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3 Themes For Stores Dropshipping With Shopify

3 Themes For Stores Dropshipping With Shopify

16th September 2021
9 Minute Read

We’ve decided to make the task of finding the perfect design super simple by focusing on 3 suitable themes for the store's dropshipping with Shopify.


Written by Madeleine

16th September 2021
9 Minute Read

Are you Dropshipping with Shopify? 📦

If you’re eager to run a Shopify store but want to avoid the hassle of having to pack and send customer orders yourself, you might like to consider dropshipping.

For those of you who don’t know, dropshipping is the process in which a retailer tasks another business with fulfilling their customer orders. So, essentially, businesses that implement dropshipping into their business setup do not keep stock of the products that they sell online.

This responsibility lies with a third-party business, which can result in a wonderful money-saving approach for some retailers. However, there are several factors that a dropshipping business will need to consider.

For instance, merchants will need to ensure that their store has a reliable theme that fulfils the needs of the brand to be able to run a successful business. To do this store owners will need to take an in-depth look at the functionalities, designs and layouts available to download from themes within the Shopify Theme Store.

As you may already know, many different options on the market can provide ecommerce owners with an impressive website and we’ve decided to make the task of finding the perfect design super simple by focusing on 3 suitable themes for the stores that are planning on dropshipping with Shopify.

However, before we can delve headfirst into today’s guide, let’s quickly take a look at the aspects that merchants should consider when selecting the perfect dropshipping theme for their store on Shopify:

What Should Stores Dropshipping with Shopify Consider?

There are many different aspects that merchants should take into consideration when checking out the available dropshipping themes on Shopify’s platform. The first aspect to consider is a theme's usability and then, there is the technical side to take into consideration alongside the characteristics of the theme.

All in all, we’d say that the technicalities should be kept to a minimum as store owners will typically have several other areas to manage. So, merchants should keep things pretty simple in this area, whilst bearing in mind that the technical workload should be kept to a minimum - that's one of the perks of dropshipping.

The last consideration is by no means the least important, as online stores should ensure that they do their research before committing their brand to a Shopify theme. The best dropshipping websites on the web don’t find success walking into a situation blind and we believe that understanding the true potential of a Shopify theme is a fundamental stepping stone to reaping the highest good from an online store.

So, know what you’re getting into by checking out a few details first. Oh, and don't forget to look into a theme's responsiveness and potential for SEO.

Why is this important? Well, as we’re sure you know, online retail is a very competitive industry and some stores fail to make a sufficient of revenue. However, the stores that do perform well have one thing in common, which are healthy search rankings. A strong ranking search is mostly a result of; keywords, inbound links and site performance.

Additionally, loading speed is a pretty big factor when it comes to SEO. Did you know that for every second an ecommerce website takes to load, around 7% of customer revenue is lost? In addition, poor user experience, a slow loading speed has the potential to sufficiently harm your brand’s rankings on search engines such as Google.

More often than not, this is due to a slow page loading time or the fact that the website is not optimised for mobile users alongside those browsing the web on the desktop.

Having said that, a lack of mobile optimisation will not be an issue for merchants on Shopify’s platform as all themes are optimised for desktop and mobile devices. However, considering the generic points for good and bad SEO, we’re going to run through the best Shopify themes for dropshipping stores and here is the selection below:

N0.1: Palo Alto

The first on our list of themes suitable for the stores dropshipping with Shopify is Palo Alto. This website design was created by Presidio Creative with contemporary design at the heart of its layout.

Ultimately, the Palo Alto theme provides merchants with a space to tell the story of their brand with stunning features. The theme's incorporated characteristics include:

  • Image Optimisation: Showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout your Shopify store.
  • Customer Testimonials: Promote your store’s products by sharing customers comments and quotes.
  • Quick Buy: Allow website visitors to quickly add items to their cart without leaving their current page.
  • Multi-Level Menu: Feature a multi-level drop-down menu to help customers easily navigate around your Shopify store.
  • Search-Focused Menu: Allow customers to easily search your store for; products and tags via mobile devices as well as on the desktop.
  • Pickup Availability: Engage local shoppers by showing where items are available for pickup on the products page.

Currently, the Palo Alto theme is priced at $180 USD, but why not try out this design free of charge with Shopify’s Unlimited free trial? Merchants will only have to pay for this theme if the design is published in their online store.

Check out Uskees, Kruza, Lete Active and Freeply for examples of the successful stores already using the Palo Alto theme on the net.

N0.2: Simple

Next up is Simple, a free theme that has been created by Shopify with dropshipping merchants in mind.

As we mentioned earlier, dropshipping with Shopify means working closely with a fulfilment service that prepares and ships orders for your business and utilising a fulfilment service is a great option for brands that do not want to deal with shipping orders themselves.

On the other hand, some businesses may have grown beyond their existing warehousing capabilities to a point where their company isn’t in a position to ship items manually and that's where dropshipping comes in.

The aim of the Simple theme is in the name, as everything about this theme is stripped back to the basics. If a clean and minimal layout that can showcase your store’s products is what you’re looking for, then this design may be the perfect option for your business.

Simple can show customers related products during their visit, but that’s not all. Other features include; a menu sidebar, a product image zoom, image animations and product recommendations.

Need a minimal website template that can take care of customers' orders? Check out Simple for free via the Shopify Theme Store.

N0.3: Supply

If you'd like to be able to easily showcase your brand’s products whilst filtering large inventories and fulfilling dropshipping demands for your customers, then let us introduce you to this next theme.

Supply is another free theme by Shopify which has been designed for merchants that need to drop-ship orders to their customers and its key features include:

  • Featured collections: Display multiple featured collections via your store’s home page.
  • Collection Filtering (In Sidebar): Allow customers to filter collection pages by brand and price alongside other customisable options.
  • Slideshow: Showcase multiple product and brand images on your store’s home page.
  • Large Catalogue Support: The Supply theme is ideal for stores that have a large number of products.

Check out Cenegenics Store, just one business that is utilising Shopify's Supply theme.

So, that’s it from us for today’s article. We hope that you have found the 3 dropshipping themes mentioned within this guide inspiring. If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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