The Dollar Shave Club will then continue to deliver the full-size products from once a month to three times a year.

The customer is in control of how often they would like their delivery to be when browsing subscription websites such as this. There’s an awesome incentive for customers to try out different products, because the more they buy, the more they can save on your shave.

With flexible delivery dates, no hidden fees and a 30-day money-back guarantee, the Dollar Shave Club is confident that it can do one iconic thing - put men’s grooming first. Customers can cancel their subscription plan at any time, but we can't see why they would.

Maybe it’s just us, but we love businesses that put the customer in control and there's no reason why your Shopify subscription store can't do the same.

Subscription Website - Dollar Shave Club

Nonna Tonda

Next up in our guide to some of the best Shopify subscription websites around is Nonna Tonda.

In 2017 James and Rebecca packed up their possessions to complete a tour of Italy. During this time, they learnt the authentic way to make fresh pasta. So now, week on week, Nonna Tonda’s customers receive the authentic taste of Italy in their homes through this stunning Shopify store.

Each delivery includes; fresh pasta, a homemade sauce and fresh parmesan. What’s better than Italian pasta being delivered straight to your doorstep? Italian pasta that will be ready to cook and eat in under 5 minutes. It’ll take even less time than that to eat we’re sure.

Shopify subscription plans on this website can be altered for either 2, 4, or 6 people and if the customer isn’t home, Nonna Tonda delivery packages will be sure to fit through the letterbox. So, that’s super handy for everyone.

For customers of this Shopify store to start receiving their Nonna Tonda deliveries, James wakes up each morning and starts to work through the pasta, as all produce is fresh and delivered that very same day. Then, one of the team members will deliver the Shopify subscription package and customers will experience a new pasta dish every single week on repeat.

Plus, if customers are going away, they can choose to skip or alter delivery dates using the online calendar in their account, but that’s not all. You’ve guessed it, of course, there is a huge incentive here for those who decide to become customers by subscribing via a 50% discount. This is granted on the first two deliveries.

Ready to talk about implementing a Shopify subscription plan into your store? Our team of Shopify experts are on hand and are happy to help.

Subscription Website - Nonna Tonda

Pasta Evangelists

With features on the BBC, Dragon’s Den, Metro, Evening Standard, Harrods and Tatler, it’s no wonder that the Pasta Evangelists have won the title of “the UK’s most loved pasta”.

Now, the next of today's featured subscription websites are The Pasta Evangelists and these guys have a physical presence in the Harrods Food Hall, alongside a set up in M&S Hedge End, but even though this business isn't solely online based, their website set up is something which Shopify websites could be inspired by.

Why? Well, even with all of the success that has been reaped from their presence inside these physical store locations, the Pasta Evangelists’ way to success is by implementing a subscription strategy, making their pasta available to customers on repeat.

So, this is just our case in point. Maybe it's time to get moving with a Shopify subscription service if you haven't already.

Every week, subscribing customers will receive 15 delicious recipes. Each recipe contains everything that the customer will need to know to prepare a 5* pasta dish.

The Pasta Evangelists’ packages include; freshly made pasta, authentic sauce and a delicious garnish for each recipe, so the true taste of Italy can be experienced home from home.

Now how's that for some inspiration for your Shopify store?

Subscription Website - Pasta Evangelists

Perky Blenders

The next of today's featured subscription websites is Perky Blenders. Over the last few years, Perky Blenders have been featured in the Indy Best’s ‘Best Coffee Subscription Services,’ and have recently won two Time Out Awards as the ‘Best Coffee Place’ within three London Postcodes.

More recently, this coffee-loving bunch have opened a second roastery, so their subscription website alongside a physical store presence is the strategy that’s working well for them, but if you’re curious about their subscription plan and how you can take inspiration from your Shopify website, we’re going to delve a little deeper into what they are currently offering their customers.

Perky Blenders offer their customers a wide range of coffee. From the ‘Forest Blend', which resembles chocolate, plum and brown sugar, to their ‘Decaf Coffee’ which includes lingering notes of praline, walnut and dried fruits, coffee enthusiasts are offered the chance to subscribe and receive a subscription.

If you've got any bright ideas for a Shopify subscription plan, we'd recommend getting started, as these businesses within today's guide are reaping success from making their move.

Products can be bought with a one-time purchase, but if customers choose to subscribe, their chosen coffee types and bag weight will be delivered either once every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks, depending on their preference.

What’s cool is their gift subscription service, so this means that customers can be given the gift of great coffee and it will be delivered to their chosen recipient’s door once every 3, 6 or 12 months.

It's the gift that keeps on giving and we'd love to inspire more Shopify stores to follow in the same footsteps and start a Shopify subscription service offering for their customers.

Monthly box subscriptions are also offered by Perky Blenders which can be delivered once every month to customers who choose this service. All that they will need to do is choose which coffee grind they would like and that's it, simple.

Subscription Website - Perky Blenders

Rave Coffee

At Rave Coffee, they believe in keeping things simple and here at Karmoon's Shopify agency, so do we.

