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The 8 Best Themes For Shopify Clothing Stores

The 8 Best Themes For Shopify Clothing Stores

15th September 2021
22 Minute Read

Today, we are going to walk you through the 8 best themes for the Shopify clothing stores.


Written by Madeleine

15th September 2021
22 Minute Read

Themes for Shopify Clothing Stores 👖

Selecting the perfect website theme for your ecommerce store is a crucial step in regards to the success of a business. Are you on the hunt for the right web design layout for your brand on Shopify? If the answer is yes, then you’ve clicked on the right guide.

Today, we are going to walk you through the 8 best themes for the Shopify clothing stores on the platform, as we here at Karmoon understand the importance of creating a smooth and seamless shopping experience for your customers so that they can find the desired products with ease.

Once achieved, we can say with some confidence that your business will experience a surplus of sales. So, with this in mind, we have curated a list of what we believe to be the best Shopify theme collection which is perfect for those of you who already have a fashion brand or who are eager to start an apparel-based business on the platform.

Ready to dive in? Let’s start with Mobilia:

N0.1: Mobilia

Mobilia is a clean, modern and flexible theme that has been designed with Shopify clothing stores in mind. This design allows merchants to craft excellent product pages with eccentric layouts and configurable content, opening the door to high design innovation and versatility.

Mobilia helps online stores to increase their cart conversion rates by displaying the ‘related products’ section to consumers who visit a brand’s website. The related products section often motivates digital users to shop for additional products and increase the average order value.

Additionally, this website layout enables consumers to add the products of their choosing to the cart without having to leave the current page that they are browsing. Ultimately, this provides a seamless customer experience that leaves the purchasing process uninterrupted.

If your brand needs a website that will allow the promotion of the latest sale offers and discounts at the top of the page, this layout is a fabulous option. Mobilia also enables website visitors to filter products by type, bestsellers and more via the collection page, making it easier than ever for your audience to find what they are looking for.

For the merchants who are thinking of adding blog pages and collection pages to their website, you’ll be in safe hands with Mobilia, as the Shopify theme will allow you to add multiple; menus, columns and a toggleable sidebar to make this possible.

In the world of ecommerce and fashion, the bar for interactive web design is forever rising and Mobilia has stepped into current trends by offering their customers the chance to display a full-screen video on the top of the homepage that does well to draw in customers with powerful footage of the brand's products in action.

Additionally, there is also a space where businesses can display their achievements, important announcements and so on, which can be a great selling point and strategy for the newer businesses on the block who are looking to earn the trust of their website visitors.


N0.2: Modular

The first thing that you should know about the Modular theme is that it features three styles known as; Mayfair, Hoxton and Chelsea.

Mayfair provides a modern and sleek approach to web design via the use of large images.

Hoxton takes the minimalist approach, with; plenty of white space, a beautiful header image and an excellent responsive interface incorporated into the heart of its design.

Chelsea has a fun and feminine appearance, using a grid-based presentation on the homepage for large-sized images.

In regards to the general theme features, Modular presents a 'Quick Buy' button, where customers can instantly drop items into their shopping cart without moving away from the current page.

Merchants can also enjoy a signature product grid across all styles, allowing businesses to present their hottest collections in a clear layout while incorporating as many products into that grid as they’d like.

From our perspective, we believe that the wide layout would come in super handy for the stores that need to be able to fit more content onto the homepage while remaining in keeping with the modern look that Modular incorporates.

What’s more, is that the entire Modular theme is fully optimised to support the use of large images. This means that you won’t have to sacrifice image quality for quantity by forcing your customers to squint or wonder about the details that a product entails.

A full-width Instagram feed is also included with this design, which will help online stores to accumulate further Instagram followers whilst adding a dash of creativity and flair to the brand’s website.

As you may have realised, much of the Modular theme is set up in a full-width format, which includes the homepage video module that introduces a company through a more engaging experience.

Alongside this, businesses will receive; customisable content modules, social media support, a drop-down menu as well as free stock photos to get the ball rolling.

Overall, the Modular theme is a top-notch design and layout to start a fashion business with and just like the other themes within this guide, it is downloadable from the Shopify Theme Store.


N0.3: Flow

Haven’t you heard, the Flow Shopify theme offers a minimalist design for product setup, allowing merchandise to be instantly recognisable and appealing for the customer?

Three styles are included with the Flow theme, all of which stick to the minimalist design. However, some of them might be more suitable for certain industries. Many of you who are interested in this theme will be pleased to know that this design is completely responsive for the visitors who are viewing your store across a multitude of devices.

The header module in this design includes overlaying text and a button that businesses can utilise when directing online visitors towards promotions and new products.

Additionally, the unique product grid highlights an image when the cursor hovers over a product. The product grid is displayed in a masonry style which is sure to make your store stand out from the crowd.

The promotional banner is another design characteristic that comes into play when promoting a new product or discount code. These promotions and alerts are commonly shown at the top of the page for instant customer recognition.

