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Improving Shopify Customer Support With Gorgias

Improving Shopify Customer Support With Gorgias

25th August 2021
8 Minute Read

In need of further Shopify customer support for your online store? is the handy help desk built with Shopify merchants in mind.


Written by Madeleine

25th August 2021
8 Minute Read

Shopify Customer Support 💬

In need of further Shopify customer support for your online store? Gorgias is the handy help desk built with Shopify merchants in mind. With Gorgias, store owners can instantly connect to Shopify in under a minute, providing agents with a customer and order history at their fingertips.

Who’s Gorgias?

Gorgias is used daily by over 7,000 businesses to provide amazing customer experiences simply by utilising Shopify data smartly. Gorgias knows how to make the most of what they've got and they want to show online businesses that they can do this too. It’s time to stop asking for the information that you already have and instead, use it wisely for the greater good of your business.

How Does Gorgias Provide Shopify Customer Support? 🤷

For the merchants that have already chosen their side, this is what the Gorgias helpdesk provides:

Customer Order History: Thanks to the Gorgias helpdesk, merchants can view a full customer order history as they close a ticket which ensures speed and accuracy. So say goodbye to switching between tabs and cutting and pasting. We're pleased to say that these are now elements of the past.

Personalisation at Scale: Gorgias makes it easy to insert customer data provided by Shopify. From the first name of the customer to their shipping address, relevant information will be inserted directly into each customer interaction. Ultimately, this is an automatic and more accurate way of achieving a positive and personal customer experience.

Customer Engagement: With Gorgias, online businesses can engage with their customers before they have even stepped foot on your Shopify store. This can be achieved by responding to potential customers who inquire about your business and its products via social media ads/ posts. By doing this, businesses can increase their sales and ad effectiveness by the equivalent of a 5% increase in ad-spend.

Update Orders with Gorgias: Should merchants need to update a shipping address or issue a partial refund to their customers, this has been made possible directly within Gorgias. Shopify store owners can even create and send a draft order without opening a new tab or window. How handy is that?

Automate Common Tasks: From looking up the most recent orders to sending out an update for the most common questions asked, Gorgias makes it easy to automate up to 20% of a business’ customer support tasks.

Detect What Customers Want: Gorgias uses advanced machine learning to detect every single intent and sentiment of each message. By doing this, the handy tool can learn an awful lot about; tracking updates, return policies and urgency which is ultimately how they help online businesses to set priorities and categorise tickets.

Key Features of Gorgias for Shopify Customer Support

If you’ve been a little bit stuck on how to get your business over the hurdle of providing excellent Shopify customer support and care, the Gorgias solution is an ideal option for store owners who want to achieve better and do more for their audience, while turning their brand into a profit centre in the process.

Gorgias is a one-way path to enhancing the support offered by your Shopify store. So, if that has turned your head, you’ll be excited to learn more about the key features available for the Shopify stores that have integrated Gorgias into their master plan:

Live Chat: With the Gorgias helpdesk, Shopify merchants will be able to talk to their website visitors in real-time via live chat, which is a proven method of increasing a website’s conversion rate. Businesses can also trigger live chat campaigns based on the URL to engage in conversation automatically with ease, which means that this feature will be able to provide website visitors with a personalised shopping experience, no matter where they are in the world.

Centralised Customer Communication: To all the stores that have always wanted to centralise customer communication, you’ll be pleased to know that with Gorgias, now you can! All forms of communication are stored in one place in the Gorgias helpdesk so, you can go ahead and connect your business’ social media accounts, email addresses, contact numbers and ticket responses without the fear of overlooking any form of communication.

Social Media Posts/ Ads: Never again will your business miss an opportunity to sell on social media. Gorgias allows merchants to easily integrate their Facebook, Messenger, and/ or Instagram account(s), which means that comments from posts and ads can also be responded to in one place.

Macros: Always wanted to create template answers to respond faster to the most common and repetitive questions? Yeah, we thought so. What a relief it must be for you to know that you can write a message once with custom data variables and save it as a ‘macro’ to reuse it later when you need it most?

Automated Answers: Gorgias provides Shopify customer support, as merchants on the platform will be allowed to create rules that handle common questions like "Where's my order?" By combining rules and macros, online stores can automate up to 20% of support tickets with highly personalised answers. Meaning that inquisitive customers will find the answers that they are looking for.

Intent and Sentiment Detection: The Gorgias helpdesk uses machine learning to detect customer intents such as; shipping, refund, exchange alongside many others, but what’s great for store owners is that they will be able to set up automatic replies and route tickets with tags.

Support and Revenue Metrics: Every successful business plan needs statistics and data to work with and Gorgias comes through with the metrics when it comes to tracking; ticket volume, response time and resolution time. This solution is one way to fine-tune your revenue strategies with stats on pre-sale tickets, converted tickets and total sales.

Multi-Store Connection: If your business is a multi-store empire, you’ll find a multi-store connection handy. Essentially, what this means is that you will be able to connect all of your Shopify Stores to Gorgias, centralising all tickets from all stores in one place.

The Gorgias helpdesk is a solution that will be fully integrated with your Shopify stack. So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect way to manage customer interactions, this ecommerce integration has already helped over 7,000 independent ecommerce brands provide an outstanding customer service experience.

We here at Karmoon are proud to be a certified partner agency of Gorgias. Gorgias works with Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce marketing agencies across the world and our team are one of them.

We’re here to help you with your web design and development needs via Shopify and Shopify Plus. If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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