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Design Inspiration - Top Kids Brands

Design Inspiration - Top Kids Brands

6th May 2022
12 Minute Read

For today's guide, we have produced a list of ten of the top kids brands to show how the future of commerce is shaping up within the industry.


Written by Madeleine

6th May 2022
12 Minute Read

Website Design Inspiration for Top Kids Brands 🧸

Ecommerce is expected to do more than merely sell goods to shoppers in 2022, with website visitors being redirected from point A to point B with little to no engagement.

We're in the early stages of the shifting shopping experience and there's a growing demand and awareness for online businesses to live up to this standard.

Our opinion is that online retailers should use creative and inventive responsive aspects to not only continue to generate sales for their business but also to educate and entertain their website visitors in the process.

So, for today's guide, we have produced a list of ten of the top kids brands to show how the future of commerce is shaping up within the industry.

N0.1: Penguin Shop

The story of the Penguin Shop begins with Allen Lane, who founded Penguin Books with his brothers Richard and John in 1935.

Lane is said to have developed the idea of manufacturing good-quality, affordable paperbacks after being delayed on the platform at St Davids train station with nothing to read, following a trip to Agatha Christie, in 1934.

After a day of sketching at London Zoo's Penguin Pool, 21-year-old office junior Edward Young designed the Penguin logo, which was refined in 1948 by designer and typographer Jan Tschichold.

However, it was Edward Young’s initial approach to Penguin's innovative and modern design that went on to form the foundation of the brand that we all know and love today.

Note: Did you know that the first Penguin book vending machine was originally built at Charing Cross Road in 1937? At this time, the books were sold at sixpence each and a million copies were printed in less than a year.

However, times have changed in leaps and bounds since then, but the current collection of Penguin books is now available to purchase via the Penguin Shop, allowing book-lovers to discover a world of items and experiences that have been designed to inspire and entertain.

 Penguin Shop
Penguin Shop

N0.2: Mamamade

The next of the top kids brands to be featured in today’s guide is Mamamade.

Mamamade was established when one mother began to introduce solid foods to her infant. Naturally, she wanted the best for her child such as; home-cooked, organic, plant-based and flavorful nutritious meals.

However, Mamamade's founder was desperate for assistance but unwilling to sacrifice her daughter's health and development.

So, she set out to create a solution that would not only help her at feeding times but the likes of other parents in her situation too and this is how Mamamade came to be.

As a business, Mamamade provides access to a weaning coach through flexible subscription plans, where parents can participate in a one-on-one session.

Customers can also choose from 40 different product flavours made from over 80 different ingredients.

Fancy a peek at some of Karmoon’s latest featured projects within Shopify, design direction and front-end development? Check out the Mamamade project via our ‘work’ page.


N0.3: Great Little Trading Co.

Over the years, the tight-knit team at Great Little Trading Co. has assisted over half a million parents in creating a joyful family environment.

The goal at Great Little Trading Co. is to motivate and assist parents in making the most of their children's childhood and family life, so the store’s product range focuses on manufacturing attractive and functional wooden toys.

“I didn’t feel the market provided for parents who wanted good quality, classic, stylish products.” - Jamie Reeve CEO

Great Little Trading Co. is one of the top kids brands on the market as it was recently voted as the "Best Children's Brand" for 2022 by Loved By Children.

Additionally, the company also earned Feefo's Trusted Service Award earlier this year and several awards have also been presented to the company’s wooden toys for both design and fostering innovative and interactive play.

However, that’s not all that this brand has to offer, as the company also won the title of "Best Children's Retailer of the Year" eight times over. So, if that doesn’t qualify this business to make it onto today’s list, then nothing will.

Great Little Trading Co.
Great Little Trading Co.

N0.4: Maisonette

Maisonette is one of the kids clothing companies that have made it onto today’s guide, as it is an online destination for high-quality children’s products, inspiration and information to make your shopping experience as easy as one, two, three.

Formed in 2017 by two mothers who yearned to assist modern families in navigating the journey of parenting their children, Maisonette is a baby and child marketplace that showcases expertly curated products from across the world.

Products currently include; beautiful apparel, quality toys and home décor, as well as reliable advice and inspiration for the whole family to enjoy.