Furthermore, merchants will also find something called a ‘collection page sidebar’ within the Flow theme which has been designed to connect directly to all of the product collections across the store. The collection page sidebar will then showcase all listed items in a professional and sleek manner.

Needless to say, the Flow theme offers a beautiful homepage video space, which links to both YouTube and Vimeo URLs. Pair that with the slide-out cart and you’ll have an innovative way of showing customers what your products are, whilst funnelling them into the gallery and shopping cart with ease.

Like a number of the themes designed with Shopify clothing stores in mind, Flow includes an Instagram feed for collecting more followers, whilst providing customers with intriguing visuals.

Merchants will also receive bonuses such as; social media icons, drop-down navigation menus and built-in colour palettes. So, store owners will be in a position to personalise their store and make it unique to their brand.

All in all, we’d say that Flow is a stunning theme and we would highly recommend it for small to medium-sized businesses who are just getting started.

Need some help sourcing free stock photos? That’s no problem as Shopify Burst ensures that merchants have content to play with when first getting started.


N0.4: Split

We’d recommend the Split theme for the hip brands reading this article. Split is a great design of choice for businesses that have an engaging story to tell. The whole point of the theme is to use images to guide customers through the journey of the company at hand.

After that, it’s all about making customers feel at home by showcasing how the brand can assist consumers with their customer journey.

To us, the Cuber style looks like something you might see an outdoors outfitting brand utilise. However, if your brand doesn’t fall within this specific niche, don’t worry as the two other styles provide bright colours and wonderful modules for zooming in on products into the mix.

What’s cool is that the Split theme is fully optimised for extra-large images. So, this way, when awesome banners are created, you won’t be stuck with a slow site loading speed after uploading them onto your store.

Separately, we found it impressive to learn about the theme’s included testimonials section. In short, the testimonials section allows brands to share customer thoughts on the products and services offered. Showcasing glowing reviews for other website visitors could potentially further increase customer sales and conversions.

The social feed is a great component of the theme because of its ability to link with social networks such as Twitter and Instagram. Merchants can have both of those feeds up and running at one time, showcased alongside each other.

The theme also incorporates a vertical slideshow feature which has been made for a wide variety of reasons. The slideshow presents; images, products and blog posts in a vertical presentation, sticking with the sleek, stylish theme, ensuring that the customers of your brand can see the products involved.

With Split, Shopify stores can choose from two menu options, one of which has a multi-level design, while the other has a large horizontal menu offering. Other than these options, we quite like the related products module. It’s a superb option for promoting additional products when users are moving steadily through the checkout process or browsing through a specific product page.

Throw in the mobile-friendly web design layout alongside top-notch search engine optimisation and we’d say that you have the makings of an excellent Shopify theme. Wouldn’t you agree? Check out Split, via the Shopify Theme Store, using the link provided above.


N0.5: Envy

For the Shopify clothing stores that crave choices, Envy currently provides up to four styles for merchants to choose from on the Shopify Theme Store. Every style within this theme is clean and modern, making all of them useful for brands that sell anything from wedding attire to outdoor gear.

The multi-level menu offers an excellent option for assisting customer navigation sitewide. Shopify stores will also find that they can fit more items onto a navigation bar, making this function well suited for the larger stores out there.

Envy’s promotional banner allows businesses to promote their next sale, which means that swapping out promotions every week or every month can be done with ease. Additionally, from the customer’s perspective, we know all too well that the product image zoom functionality will be a popular tool amongst those who browse the website’s products, bringing the customer closer to each item offering without making a site run slower.

From our knowledge, we’d say that Envy has a wonderful slideshow feature that can be utilised by Shopify clothing stores, as large images are supported here. If your brand needs to be able to upload multiple images from its gallery and slide through to show customers multiple views, that’s not a problem with this template.

Furthermore, the theme also has a marketing popup, which might come in handy if you’d like your business to display marketing materials or announce a sale. If you go with the Envy theme your brand will gain access to a promotional banner and Instagram feed.

We think that the promotional banner would work well for when you have some sort of promotion to run, while the feed will do the trick for leading members of your audience directly to the store’s Instagram page.


N0.6: Mr Parker

As you may recall, we mentioned Mr Parker here in the journal before within our article Shopify Theme Store Templates: OS 2.0.

Mr Parker has the unique advantage of featuring collections without appearing too cluttered. If you’re interested in learning more about what this Shopify design can offer your brand, you’ll be happy to learn that four styles are provided with this theme.

Some of the available styles within the Mr Parker theme have a neutral aesthetic, whilst others are more feminine geared. As you can see from the screenshot below, the theme has a strong focus on product images and gallery layouts, as the theme is a supporter of the images that would usually slow down your website’s loading speed.

What’s great about this theme is that merchants can implement a product zoom for all of their product page’s images and the marketing popup is sure to bring more attention to the items that you are selling. For instance, the marketing popup has the option to send out certain messages to customers in regards to a promotion.