We love subscription websites like this, because their aim is to keep things uncomplicated for the customer. In a nutshell, their mission is to serve you the best coffee you've ever had. Hey, we told you it was simple, but we’re sure that there is more to their story than what first meets the eye.

See, Rave Coffee aims to source coffee that scores 82 points (or above) on the SCA scale for quality and if you’re a coffee lover yourself, you’ll know how pricey a good caffeine fix can be. Rave Coffee knows this too, but they believe that customers shouldn’t have to pay extortionate money for a cup of something hot, just because it’s expensive to source.

So, to combat costs, they’re keeping the price of their packaging down so that the coffee is what customers pay for and we have to say, we think that’s awesome. If only more Shopify subscription prices could be like this.

Across the website, there is an endless array of products that have been made available for subscription, alongside the option of purchasing monthly boxes and gift plans too.

It’s great to see so many subscription websites allowing their customers to purchase as much or as little of a product as they would like at their desired delivery frequency and if you're thinkng of making the same move for your Shopify site, we think you'll be pleased that you did.

Where can we sign up to get our coffee fix?

Subscription Website - Rave Coffee


Mamamade is one of our favourite Shopify subscription websites and it came to be as a mother began to introduce solids to her baby girl.

As a mother, she naturally wanted her child to receive the very best, which meant home-cooked, organic, plant-based, flavourful and healthy meals. However, in reality, as all mothers know, it can be a struggle to keep up with the pace of mealtimes on top of milk feeds. There are just not enough hours in the day.

Desperate for help, but not willing to compromise on the health and development of her daughter, Mamamade’s founder set to work on creating a Shopify site and a product to help parents just like her through a Shopify subscription.

With Mamamade’s fully flexible subscriptions, customers will gain access to a weaning coach. This is where mothers can take part in a 1:1 call where questions can be asked about baby and child feeding and free delivery is offered with every order.

What's more, is that customers browsing this Shopify store can choose between 40 flavours that utilise over 80 ingredients. So, it’s encouraged by Mamamade that mothers work their way through the entire menu with their children. Of course, new bundles can be selected via the account section and Shopify subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

All Mamamade asks is that any subscription changes are made 48 hours ahead of delivery day on their Shopify store, but that’s it.

Subscription Website - Mamamade


There are #nobadcoffeedays with Dripkit. With features in; Goop, Man Repeller, Afar, Bustle, Business Insider, The Oprah Magazine and Elle, we’d say that this eCommerce business is well-deserving of a place within our guide of best subscription websites.

Also, we believe that DripKit will serve some mighty inspiration for Shopify stores looking to move into the space.

However, before you decide on whether you agree or not when it comes to your Shopify site, let’s take a look into their business subscription model:

The first step to Dripkit is sourcing green coffee from small family-owned farms and co-ops around the world. Unroasted green coffee is then shipped to Brooklyn where their partners roast coffees weekly to order.

The roasted coffee then makes its way to the Dripkit HQ where the production team will grind, pack, and seal each Dripkit with 17g of coffee inside. All kits are made-to-order, so they are as fresh as possible when they arrive at the customer’s front door.

Now for the best part, customers will be able to enjoy all of the hard work that went into making their coffee by tearing and pouring hot water into the Dripkit to brew a delicious cup of Joe.

Currently, there are a select number of products available for subscription via this eCommerce website, whereas other products are available for a one-time purchase only and this is another route that your Shopify site could take if you don't feel like going the whole hog.

Dripkit also offers 3-month, 6-month or 12-month gift subscriptions for customers to share their knowledge of Dripkit with friends and family. This is always a nice personal touch for subscription websites to offer.

Subscription Website - Dripkit


As one of the subscription websites within today's guide that are knee-deep in bread dough, Kōpiko aims to share how healthy bread is made with its audience while making such a product readily available for the customer. So, they started their journey locally, with a Central and West Auckland weekly sourdough delivery run.

So, how does Kōpiko get from the oven to the customer? Well, the team will wrap and deliver freshly baked bread loaves to the customer through the letterbox, or hang it on the front door. Yeah, you read that one right, we had to double-check that one too.

In an industry where the majority of bread is baked quickly and with cheap ingredients, the cost of food waste is low, but Kōpiko wants to move away from production waste completely. Thanks to the utilisation of pre-orders, this business only bakes what they know will be eaten and creating less waste is important for any Shopify subscription store to abide by.

For customers to receive their sourdough fix, all they need to do is select their loaf of choice and their delivery frequency preference, oh and the quantity of bread that they want too. That’s super important. Then customers can alter these delivery preferences at any time by logging into their account. It’s that simple so there’s only one thing left to say... Bring out the bread.

Subscription Website - Kopiko


Fussy is another one of our favourite Shopify subscription websites, as it is centred around standing up for the planet and those who will inhabit the earth after us. The team is constantly trying to do better and raise their standards with the belief that by being Fussy they can create a better planet for everyone.

How are they trying to achieve this mission with a Shopify subscription strategy, you may ask? The short answer is by banishing single-use plastic from the likes of the bathroom. With simple, high-quality and effective personal care products that are backed by science, the Fussy Shopify store deodorants are sustainable for the earth.