N0.5: Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is another of the kids clothing companies that have been featured in today’s guide.

Established in Sweden, Mini Rodini was launched in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to all children, their imagination and their feeling of possibility.

Mini Rodini takes children's playfulness seriously, which means that children's clothing should also reflect their personality, mood and originality, right?

Therefore, the company’s mission has always been to make it simple and fun for parents to buy better products for their youngsters, both in terms of design and environmental and ethical considerations.

So, while the whimsical and hilarious aesthetics may appeal to children immediately, the quality of the products parents purchase is equally important.

As a result, Mini Rodini garments are not only delightful to wear and admire but they are also manufactured in a way that is good for the environment and the people who make them.

Today, Mini Rodini is one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing kids clothing companies, with a presence in; Harvey Nichols in Kuwait, Selfridges in London and Barneys in New York.

Furthermore, Mini Rodini is currently represented in over 500 selected locations alongside fully owned stores in; Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and London, not to mention an entire online store collection that offers international shipping to its customers.

Mini Rodini
Mini Rodini

N0.6: MORI

Every moment is a precious milestone for your family, from the sleep-deprived moments to the snuggles driven by laughter and the team at MORI feels every moment is worth appreciating.

That's why this business is considered to be one of the top kids brands on the market, as this business designs products that make it easier to welcome a newborn into the world and beyond, using compassionate materials.

MORI’s product designs have been using the softest organic textiles since 2015 to bring their customer's the highest-quality items manufactured with family health in mind.

Additionally, all of this store’s products are carefully created from sustainably sourced textiles in reputable facilities.


N0.7: Millk

Founded in 2016 to create basics in practical forms using soft, natural and adaptable textiles for everyday living and play, Millk is one of the modern Australian kids clothing companies on the market with a simple and honest philosophy for play, feed and adventure.

Over the years, Millk has enjoyed going on a journey with children all across the world, establishing a laid back and thoughtful attitude towards how little ones like to dress.

Did you know that Millk is the original inventor of sprinkling knitwear designs? That’s right and the greatest is yet to come from this modest, creative label with a big imagination.


N0.8: Paloroma

Jane Keltner de Valle and Giancarlo Valle, parents of Roman and Paloma, launched 'Paloroma' to create and assist a supportive community of parents who care as much as they do about children.

It is believed that Paloroma's customers are; modern, discerning, empowered and demanding. In other words, they want their children to have the same customised experience that they have when shopping for goods online.

So, it’s time to speak up, because the duo behind Paloroma want to hear from you as friends, parents and as customers so that the brand can continue to grow.

However, it’s important to note that the team at Paloroma will only create products that they believe are essential to their community and will never release anything unless they are 100% confident in the item's necessity.

This way of development is important to the team at Paloroma, as they intend to develop and grow as a brand in the same natural way that children do.


N0.9: Pipette

Pipette is the next of the top kids brands to be featured in today’s guide which was launched in September 2019 to provide parents with a solution that works for their babies' delicate skin while remaining safe and sustainable for the planet.

Creating sustainable skincare for newborns is the mission and future of Pipette’s products and through biotechnology, it is believed by the team that this has the potential to revolutionise the world.

In light of this, the team’s experts work tirelessly to develop effective and safe skincare that isn't harmful to the environment, since our children and the planet deserve better.

Additionally, the team at Pipette collaborate with leading scientists and doctors to develop the most effective formulations for their store’s products.

As a result, each item is developed with the help of biologists, doctors and dermatologists before being thoroughly tested to ensure that they are hypoallergenic, mild and loving for infants.


N0.10: Nestig

Last but not least in our guide to the top kids brands is Nestig and this business begins in the nursery.

For the team at Nestig, the form and function of their furniture, décor and designs are of great importance, alongside the confirmation of safety and sustainability.

Do you know what they say? There is a reason for every detail and this is particularly true for Nestig’s product inventory as most items can be used in multiple ways.

Additionally, each Nestig item is handcrafted in a family-run factory with care and attention, as the business believes that creating products for the way we live and aspire to live is a form of enchantment in itself.

“We create spaces for little dreamers to dream big.” - Sara and Gui (Co-Founders of Nestig)

So, what are your thoughts on our guide to 10 of the top kids brands on the web? Reach out and let us know.

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