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The Freshdesk Service Desk For Ecommerce

The Freshdesk Service Desk For Ecommerce

7th February 2022
7 Minute Read

Have you heard of the Freshdesk service desk - a cloud-based customer service software, designed with support teams in mind?


Written by Madeleine

7th February 2022
7 Minute Read

Freshdesk Service Desk 💬

If you’re looking to provide an exceptional customer experience for your store’s visitors, we just might know of the perfect solution.

Have you heard of the Freshdesk service desk - a cloud-based customer service software, designed with support teams in mind?

No? Well, don’t worry if that's the case, because you’re in the right place to learn more, as today's guide is going to be dedicated to the solution and its role within an online store.

What Is Retail Customer Service? 🤝

If you already own an ecommerce business, you won’t need us to tell you how important it is to provide exceptional customer support.

However, if you’re brushing up on the ins and outs of online success, we're going to run through a brief explanation of retail customer service:

See, when customers choose to purchase from an online store, they may have questions about the product(s) on which they have set their sights on.

So, it’s only logical to expect that eager shoppers will reach out to the customer support team for assistance before the purchase is completed.

Note: Businesses within this sector will often receive queries in regards to; shipping fees, return policies and product sizing.

The Ecommerce Assistant: Freshdesk Service Desk

At Freshdesk, the goal is to deliver exceptional customer support and satisfaction, which is why this solution works with ecommerce and retail businesses to delight consumers across the globe.

See, the Freshdesk service desk exists so that companies can communicate with browsers at every step of the customer journey, should shoppers choose to reach out to a member of support via; email, Facebook or Twitter.

These forms of communication work well for ecommerce stores, but sometimes, customers will prefer to receive an instant answer by communicating with the company via an onsite live chat feature.

Nonetheless, no matter what the mode of communication may be, online browsers will expect a member of support to acknowledge their inquiry with a response within a reasonable time frame which reads something along the lines of “We have received your ticket and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.”

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look into the role that the Freshdesk service desk provides when assisting online stores on the web:

N0.1: Manage Multiple Channels of Support

The Freshdesk API is a powerful software that contains all of the features that merchants would require to provide shoppers with a seamless multi-channel customer service experience.

N0.2: Answer Customer Queries from One Place

Freshdesk is widely used by businesses to manage customer conversations and solve queries quickly which has been made possible by streamlining all queries into a single inbox.

As a result, the single inbox eliminates delayed responses, enabling retailers to stay on top of a vast array of; email, onsite and social media requests.

N0.3: Prioritise Tweets with Freshdesk API

It can be overwhelming for support teams to identify the tweets that require support before responding to them, but by using social signals, merchants can automatically access the tweets that should be prioritised.

To do this, the Freshdesk API works its way through all content before converting each actionable tweet into a ticket so that members of support can respond within a short time frame.

N0.4: Automate Customer Follow-Ups

Additionally, the Freshdesk API utilises automation to categorise and prioritise all support tickets for customer service teams, meaning that notifications and ticket statuses are often sent out automatically to maintain customer satisfaction.

N0.5: Build an Extensive Knowledge Base

Retailers can also set up a knowledge base with the Freshdesk API through FAQs and articles so that shoppers can locate information without having to reach out and get in touch.

We’d suggest taking advantage of your store’s community forum(s) to share announcements concerning coupon codes and upcoming offers.

N0.6: Collaborate Seamlessly

The Freshdesk API is a fantastic way for ecommerce stores to collaborate with members of a team across one organisation to provide answers for inquisitive shoppers within a short time frame.

Note: It is recommended that Team Huddle is used within Freshdesk to chat with team members within customer ticket inquiries.

N0.7: Monitor The Helpdesk With Reports

As we’re sure you’ll know, ecommerce support teams will need to keep track of specific metrics such as the first response time and average resolution time.

Furthermore, with Freshdesk custom insights, retailers can access these numbers in real-time without having to wade through a bulk of data.

N0.8: Provide Global Enterprise-Class Support

The Freshdesk service desk also supplies online stores with the perfect solution to customer service and support.

So, once the solution has been implemented, retailers will receive enterprise-class functionality at affordable price points.

Furthermore, customers will also be supported locally and/ or globally across multiple; products, languages and time zones.

Integrating Freshdesk with Shopify 🖱️

Did you know that stores on Shopify can be integrated with Freshdesk? That’s right, customer information such as order details and payment failures can be brought forward into one easy to manage platform.

With the Freshdesk service desk Shopify integration, retailers on Shopify can refresh an entire help desk experience by making it easier to; discover, install and manage applications with ease.

We would recommend incorporating applications such as FreshBooks and Mailchimp into your Shopify store to bring further context and information to Freshdesk.

Additionally, customer information such as order history and previous support requests are contextual pieces of information that can assist online stores to enrich their customer experience further.

Integrating Freshdesk’s help desk software with Shopify saves merchants the chore of going back and forth when it comes to providing customer assistance in effortless yet meaningful ways.

As a result, we believe that the Freshdesk service desk is the perfect solution for stores on Shopify to provide friendly and proficient customer service.

Ready To Give The Freshdesk Service Desk A Spin?

If you are ready to take advantage of one of the best retail customer service tools on the web, unlock the potential of Freshdesk's powerful helpdesk solution.

Start your 21-day free trial with no strings attached. So, click the link provided to take advantage of this simplistic, intuitive and affordable customer support software.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out and let us know what your thoughts are on the Freshdesk service desk.

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