Did you know that every single deodorant that you’ve ever used in your life is still in existence? It’s shocking but true, which is why many brands like Fussy are operating with sustainability and Shopify subscription plans in mind. To join the Fussy community, customers are asked to select a durable case in the colour of their choosing, which is carbon-neutral and will soon hold their subscription of plastic-free refills.

Next up is the plan. Fussy Shopify subscription customers can either make a one time purchase or subscribe and save for £15.00 which includes 3 refills. This means that each refill is just £5.00 and with this subscription-based plan Fussy fans can switch scents, skip an order, or cancel their subscription at any time.

Refills can be given as little or as often as the customer would like and the folks who have subscribed will also receive access to exclusive merch and free delivery on their orders from this Shopify site.

Subscription Website - Fussy

Magic Mind

The story behind the Magic Mind site all began with a trip to the emergency room over 7 years ago. After which, Magic Mind founder - James was diagnosed with a heart condition. What were the culprits? Too much stress and way too much caffeine.

The doctor’s advice introduced James to the idea of drinking green tea as opposed to coffee, as green tea contains an amino acid called L-Theanine. The role of L-Theanine is to extend the absorption of caffeine, whilst giving the drinker calm alertness. Before this time, it hadn’t occurred to James that adding ingredients to caffeine could improve its effectiveness whilst decreasing stress levels.

After 7 years of research into the space of nootropics, adaptogens, and nutritional mushrooms, James is now sharing his ideas with an eager audience who are just lining up to test out this morning ritual.

Magic Mind contains a combination of 12 active ingredients which have been scientifically designed, tweaked and fine-tuned to improve the energy and focus of the individual who consumes it.

Alongside, improved energy and focus, stress and oxidation levels are also thought to be significantly reduced with the help of a Magic Mind beverage. With all of these characteristics combined this will improve productivity and motivation for those who try it.

Customers can choose to make a one-time purchase, or subscribe to this store's Shopify subscription plan can save with a delivery of 15 or 30 Magic Mind bottles once every 30 days. Those who choose to subscribe will receive; free shipping on their Shopify subscription-based orders, whilst gaining access to their resident dietitian and nutritionist, Jessica Dogert RDN, and Scientific Advisory Board.

Subscribers of this Shopify store will also receive free giveaways throughout their subscription plan and customers can cancel their Shopify subscription at any time. We think more subscription websites should be like this.

Subscription Website - Magic Mind


The next candidate within today's guide to the best subscription websites on the web is Hubble.

Hubble is primarily an eyewear ecommerce business, but its subscription website begins and ends with Hubble lenses. Customers can start their subscription with Hubble for as little as $1.00 per box.

In the first shipment, customers will receive 15 pairs of Hubble lenses. If customers then decide to continue with the subscription service after a one-off shipment, website visitors will have the option to opt-in for the $36.00 monthly subscription, which brings the cost of one day's lenses to under one dollar. All the customer has to do is cover the shipping of $3.00 and that's it.

Should customers wish to alter or leave Hubble's subscription service, all they will have to do is either modify or cancel their subscription plan.

Note:Take it as a top tip from our team of Shopify experts, it shouldn't be difficult for your customers to remain in control of their Shopify subscription.

With features in Techcrunch, Mashable, VOGUE and GQ, it is clear that Hubble is on the road to success with its subscription strategy. Since utilising a subscription service, Hubble acquired over 17k customers in the first 3 months of starting their ecommerce business venture.

Currently, with the offer of a subscription service made readily available to the customer, Hubble's run rate increases by 1 million dollars each month and it is estimated that over 600 orders are processed every single day. Imagine if your Shopify site couold say the same!

Subscription Website - Hubble


The next of today's subscription websites is Native.

As a Shopify site, Native has a mission to empower its customers to incorporate cleaner personal care products into their everyday routine. It is encouraged by the brand that we look closely at the ingredients list behind the body care products that we buy.

Native take pride in the fact that their products are effective, clean and quality free. Like many other brands on this list, Native believes that natural products should be delivered on the customer's schedule.

So, instead of creating a Shopify subscription box where a limited number of products are available to choose from, they have enabled all products on the website to be applicable for a subscription.

Their subscription service works by allowing the customer to subscribe to any product that they would like. Should they choose to, customers can then swap the scents included in their subscription, change the frequency of their subscription or cancel their subscription at any time, giving power back to the consumer.

Native has even added some additional benefits for those who sign up for a Shopify subscription, we guess that this is to encourage others to do the same. For example, customers can save up to 25% on products when they sign up for a subscription.

Alongside this, repeat purchasers will also be able to access the collection of mini deodorants through this Shopify store at any time, so this is viewed as exclusive accessibility.

Similiarly to other subscription websites featured within today's article, the Shopify subscription products offered by Native are; deodorants, body washes and toothpaste and it’s not just for women, it’s for men too.

Since offering a Shopify subscriptions service, Native has experienced a 140% increase in new subscribers. The business has also seen a 40% increase in overall subscription revenue and a 15% decrease in churn rate.

Subscription Website - Native

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Born and bred in Southern California in 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always been passionate about collecting loyal customers with carefully handcrafted products.