There are several ways in which merchants can make use of the theme’s characteristics to ensure the success of their business, but let’s not forget the frequently included Instagram feed feature that makes a regular appearance within the layouts designed specifically for Shopify clothing stores.

Another thing to keep your eye on when it comes to Mr Parker is its product filtering offering. It runs nicely for companies of all sizes since customers can cut down the selection based on things like product size and colour.

Finally, the Mr Parker Shopify theme includes the collection page sidebar, which acts like a dedicated space within the sidebar for showcasing product collections and rearranging them. So, what do you think? Is Mr Parker the right fit for your business? Click the link above to discover more about this particular Shopify theme.

Mr Parker

N0.7: Pipeline

The pipeline theme was a design and layout that we recommended around two years ago within our guide to The Best Shopify Themes For 2019 and it remains one of our recommendations for the Shopify clothing stores in 2021.

Why? Well, the Pipeline theme does an excellent job of combining a minimalist design with strong visual elements and effects. The theme has a parallax scrolling feature, which is known to keep any ecommerce store operating in a fast manner with an interactive approach.

However, Pipeline offers customers some additional eye candy, as its theme styles include; bright, dark and light. So, it’s not quite as bare-bones as you might expect. Minimalism can mean something different to every brand and Pipeline have brought something new to the table with their take on the concept.

It’s important to know that this theme was designed especially for online stores that have a large inventory count so, if your store is small to mid-sized, we’d suggest going with one of the other themes on this list. However, if your business has experienced a surge in growth and is showing no signs of slowing down then Pipeline would be a good place to start.

One of Pipeline’s standout features is the theme’s modular style homepage. What does this mean? Well, for merchants this simply means that businesses will be able to showcase anything from their store in the modular formatted style. So, if you have a nice collection of products, or maybe a selection of blog articles, content such as this will fit nicely within the homepage space.

Not only is the Pipeline theme for Shopify clothing stores fully optimised for large inventories, but it also supports large images like many other templates from the Shopify Theme Store.

In short, this means that brands will be able to showcase their high-resolution images sitewide, whether this is via a homepage or company blog.

We should also mention that the Pipeline theme has a parallax effect. This is a type of animation that moves around whenever a user scrolls down the page. The parallax effect can be inserted on the homepage of a Shopify store alongside other selected pages also.


N0.8: Icon

Last but not least in today's guide is Icon. For the Shopify clothing stores that want the focus of their chosen theme to revolve around product photography (link to Ecommerce Photography Tips article when published), the Icon theme draws the attention towards visually stunning imagery, so this design would work best for the businesses that create top-notch product photos and video content.

However, as today’s guide has been curated specifically for the Shopify clothing stores on the platform, we would presume that the majority of fashion websites would be required to capture visually stunning imagery, making Icon a great choice for most if not all of you reading this article.

Some of the key features of Shopify’s Icon theme includes a sticky navigation bar and slideshow. The sticky navigation bar ensures that the menu stays fixed in one position as browsers scroll down through the business website.

We think that sticky navigation is an excellent option for keeping users on track, ensuring that consumers do not get lost or frustrated during the product search process. The slideshow on the other hand supports larger images, which gives merchants a space to play with where scrollable promotions and new product releases can be advertised.

Additionally, the multi-column menu has become quite popular in the ecommerce world and the Icon theme jumped on the bandwagon by implementing this feature into its design. This adds product and/ or category images to the drop-down menu, which is a great way to grab the attention of website visitors, ensuring that the desired links and call to action buttons are clicked.

This is another theme within today’s guide that offers merchants the ability to utilise the parallax effect feature. So, if you’re hoping to incorporate a scrolling effect on your Shopify clothing store, we'd recommend considering this theme.

What’s great about the parallax effect is that it creates such an interactive and seamless user experience without noticeably slowing down the speed of your website’s loading time. Additionally, the Icon Shopify theme includes a product quick view feature, which is the perfect way for consumers to be able to view products in greater detail before heading to the product page.

At this stage in the guide, we’re sure that you’ll almost certainly be expecting this theme to have an Instagram feed element and of course, you’d be right. Icon’s Instagram feed is a fullwidth feed for optimal viewing which links directly to the brand’s Instagram account.

The Icon theme is a design that is begging to be used. Its features offer other great tools such as; the content sections from Shopify, social media icons and a built-in colour palette and of course, merchants that select this theme will be able to gain access to the free stock photos from Shopify Burst too.


Choosing the most perfectly fitting theme for a Shopify clothing store is a highly important task as it reflects the real identity behind the brand in question and in today’s competitive online market being clear, concise and memorable as a business is essential to success.

From our collection of published articles revolving around the Shopify Theme Store, we’re sure that you’ve guessed that attaining the right theme for a business has the potential to unlock the most powerful assets that offer a complete suite of rich shopping features that truly complement all efforts in launching the perfect store setup.

So, we’ve given you all of the information and now it’s your turn to pick the most suitable theme for your Shopify clothing store.

Just remember the key aim here is to find a design and layout with functionalities that will ultimately provide an excellent user experience whilst generating further sales for your business

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