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Hello 👋 We're Karmoon

Karmoon is a London-based Shopify agency that is driven by one-core passion - to help businesses succeed on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Our team of freelance developers, designers, creatives and all-round Shopify experts partner with ambitious brands to expand the capabilities of ecommerce through innovative Shopify development.

As a Shopify agency, our core focus has always been streamlined towards the design, development and evolution of stores on Shopify and Shopify Plus and we do this exceptionally well.

We believe that Karmoon is one of the best Shopify agencies around. After all, we are world-renowned experts with a laser-focused eye.

Looking to Hire a Shopify Agency?

Trusted by both small and large brands looking to scale and thrive, Shopify is a reliable and secure solution for online stores to meet their fullest potential and Karmoon is the stepping stone that helps businesses get there.

Our passionate Shopify experts are devoted to you, your goals, your growth and your business.

We achieve these things by building creative and engaging shopping experiences that customers will enjoy time and time again.

With over 7 years of Shopify expertise under our belts, we are constantly evolving our expertise so that we can continue to be one of the best Shopify agencies that merchants can call on.

So, if you're looking to hire a UK-leading Shopify agency, you'll be in safe hands with Karmoon's London-based team.

Shopify Design Mobile First

7 Years of Shopify Expertise

As you’d expect, Karmoon didn’t just jump straight from cradle to Shopify, as every Shopify agency worth its salt will have a steep learning history.

Karmoon's experience with Shopify has developed over the past 7 years collectively, but before we came together as a studio of Shopify experts, each member walked their path, gaining unique experience in the world of ecommerce.

We're London-Based

As a London-based Shopify agency, much of our client base resides in the city and the surrounding areas of Hertfordshire and Essex.

Our team of Shopify experts have also had the privilege of working with clients and agencies in high-profile locations such as; New York, Dublin and Dubai.

For us, this is the beauty of working online, as we can collaborate with anyone, anywhere!

Unbound by Red Tape

Our freelance Shopify developers are unbound by red tape, which means that there are no restrictions on where we should focus our time and our skills.

Bouncing from one project to another is something that we rely on to keep ideas fresh and this ultimate flexibility is what keeps each of our creative projects rolling.

We work closely with our clients to help achieve their goals. That’s what Karmoon delivers.

London Office

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