If there is one thing that we love about subscription websites shuch as this, it's that Tteir philosophy hasn’t changed, as their passion for being able to deliver the best-handcrafted products while taking pride on the journey from seed to cup is as imminent as ever.

Their physical stores are of course a place where customers can pop in and grab a cup of Joe as part of their daily schedule, but what’s cool is the fact that this business has enabled their products to be made available by subscription, just like many other Shopify stores within today's guide.

This means that customers will never have to run out of their favourite coffees, teas or powders again. Imagine no more instances of the tea bags running out. We hate it when that happens.

With the automated delivery subscription service, customers will be able to select how frequently products will arrive at their front door. Customers can also pause and cancel their subscription at any time.

Amazingly, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s sales have tripled since moving to Shopify. In short, this Shopify store has doubled its conversion rate and the business is now experiencing an x3 growth rate in subscribers due to the relaunch of Shopify subscriptions since its move to the platform.

Subscription Website - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


If you haven't heard of Oatly, where have you been? Oatly is the world's original and largest oat drink company, not to mention one of the best subscription websites on the web.

For over 25 years Oatly has exclusively focused on developing expertise around oats with sustainability and human health in mind.

Their commitment has resulted in advancements that have unlocked the breadth of the dairy portfolio including alternatives to; milk, ice cream, yoghurt, cooking creams, and spreads. The headquarters are in Sweden, but Oatly products are available in more than 20 countries across the world.

Oatly customers can subscribe to a recurring milk delivery through a Shopify subscription which can be delivered daily, weekly or monthly.

Oatly has surged with a 206% increase in new subscriptions since the launch of their landing page and subscription toggle on the product pages via Shopify.

Plus, the customer lifetime value for subscriptions as compared to one-time purchases is up by x14 and we think that’s amazing!

Are you looking to take your Shopify store international with a Shopify subscription like Oatly? Check out our guide to get started.

Subscription Website - Oatly

Dr. Axe

With features in Fast Company, Well + Good, Shape, Google (customer reviews), Women's Health, INC.5000 and Popsugar, Dr. Axe has made their ancient nutrition product line available for customer subscription.

Customers can shop by personal health interests such as; metabolism and weight, energy, adulting and beauty, digestive health, immune system support and joint support.

Subscription websites such as this offer all products for a one time purchase or subscribe and save. This means that the customers who have signed up for subscriptions will save 15% off of their order and will be offered free shipping on all of their subscription orders too, which is something that could also be implemented into your Shopify subscription plan.

Subscribers are also able to choose a time frame between; once every month, 2 months or 3 months for their order to be delivered. A 60-day money-back guarantee is offered for Dr. Axe subscribers.

Since implementing Shopify subscriptions into the foundation of their business, Dr. Axe has witnessed a 30% increase in its subscription revenue year over year and a 30% decrease in churn.

Subscription Website - Dr.Axe


Founded in Hawaii in 2012, the Waiakea Shopify store is the first Hawaiian volcanic water and triple bottom line premium company of its kind. Adapting an unparalleled platform of healthy, sustainable, ethical attributes and initiatives, Waiakea puts its people and the planet before profit.

We love subscription websites with a purpose and the mission for Waiakea is to provide sustainable natural healthy Hawaiian volcanic water while contributing to and promoting clean water access, conservation and education for those in need in Hawaii and throughout the world.

Subscription products include; recycled water bottles (which range from packs of 500ml - 1.5L), refillable aluminium bottles (12 packs of 670ml sized bottles) or a box of water (which contains 15L of water).

With Waiakea, customers can choose an annual Shopify subscription plan which will save them 20% off of their order, or customers can select a month to month Shopify subscription which will save them 10% off of their order. At this point, all customers will have to do is select their preferred delivery frequency (between 14 and 28 days) and checkout with their Shopify subscription order.

Flexibility is a key incentive here with Waiakea’s Shopify subscription service, as subscribers can cancel their subscription commitment at any time. Since implementing a subscription strategy into this Shopify store, Waiakea has gained a 178% increase in overall revenue, alongside a 172% increase in new subscriptions.

Subscription Website - Waiakea


Wild is another Shopify store which is one of the best subscription websites around, as these guys are on a mission to be the pioneer of sustainable and natural personal care, acting as a positive catalyst to raise the standards of sustainability in the bathroom.

Wild wants to build a progressive and inclusive business that makes switching to natural sustainable products possible without meaning that its customers are having to compromise.

All wild products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and are free from artificial pregnancies, parabens, aluminium and sulphites.

Once customers have purchased one case, it is encouraged that they sign up to Wild’s Shopify subscription plan for £5.00 per refill, making this £15.00 per order, as x3 refills are offered in the initial bundle. All customers will have to do is select the three scents that they would like within their next Shopify subscription bundle and how often they would like these fragrances to be delivered to their doorstep.

Fragrance packs are available in volumes of either 3, 6 or 9 and once the scents have been selected, the customer will be drawn into a 12-week delivery plan. Again, the customer will be able to change this within their account at any time should they wish to do so. To incentivise this offer a little more, first-time customers are offered 20% off of their first order.

