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Best Shopify Theme Designs for Large Stores

Best Shopify Theme Designs for Large Stores

29th September 2021
15 Minute Read

Today’s article is going to be a dedicated guide to the 5 best Shopify theme designs for the larger inventory stores on the platform.


Written by Madeleine

29th September 2021
15 Minute Read

Best Shopify Theme Designs 🖥️

Nowadays, it’s not enough for online merchants to sit and contemplate success with their fingers crossed. In 2021, businesses that make it to the top shelf are strategically planning and analysing every move they make in the hope that they will uncover the route that will lead to success.

However, there’s no sense in getting too comfortable even once it has been found, as once customers have been attained, it is the job of a merchant to be reckoned with to continue meeting the needs of their customers, maintaining the audience acquired.

It’s an ongoing process, but as the world of ecommerce continues to become more and more competitive, brands must stay at the top of their game with a great plan of execution ready for deployment. Of course, there are many fundamental aspects of a great business strategy, but we believe that it’s just as important to look closer to home than it is to look at third party marketing channels and outlets for success.

You’ve all heard the saying happiness starts at home right? Well in the case of a business, happiness is like a brand with successful stats, but top merchants don’t become victorious by sitting on their hands. They go over every single aspect of their business model with a fine-tooth comb and look for areas where improvements, tweaks and changes can be made.

In short, fine-tuning is what any savvy merchant will frequently put into practice and what part of an ecommerce store is better to take a further look at than that of a business website? In light of this, today’s article is going to be a dedicated guide to the 5 best Shopify theme designs for the larger inventory stores on the web that are serious about levelling up their business.

If you’re experienced in the world of ecommerce, you will know that many themes can be found across the web for retail stores. However, it’s not always an easy task to find a theme to accommodate the growing needs of a business as there are so many options on the market for merchants to choose from.

Whether you’re searching for a theme that features; multi-level menus, pre-built content or a parallax scrolling effect, these Shopify themes will feature all of these elements and more as they are ideally suited for the stores with large inventories. So, stick with us as we walk through the best Shopify theme design options for growing companies on the platform:

N0.1: Pacific

The Pacific theme by Pixel Union has been designed specifically for the brands that have large inventories in mind, which is why this Shopify template has made it into today’s guide.

Pacific’s design and layout will allow merchants on Shopify to position essential elements in blocks which will make it super easy for stores to manage their content by adding and removing elements to or from a palette.

With the Pacific theme at a merchant's disposal, online retailers will not only be able to incorporate and feature products with large image files whilst providing their ever-growing brand website with the design and functionality that it deserves.

For the merchants who are looking for the best Shopify theme which is capable of utilising content blocks of different natures without compromising a page’s layout, Pacific would be a wonderful choice.

Moreover, this Shopify template will provide merchants with a live Instagram feed which is a wonderful way to bring new customers on board using the power of such an influential social media grid. Alongside this, store owners will find that they can incorporate a variety of social media icons onto their website layout to ensure that their existing social media accounts are playing a crucial role in the brand’s market outreach.

One thing that we love about the Pacific theme is its usability for the merchant, as the design’s pre-built home page makes the whole process a breeze. We admire the theme’s easy navigation and aesthetic which makes it struggle free for users to find their way around a store via the sidebar menu and multi-columns.

Interestingly, merchants can use Pacific to create unique modular blocks which can be useful for; blogs, testimonials and recommended products. Furthermore, retailers can showcase their best products on the home page and we’d recommend placing any visual features such as a full-width video in a central position for the ultimate eye-catching effect.

Aside from this, Pacific also comes with pre-determined styles and templates that have been curated especially for the stores that have large inventories. So, this characteristic is the central focus of these designs.

Ultimately, we here at Karmoon believe that Pacific is a very responsive theme that caters for shoppers using small-screen devices and if a brand is beginning to grow its inventory, online stores will find the design’s pre-built content handy to provide their business with a head start.

Note:The Pacific Shopify theme is available in four presets ranging from; Bold, Warm, Bright and Cool.


N0.2: ShowTime

Next, is ShowTime, the Shopify template that is known for supporting a variety of large inventory merchandise. This theme is mobile-friendly meaning that merchants will not have to worry about how their site’s layout and functionality will play out depending on the device that a user is surfing their store from.

Additionally, ShowTime is super easy to use and the best part about this theme is that retailers will not need to learn, edit or write any form of code to promote their products, making the theme easy to manage and maintain by everyday business people.

ShowTime has a multi-level menu where various collections can be displayed alongside a home page grid that will enable retailers to publish their large inventory in style. Additionally, video content can be published via product pages so that customers can gather valuable insight into what a particular brand has to offer.

This layout is one of the best Shopify theme designs for merchants who want to show a product quick view element to browsing customers. Essentially, a product quick view element is a grid popup that makes it easier for the customer to receive access to detailed information without leaving the current page that they're viewing.

Lastly, ShowTime has an advanced filtering grid that will allow store owners and customers to choose products from the currently available collection using filtering criteria such as; product type and price.

Note:ShowTime comes in different three styles which are displayed as; CookTime, FashionTime and FurnishTime for demo purposes. This selection of designs provides retailers with a variety of options, meaning that the aesthetic of a website can change as the store’s branding modifies.


N0.3: Empire

Empire is next up on our list of the best theme designs for large inventory stores on Shopify as the layout has a simple menu design that provides customers with an easy to use layout.

