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Increase Sales Revenue on Shopify with Octane AI

Increase Sales Revenue on Shopify with Octane AI

4th February 2022
8 Minute Read

Octane AI: Quiz Growth Tools is the best storefront app on Shopify’.


Written by Madeleine

4th February 2022
8 Minute Read

Introducing Octane AI 🤓

Do you send everyone on your recipient list the same welcome series and email campaigns? If the answer is yes, it’s time to shake up your approach with quiz data to segment campaigns and flows.

Just imagine being able to send personalised communications based on the individual's 'likely to purchase' products, services and reasons for shopping.

Well, with Octane AI, all things are possible - Octane AI: Quiz Growth Tools is the best storefront app on Shopify, as the application earned itself the name of ‘Shopify Commerce Award Winner’.

The all-in-one product quiz and zero-party data platform is the number one way for merchants to increase their sales revenue with personalisation. So, now that we’ve outlined the basics, it’s time to answer the most basic question of all:

What Is Octane AI?

Octane AI is the zero-party data marketing platform that is designed to increase conversion rates by collecting zero-party data via the Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-ups.

These features work to personalise the shopping experience at every touchpoint for online visitors. Whether this may be via; a website, email, ads, SMS or Facebook Messenger, Octane AI will have your back.

The solution is so credible that it is trusted by Shopify to power their store's Shop Quiz. Additionally, the application is utilised by thousands of leading merchants such as; Skinny Mixes, Glamnetic, Ben Hogan Golf, Polysleep and CYSM.

If that wasn’t enough, Octane AI is also the only certified Shopify Plus technology out there for quizzes and Messenger and it is GDPR & TCPA compliant too.

How To Increase Sales Revenue on Shopify? 📈

Octane AI makes it easy for brands on Shopify to; create quizzes, recommend the perfect product(s) and sync data to marketing platforms without the knowledge or experience of coding required.

Let’s take a quick look at the application’s core process:

N0.1: Collect Consumer Data

The purpose of collecting consumer data is to be able to get to know every consumer that visits your store.

It’s important to ask your audience relevant questions to discover why each user is surfing your store.

For instance; Why are they shopping? What is their goal? What's their email and phone number? What do you need to know about them to recommend the perfect product? We could go on, but we think you get the idea.

To do this, you’re going to need an outlet. So, it’s time to build a product quiz with the assistance of Octane AI which can be featured prominently on-site, or within a pop-up.

N0.2: Time To Personalise

Octane AI can also be used to recommend the right product, to the right customer, for the right reasons, based on how each user answers your quiz.

For instance, let’s say that your store offers skincare products, it’s fair to assume that not all consumers will be shopping for the same reasons.

Some may be looking for products that will help to mattify their skin, whereas others may have concerns about keeping wrinkles at bay. So, it's important to know what consumers are looking for and the reason behind their search.

With Octane AI significant data can be uncovered from browsers visiting your website which can be used to personalise communication strategies, whilst adding further value to product recommendations.

N0.3: Convert & Retain

Octane AI also enables merchants on Shopify to leverage data for advanced segmentation across owned and paid marketing channels such as; the website, email, ads, SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Octane AI: Shop Quiz

So, now it’s time to break the functionalities of the application down even further by separating its core characteristics into four categories, beginning with the Shop Quiz feature.

In a nutshell, Octane AI operates to collect detailed zero-party data to power deeper personalisation, whilst providing intelligent product recommendations.

This means that merchants will be able to:

Learn more about their site visitors with unlimited; quizzes, surveys, questions and logic branches.

Increase conversion rates with personalised product and bundle recommendations.

Improve AOVs with add (and add all) to cart from results pages.

Grow a marketing list and append it with detailed preference data.

Improve email and SMS ROI by syncing data to Klaviyo.

Improve ROAS by using data to create segmented lookalike audiences and retarget specific groups.

Octane AI: Conversational Pop-ups 🖱️

If you’re wondering how to increase sales revenue with the application, another method utilises the creation of speedy opt-ins, conversions and data collections.

Additionally, the conversational pop-up feature allows merchants to:

Collect further data and opt-ins by asking a simple question in exchange for a discount.

Deliver personalised product recommendations within the pop-up.

Increase conversion rates via the add to cart feature within the pop-up.

Easily set up and deploy within minutes.

Note: Octane AI delivers a collection of; regular pop-ups, Messenger opt-ins, Facebook ads and more to enable stores on Shopify to capture shoppers and convert them into email, Messenger and/ or SMS subscribers.

Octane AI: Facebook Messenger & SMS

Octane AI’s Facebook Messenger and SMS feature operate just like email marketing, but with much higher open rates.

Therefore with the assistance of this feature, Shopify stores can:

Recover revenue with cart and browse abandonment flows.

Strengthen trust with order and shipping notifications.

Grow engagement with pre-and post-purchase flows.

Decrease support response times with AI-driven Smart Responses, onsite and with Facebook Messenger.

Octane AI: Better Decisions 👌

Octane AI also provides detailed analytics for each piece of the platform, such as:

Conversion rates.


Average order value (AOV).

The number of purchases.

Engagement and drop off rates.

A/B testing.

Shopify and Application Integrations

The team at Octane AI are firm believers that data shouldn’t be siloed which is why the solution has been created to function seamlessly alongside; email, subscription, customer support, and paid media platforms.

Furthermore, the application integrates with the likes of; Klaviyo, Facebook Messenger, Privy, Remaze, Facebook, Yotpo, Gorgias, Recharge, Justuno and Zapier.

Ready To Get Started? 🙌

If you’re wondering how to get started with the application, we’re pleased to say that the solution walks hand in hand with a 14-day free trial with Shopify.

Equally, retailers can get in touch with the team at Octane AI directly to receive a personalised demo and ROI analysis for their business.

It's important to note that customised services and pricing options are available for larger stores on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

So, what are your thoughts on increasing sales revenues Octane AI? Reach out and let us know.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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If you're actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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