From the Shopify subscription service offered, Wild received 6,000 orders before the brand was launched and grew a customer base of 100,000 within the first 7 months.

Subscription Website - Wild


Lola is another Shopify subscription business that was founded by women with sky-high expectations. Lola's period and sexual wellness products are manufactured with the individual in mind. There are endless ways for the customer to personalise their order through subscription websites such as this one and we guess that this is what repeat purchasers of Lola products love.

Customers can get what they need with a one time purchase, or they can order products on a subscription basis, meaning that they can receive what they need on their schedule. It couldn't be simpler.

Since Lola implemented Shopify subscriptions into their business makeup, they have experienced a 35% increase in average order value and a 23% increase in customer lifetime value. It is also estimated that 15% of Lola subscribers have added a donation box to their order in the past.

Subscription Website - Lola

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Need more coffee subscription websites in your life? Yeah, we do too.

The Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned coffee business that serves premium coffee to people who love America. They say that the best way to experience their freedom of affirmed coffee is by joining the Black Rifle Coffee Club.

When customers join the club, all they will have to do is select whether their subscription is for their home (1-5 people) or workplace (6+ people), then decide which texture and roast they would like for their coffee. Lastly, delivery quantity and frequency must be clarified for the subscription to be reviewed at both ends.

With the Black Rifle Coffee Company’s handy membership, customers will not only save themselves a trip to the store, but they will also receive free shipping on all club orders, deliveries tailored to their schedule, exclusive discounts from 50+ partnering brands alongside a subscription plan that is easy to modify at any given time.

Since the Black Rifle Coffee Company product launch, the business experienced a 115% increase in Shopify subscription spending and as a result of such services offered, subscriptions now represent 25% of the total brand revenue.

Subscription Website - Black Rifle Coffee Company

Siren Marine

The next of today's subscription websites is a little different from its company, but that's what makes this strategy so interesting.

See, Siren Marine’s Connected Boat technology provides customers with peace of mind through real-time data and alerts so that they know when their boat is safe and secure. Smart boat monitoring means that customers can spend less time worrying about their boat and more time enjoying it.

Those who've used Siren Marine know they can control their boat from the palm of their hands with monitoring systems that give off instant and critical alerts. Siren Mariners are also able to track their boat with precision to prevent theft of property. Customers have also found that they can save money through insurance discounts, whilst staying informed with smart data.

With 24 partners in the industry, Siren Marine is proud to offer its Shopify subscription service to customers. Plans range from annual, monthly and seasonal. These are cellular main device subscriptions, but the business also offers satellite Shopify subscriptions which range from 1, 2 and 3 years.

However, for this subscription, a solar subscription is also required. Currently, Siren Marine has over 800 active Shopify subscription plans in motion using this marketing strategy.

Subscription Website - Siren Marine

Progressive Nutracare

Progressive Nutracare specialises in nutraceuticals, offering a wide array of science-backed formulas which support a healthy lifestyle. From fish oils and probiotics to thyroid and adrenal support the team of medical experts at Progressive Nutracare analyse each formula to ensure that they exceed industry standards.

This is what we love so deeply about subscription websites, as this marketing strategy can cater to many different niches across the web.

Customers are given the option to either make a one-time purchase or they can subscribe and save 5% off of their order if they sign up for the subscription-based service.

On the Progressive Nutracare Shopify store, all products are eligible for subscription, so all the customer will need to do is select either a single unit, a 3 pack, or a six-pack for their order and opt for their desired delivery frequency (1 month, 2 months or 3 months), and that's it.

This strategy is working wonders for Progressive Nutracare as a business because currently, a whopping 45.6% of orders are Shopify subscription-based.

Subscription Website - Progressive Nutracare


Need more inspiration from subscription websites that stand out fom the crowd?

Bokksu brings the experience of tasting authentic Japanese food, candies and teas to your door. These treats are sourced directly from century-old small family businesses. As a company, Bokksu is centred around offering a Shopify subscription service to its customers and this is how it works:

Customers will subscribe and receive a monthly box of curated snacks, rewards and more from Bokksu so, customers experience the many flavours of Japan - one candy at a time.

With features in BuzzFeed, Quartz, Eater, Rachael Ray every day, Harper’s Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable and Chowhound we'd say that the Bokksu Shopify store is well on its way to success by implementing a subscription-based model into the heart of their business.

Their current Shopify subscription plans range from a monthly plan to a 3-month, 6-month and 12-month plan. However, Bokksu’s 3-month plan is most popular with its fans across 70 different countries, as it allows customers to save $15.00 per subscription.

Subscription Website - Bokksu


For the beauty subscription websites checking out this guide, we think you'll like what's next in store.

Kopari was created because the team believes in clean skincare that should be accessible for everyone. Each product combines 100% pure organic coconut and superfood ingredients. This creates luxurious and effective vegan and cruelty-free products which are easily accessible to customers of Kopari. This brand believes that natural beauty starts on the inside and with the help of their products, it can be shown on the outside too.

Since Kopari has implemented a Shopify subscription-based model into their ecommerce business, the company has doubled its database of subscribers. Currently, there are 9 products available on the website which are eligible for subscription, but who knows whether they are planning on releasing more subscription-based products?

