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What Shopify Design Apps Are Used Most?

What Shopify Design Apps Are Used Most?

27th April 2022
8 Minute Read

There are a plethora of Shopify design apps just waiting to be discovered via the platform’s app store.


Written by Madeleine

27th April 2022
8 Minute Read

Building a business website with Shopify is all about curating a store that you'd want to shop in if you were the customer and there are a plethora of Shopify design apps just waiting to be discovered via the platform’s app store.

Quick Answer

According to Shopify, some of the design applications implemented most by businesses on the platform are; Instafeed,, PageFly, Privy, Free Shipping Bar, Booster and Smile.

So, for today’s article, we are going to dive into the details of these specific applications that enable merchants to generate sales for their business while standing out above the rest by utilising their unique design features and marketing capabilities.

N0.1: Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

By Mintt Studio

Key Features

Create Social Proof

Display your brand’s Instagram content across a Shopify store with the Instafeed - Instagram Feed app. Doing this will enable you to create social proof for your business, converting store visitors into paying customers.

Instagram Likes and Follows

Merchants can use this application to extend their Instagram presence to their store's Shopify design, resulting in additional followers and likes for their brand on social media.

Fresh Store Content

The Instafeed - Instagram Feed application can also be used to automatically drive fresh content to stores on Shopify.


N0.2: Product Reviews


Key Features

Generate Reviews on Autopilot

Allow your store’s customers to immediately share their feedback via an email review.

Merchants can gain control over user-generated content by collecting photo and video feedback from shoppers using the application.

Consumers can also receive product reminders and discount codes from merchants that utilise this marketing tool.

Ratings and Reviews

Retailers can feature customer reviews via the likes of; Google Search results, Google Shopping results and Facebook.

Additionally, customer reviews can also be shared via a reviews page, carousel or badges that display social proof on-site.

Boost Sales with Social Proof

This application enables Shopify stores to effortlessly import existing reviews to the website.

Furthermore, this solution also provides organisations with an infinite number of review requests, allowing retailers to collect additional user-generated content.

Concerned that this tool will stick out like a sore thumb against your store’s Shopify design? Don't worry, as the application’s widget will blend in with your store's branding effortlessly.

N0.3: PageFly Landing Page Builder

By PageFly

Key Features

Extensive Elements and Sections

Merchants will receive full access to an extensive element library, filled with sections to build store pages for their custom Shopify website.

Shopify Theme Adaptability

To create a streamlined experience across your online store, the PageFly application will effortlessly adapt to all themes and the solution is also fully compatible with Online Store 2.0.

Live Chat Assistance

Lazy loading, global styling and optimised code all aid the faster and smoother development of a Shopify design, plus every plan walks hand in hand with live chat assistance from the PageFly team.


N0.4: Privy ‑ Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS

By Privy

Key Features

Expand Email and SMS Lists

By utilising Privy’s popup templates, merchants can collect more contacts by encouraging browsers to take part in email sign-ups and SMS opt-ins.

Additionally, stores on Shopify can add a spin-to-win wheel feature to their custom Shopify website to increase conversions.

Increase Online Sales

Convert sales from your brand’s email and SMS lists by sending out product release news flashes, branded newsletters, promotion codes and more.

Repeat Purchases

Online stores that utilise Privy can also notify their customers about new items via email and SMS.

Additionally, follow-up notifications and shopping cart add-ons can be sent to shoppers to encourage repeat sales.


N0.5: Free Shipping Bar

By Hextom

Key Features

Increase Revenue

Promote free shipping offers with promotional messages by motivating customers to spend more with your business.

Advanced Targeting Options

Display different free shipping options to your customers based on their; location, web page, device and customer group.

Curated Holiday Themes

The Free Shipping Bar application can also be used to enhance conversions and sales via curated bar backdrop images that reflect the holiday and promotion spirit via a Shopify design.

Free Shipping Bar

N0.6: Booster SEO & Image Optimizer

By Booster Apps

Key Features

Automated SEO Optimisation

Put your faith in the Booster SEO & Image Optimizer to enhance the; meta tags, alt text, sitemaps and JSON-LD, alongside other elements of your custom Shopify website.

Google’s Best SEO Practices

With the help of this tool, your store will be up and running in a matter of minutes. So, have confidence in the fact that your Shopify design will be regularly evaluated and adjusted following Google’s best SEO practices.

Climb the Ranks

Don't entrust your SEO to a business that lacks support, instead turn to the Booster SEO & Image Optimizer app to assist you with climbing the ranks.

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer

If you're looking for more tips on how to improve you SEO check out article on article about 10 tips to improve SEO on Shopify

N0.7: Smile: Rewards & Loyalty


Key Features

Increase Repeat Purchases

The team at are experts in; loyalty, referrals and VIP programs that work to increase repeat purchases for more than 50,000 stores across Shopify's platform.

Save on Acquisitions

Referrals, rewards and exclusive offers can help your business save money on acquisition costs while increasing retention for the brand.

Reward Loyal Customers

With loyalty data, retailers on Shopify can boost their email marketing and subscription tools, as well as incentivising reviews with loyalty points and rewarding customers at the point of purchase.


N0.8: Ultimate Sales Boost

By Hextom

Key Features

The Fear of Missing Out

Promote a sense of urgency by creating a countdown timer to convert more store browsers into buyers.

Increase Purchasing Confidence

With the help of the Ultimate Sales Boost application, stores on Shopify can display trust badges and 'get-it-by' shipping timers to increase purchasing confidence among shoppers.

Checkout Flow Promotions

Stores on the platform can also utilise this tool to increase conversions across the full checkout flow of their custom Shopify website, including; product pages, checkout pages, home page and the cart.

Ultimate Sales Boost

So, what are your thoughts on our guide to the Shopify design applications that are employed most by merchants on the platform? Reach out and let us know.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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