With Empire, customers will find that they can move throughout a store with ease whilst browsing for specific products of choice. Should a customer check-in with a brand with no particular product in mind, Empire will encourage users to take a look around the store with its easy navigation experience.

The menu style is just one way in which we think customers will be able to find what they’re looking for as information can be accessed easily with links and product recommendations too. Additionally, Empire enables quick product purchasing, bringing the checkout process closer for the customer.

Alongside this, the quick purchase feature will save customers a lot of time when they want to check out and it’s a great way to move things along the customer journey when you have a store with a large inventory.

See, customers will always want something that they can easily understand and navigate through without much trouble and Empire is the key to this becoming a reality. Besides this, Empire has a predictive feature that displays live search results when keying in data to search for products and links. Hence how it has been made easy for customers to access the information they need wherever they are in the store.

Furthermore, this theme has an advanced product filtering section and with this, the customer can choose a product based on their pocket depth. Empire has custom promotion tiles that provide Shopify merchants with the forefront of promoting their sales on the theme and this helps stores as far as promotion fees are concerned.

Lastly, this theme supports drop-down navigation, therefore, Shopify stores can use this feature for easy product promotion. In Layman’s terms, Empire is customer-friendly and we’re wondering why all ecommerce website templates aren’t already like this? At least we can be sure of one thing, they are on Shopify.

Note:Empire boasts of its natural aesthetics via the three available styles; Supply, Graphic and Industrial.


N0.4: Kagami

Kagami is one of the best Shopify theme designs for large inventory stores to utilise due to its well-functioning layout. This format can be used to a merchant’s advantage as online stores can edit large product images themselves and with the editorial block at their disposal, any mistakes made by human error are easily spotted and rectified. In short, Kagami has a merchant’s back at all costs.

Kagami as a theme creates a one on one kind of interaction with the digital users who visit a store, as feedback sections integrate perfectly within this layout and as we’re sure you all know, the feedback feature is a great way for businesses to note what customers think about a certain product or service. If there’s room for improvement, the feedback in the comments section is where store owners and browsing customers will find this information.

We should make it clear that no matter what the comments say in the feedback section, the data here will be a win for your business. Customers will either be going mad for a product/ service and won’t want you to change a thing, or you can take their feedback and use this information to create the perfect product or service.

Just like many of the designs on the Shopify Theme Store, retailers can connect their social media accounts from Kagami and link them to the Kagami theme to increase their market span and sales generated.

Furthermore, Kagami has two menu options that equip merchants to display their products on one side, whilst scrolling down and exploring other features or other collections on the opposite side. This layout is achieved without forcing the user to leave the previous product element that they were viewing.

In this layout, retailers can edit their product images in a more fashionable grid with very high definition pictures implemented, which will be catchy to the customer’s eye.

However, we think that the most intriguing aspect of Kagami is its interactive slideshow and video elements that can be shared with followers and clients surfing the store. Is there a better way to advertise branded product collections? We don't think so.

Note:This Shopify template is available in three different formats known as; Kyoto, Baptiste and Geneve.


N0.5: Symmetry

Last but not least on our list of theme recommendations for the stores with a larger catalogue size is Symmetry. In our opinion, Symmetry is one of the best Shopify theme designs for a store with a large number of products in its inventory and it’s pretty popular where merchants are concerned due to its many great features that satisfy large inventory needs.

Setting these aspects aside, the Symmetry theme also incorporates; image layouts, customisation options and full-width slides, making its presentation extremely aesthetically pleasing for website visitors.

Furthermore, this theme features a home page that can hold products from different lines of production, which is one of the reasons why it is suitable for the stores that have large inventory demands. In other words, this theme can help retailers to publish and promote as many products as they’d like in a central position on the website.

Additionally, this theme allows online stores to create slideshows that feature the products they want to promote. So, if you’re thinking about a theme for visuals, then you should consider this seamless layout and design.

If you’re wondering what it is about the theme that makes it so deserving of all this praise, we just love how the multi-level menu makes navigation a blissful experience, meaning that digital users will be able to browse through this theme with little or no effort at all, that’s how cool it is.

Can you imagine customers buying products straight from the home page? With Symmetry, that’s how easy shopping has become and to make matters even better, this theme offers a very quick and straightforward process for customers to utilise. We don’t know about you but we can’t think of a better way to keep customers happy and with Symmetry, we’d imagine that business would be booming.

Furthermore, this theme also has a built-in Instagram feed so, merchants can link this with their store and market their products on Instagram where followers can easily see what products a brand has to offer via Instagram Shop.

Additionally, Symmetry integrates with Google location maps to promote physical stores and highlight the area(s) in which a store serves. Lastly, this theme has a customisable slide that provides merchants with an easy way to feature their products and blogs.

We’d say that the available space within this theme only helps brands to show off their products even more than Shopify’s existing features and applications. So, if you aren’t already a merchant on the platform, what are you waiting for? Sign up today for the 14-day free trial and try these themes out for yourself with a demo.

Note:This theme provides merchants with the choice of four styles as opposed to the usual three styles which can be found across designs on the Theme Store. These designs are referred to as; Chantilly, Salt Yard, Beatnik and Duke.


If you're looking for some more inspiration, check out article on the best themes built using Shopify Online Store 2.0.

So, that’s it from us for today’s article. We hope that you will find the perfect theme that you’re searching for using this guide. If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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If you're actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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