If they were to, we can safely assume that they would have a successful surge in sales, based upon their previous experience with Shopify subscription products.

Subscription Website - Kopari


Wohven aspires to be the best way for men to purchase quality essentials at a fraction of common retail prices. Why? Well, in the simplest of terms, Wohven cares about the quality and value of their products, alongside the impact that the production of their garments has on the world.

Wohven collaborates with acclaimed artists who take time from their busy schedules to contribute to something bigger. Luckily for Wohven, that means partnering with them. Wohven t-shirts are uniquely designed by a new artist every single month.

As a company, the core ethos of this Shopify store is to strive to produce the products responsibly, while offering their customers quality goods at fair prices. Nonetheless, it’s not just Wohven that are passionate about their garments and their designs. Naturally, the t-shirt designers are pretty psyched about this too.

When it comes to subscription websites such as this one, customers can receive a new t-shirt every month that displays a unique graphic. This subscription service is currently available for $15.00 per month.

Wohven can also send their customers a blank t-shirt every month in the colour of their choice. This subscription service is currently available for $9.00 per month.

For customers who change their mind like they change their… t-shirt, they can change their shirt shade preference at any time. Plus, there are two styles available within each subscription package. So if a crew neck or v-neck is your thing, guys you’d better head to Wohven and join the other 15% of customers that already have multiple Shopify subscriptions with this business.

Subscription Website - Wohven

Verve Coffee Roasters

That's right, we're not quite done with the coffee-based subscription websites just yet.

Verve came to be through the union of surf, sweat and love for life. In 2007, Verve founders (Ryan and Colby) built their first Verve cafe on 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz California. Today. Verve can be found in many locations and cities around the world.

From the new shop locations of; Los Angeles, San Francisco and Japan, the roots of Verve remain planted in Santa Cruz, as the business began by the surf of the rugged Californian coast.

Verve Coffee Roasters has created a much easier way for customers to get their coffee fix. All customers visiting this Shopify store have to do is select their coffee type and their preferred delivery frequency for a freshly roasted bag of coffee to appear on their doorstep.

A subscription to Verve will allow its customers to customise their orders with a pay-as-you-go mentality. Like many of the Shopify subscription websites featured within today’s article, Verve Coffee Roasters will ship orders to schedule so that coffee lovers will never have to run out of coffee ever again. Ah, that's bliss.

But wait, before you take that first sip of your cup of Joe, we have to mention Verve’s gift-based Shopify subscription service and you’ve guessed it. You can give the gift of coffee to your loved ones or friends. So, if you know any coffee fanatics out there, you can give the best coffee subscription with a customised order and a personalised note.

If you’re a Shopify store looking for new ideas of how to up your online strategies, take note of Verve because they experienced a 113% growth in subscribers during the first 6-months of their eCommerce store launch.

Subscription Website - Verve Coffee Roasters

Darn Good Yarn

Remember when we said subscription websites can suit a variety of niches? Here's another example of how this strategy works for a team that thinks outside of the box.

At Darn Good Yarn their goal is to create a better world by doing things the right way and as we can all appreciate, doing things the right way isn’t necessarily the easiest option. However, in a world of short-cuts and cookie-cutter experiences, at Darn Good Yarn, the business belief is that when you slow down to build, sustainable communities are created.

There are special stories of hard work, love and creativity wrapped into everything that this Shopify store does. From the artisan to the person who packs the orders, Darn Good Yarn is fueled by infusing ‘good’ into all parts of the company.

After moving over to Shopify subscriptions and utilising the ReCharge subscription app, the brand saw a 1300% growth in its subscribers within the first year, which equated to 4000+ new subscribers in total and that’s awesome!

Subscription Website - Darn Good Yarn


We've seen a lot of impressive subscription websites already within today's guide, but Battlbox offers its website visitors a choice between four packages, but if they are not sure which one to choose, Battlbox is sure that they can find the right one for their customers. Of course, customers can always change or cancel their Shopify subscription at any time.

The choices of plans on this subscription website are as follows:

The Basic plan begins at $29.99 per month. This Shopify subscription has been designed for those who are just starting with the great outdoors. Customers will receive hand-selected items, such as; manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear and survival tools.

The advanced Shopify subscription package is $59.99 a month, designed specifically with the gear junkie in mind. This subscription contains everything from the Basic plan, alongside higher value items such as; equipment, hiking essentials, bushcraft, EDC gear and more.

The Pro subscription plan is $109.99 a month and this has been specially designed for professional outdoorsmen and survival minded individuals. Customers will receive everything from the previous two levels from the Basic and Advanced plans, as well as top-tier products such as; sleeping bags, backpacks, watches, and tents.

Last, but by no means least is the Pro Plus plan which retails for $159.99 per month. This is designed for the outdoors enthusiast and big spender. This is Battlbox's bestseller, as 40% of the brand’s customers have currently opted in for this service.

Everything from the below levels is included within this Shopify subscription plan, as well as brands like; TOPS, Kershaw, Spyderco, CRKT, Gerber, Bastion and others. We’d say that this must be a huge appeal for Battlbox customers to stay on board, as the average lifespan of a customer for this business is 185 days and what’s awesome is that their website reaches 100,000 new visitors each month so that’s their next customer base rolling in right there.

Subscription Website - Battlbox

Pusheen Box

The Pusheen Box is brought to you by Culturefly. Pop culture is more than just a fad. It's a way of living and a way of communicating. It is also a way of bringing communities together by reinforcing the idea that there is never a wrong way to express yourself.

The Cat Kit (for cats) and Pusheen Box (for people) is officially licensed quarterly Shopify subscription box packages that can be pre-ordered for the season ahead.

So how does it work? All customers will need to do when browsing this Shopify site is select a subscription box either for themselves or their cat. Then, pick a plan that is right for you. Naturally, it is a better value service if the customer opts in for the annual Shopify subscription plan, as opposed to paying for each season’s delivery on a single box basis.

This approach to being different from subscription websites has enabled Pusheen Box to reach a high, witnessing 2400 customers subscribe to a Shopify subscription box in one day and 36% of users love the brand so much that they signed up for the annual plan.

Subscription Website - Pusheen Box

Primal Blueprint

The next of today's subscription websites is Primal Blueprint, a business that enables its customers to discover how amazingly simple and fun lifelong wellness can be. As a business, this subscription website provides a complete diet, exercise and lifestyle philosophy alongside various products, services and community support to help their customers enjoy weight loss, vibrant health and boundless energy.

This Shopify subscription website has jumped onto the smart revolution of offering a large percentage of its inventory for a subscription. Currently, there are 47 subscription products available to purchase via the Primal Blueprint website. This means that selected products can be bought with a one-time purchase, or the customer can subscribe and save 10% on their new subscription plan.

The delivery frequency can range from 1 month to 3 months. Alongside this, customers will be notified before each shipment is sent as a reminder so that they can skip, pause or cancel the next scheduled delivery at any point.

Subscription Website - Primal Blueprint

Clearly Filtered

The Clearly Filtered journey began back in 2011 with the belief that water shouldn't contain harmful chemicals, toxic heavy metals, or any other form of contamination and quite frankly, we agree.

This philosophy has led to the development of one of the most advanced filtration technologies and subscription websites in the world. So, Clearly Filtered is on a mission to provide its audience with the tools to take control of their water and live healthier lives.

It's a lot easier to remove contaminants from water as opposed to removing disease once it has entered the body and that is why they are so passionate about filtration. No one should have to worry about whether their tap water is truly clean. With Clearly Filtered, customers won’t have to.

Their subscription service is pretty simple. Website visitors will be allowed to enjoy the cleanest water with replacement filters that can be delivered straight to their door. Customers who opt for this deal will save 10% off every filter with no strings attached.

Once customers have seized the chance to try and test Clearly Filtered for themselves, it’s time to turn one time buyers into subscribers with a premium filtration system. Within minutes, customers will receive an email to activate their account and set up their subscription.

Then, the customer is in complete control of what happens next. Once they have activated their account, all they have to do is log in to update their information, pause, skip or adjust their selected shipping frequency, oh and they can cancel at any time too.

Lastly, customers who subscribe will automatically save 10% on every shipment and receive free shipping in the US. No long-term commitment, surprises, or hidden fees are on the agenda here. Just straight up, clean water. Now that’s what we like to call crystal clear, but what’s even more clear is that Clearly Filtered is onto something here, as their subscription strategy has resulted in 50% of new customers converting to VIP plans.

Subscription Website - Clearly Filtered

Fresh Clean Tees

In 2015, husband and wife (Matthew and Melissa Parvis) founded Fresh Clean Tees, bringing their vision of creating quality men's basics to life. Their business ethos is centred around helping men to look and feel good in the clothes that they wear and we know that subscription websites like this have proven to be a massive hit.

With a no-frills approach, Fresh Clean Tees deliver comfortable and affordable styles straight to the front door of their customers so that men can go forth and explore, combat, conquer and live life to the fullest.

How does their Shopify subscription strategy work? Well, customers will be asked to select from the members-only 3-packs, 5-packs, or available single tees. Then, subscribers will receive styles at the best pricing. There’s a bonus for those living within the US, as free shipping is promised on every order. Customers can then swap their pack, skip a month or add more items from within the member portal.

Should customers choose to subscribe and save money through a monthly Shopify subscription, exclusive access will also be given for new shirt releases and limited edition colour options.

Subscription Website - Fresh Clean Tees


As Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer where subscription websites are concerned, Lookfantastic is the ultimate destination for all beauty needs. Supplying over 22,000 products with complimentary worldwide shipping to over 200 countries, this ecommerce bombshell is exploding with success, since becoming the online partner of choice for leading brands such as; MAC, Kérastase and Yves Saint Laurent.

With a portfolio of over 660 premium brands onsite, revenue has shown a growth rate of 40% year after year over the past 4 years, making Lookfantastic one of the most successful beauty websites in the world.

Unrivalled in technology, this savvy team of world-class experts have created over 30 localised sites in as many languages, which have attracted over 10 million visits every month in 2017 alone. At this stage, you won’t need us to spell this out, but we’re pretty sure that these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to their sales strategy and for Lookfantastic, that means evolving into a subscription website.

Currently, Lookfantastic offers its customers the chance to subscribe to monthly beauty boxes. Customers can choose to subscribe to a 3-month rolling plan which will equate to £10.00 per box. Plus the customer will also receive free delivery with this offer. After the first box has been purchased, each box thereafter will cost £14.50 and in total the customer will save £6.00.

The 6-month rolling plan offers customers their first box at £10.00 also, whilst making customers eligible for free delivery. After the first delivery, each month’s box will be charged at £13.75, giving the customer saving of £11.25.

The third and final plan is considered the best value. This is a 12-month rolling plan. Each box is marketed at £10.00 for a first time purchase, and just like the other plans, the customer will receive free delivery. However, each box purchased will be charged £13.00 a month. This means that the customer will make a saving of £27.00 in total.

Subscription Website - Lookfantastic

Glossy Box

As a business, Glossy Box sales thrive on the monthly box subscriptions which are distributed to their customers. For £11.75 per month, beauty enthusiasts can enjoy an aesthetically wrapped package that contains 5 surprise products which have a collective retail price of over £50.00 for 12 months. In a year, the customer will save £18.00.

There is of course an introductory subscription which is perfect for those who are new to Glossy Box and want to try out this service for themselves, which is a great tip for Shopify stores looking to get started with a subscription model.

Glossy Box offers newcomers the opportunity to sign up for the 1-month rolling subscription plan, which is super flexible and can be cancelled at any time. However, many customers either opt for or end up converting to the 12-month subscription plan, due to the savings and fantastic product value.

A Shopify subscription box strategy is a fantastic way to lure and keep customers, because not only is the product great value, but the prospect of discovering new brands is hugely appealing for beauty lovers alike.

Some products within the box will be sample size, whereas others are not, but this is how Glossy Box maintains the low retail cost compared to other subscription websites for each monthly box and their customers do not seem to mind one bit.

Subscription Website - Glossybox


Did you know that BirchBox was officially the UK’s first beauty box subscription service? It was this very idea that became the brainchild of two friends with a desire to create a better way to shop for beauty products online.

Together, they designed an experience that allows its customers to try a range of beauty products at home, before going on to purchase the products that they love via the online shop. Each month, subscribers of BirchBox discover the very best of beauty, which has been personalised to their wants and needs.

BirchBox subscribers receive five beauty treats personalised to skin type, hair type and personal style. Inside the business to door package, customers will discover an introductory menu, which will help them to learn a little more about the products they are using.

For those who want to dip their toes in the pool of all things beauty, customers can choose between four subscription plans. The first is the monthly plan which retails for £13.95. This is a no-commitment option for those who have a peaked curiosity to see what BirchBox is all about.

The next is a 3-monthly subscription plan for £38.85, which is billed once in a 3-month interval. The 6-month plan retails for £74.75, which is rebilled within a 6-month time frame. Last but not least is the yearly subscription which retails for £145.40 and this is billed once every 12 months.

Delivery is included within all of the subscription plan prices and what's more, is that customers can give a subscription plan to a friend or loved one as a gift if they want to.

On select months, BirchBox allows the subscriber to receive a gift alongside their subscription box depending on their current plan. Today, BirchBox has offices in the UK, USA, and Spain, and has more than 4 million subscribers and customers around the world, so they must be doing something right with their subscription website strategy up against the other subscription websites out there.

Subscription Website - Birchbox


As we're coming close to the end of today's guide that features subscription websites, we can't over look one of the best food stores out there.

HelloFresh is a weekly subscription service that is centred around sending out individually customised food boxes to its customers. Consumers can choose their favourite dishes from a menu of 31 recipes. So, whether the order is for 2, 3 or 4 people, HelloFresh fans can choose either 3, 4 or 5 recipes to be delivered within their next food delivery.

Each week, customers will receive simple step-by-step recipes complete with nutritional information and fresh, pre-measured ingredients. So the old “what’s for dinner” question can finally be answered, without any hesitation.

Subscription Website - Hello Fresh


At Boundless, their products aren’t manufactured on the idea of perfection, but realism. That’s why their snacks are made with real ingredients because they taste good and do good for you too. Healthy by nature, bold by flavour, Boundless as a business is all about activation and we can't get enough of subscription websites like this.

In short, high fibre foods such as nuts and seeds contain a substance called phytic acid. Phytic acid then binds to minerals, such as; iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and manganese while reducing their absorption rate.

In light of this, Boundless has made it its mission to reduce levels of phytic acid so that the bioavailability of nutrients and the nutritional value of these foods will be increased. As we’re sure that you can imagine, activation can be pretty time consuming, and a little tricky to get right so, that’s where Boundless bags of seeds and nuts come in.

Products across this particular subscription website are available to purchase either one-time only or as a subscription-based product. The delivery frequency can range from once every 7, 14, 30 or 45 days. Subscribers will save 10% off of their order every time they make a purchase which makes it a great example for Shopify subscription stores to follow.

Subscription Website - Boundless

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