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The Best Apps To Download On Shopify

The Best Apps To Download On Shopify

10th September 2021
31 Minute Read

With so many apps to choose from, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight 11 of the best apps to download for retailers on Shopify.


Written by Madeleine

10th September 2021
31 Minute Read

The Best Apps to Download on Shopify 👇

With thousands of apps in the Shopify App Store, businesses on the platform have a vast array of options when it comes to extending the functionality of online retail.

Whether you’re wanting to; add customer reviews, improve the standard of email marketing, publish products on Facebook, or receive in-depth analytics about your business, there will be an available app that perfectly fits the bill.

With so many applications to choose from, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight 11 of the best ones for retailers and marketers to download and utilise within their Shopify store. So, without further delay, let’s kick things off with Gorgias, the live chat and helpdesk application:

N0.1: Gorgias - Live Chat & Helpdesk

Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your brand’s customer service experience into a profit centre and with their live chat and helpdesk app, you can centralise all of your customer service channels in one place. How handy is that?

It’s no wonder how they’ve landed the title of best customer service and live chat help desk for Shopify and Shopify Plus, as only the top stores on the platform use Gorgias to reduce ticket first response time and increase the efficiency of their customer support teams.

Additionally, Gorgias provides customer support teams with an all-in-one help desk experience across; email, live chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram and contact page in one unified view. This approach streamlines support tickets, saving your business both time and money.

As opposed to customer service solutions such as Zendesk and Freshdesk, Gorgias has an extremely powerful integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus, so that merchants can view order details. This means that; refunds, order cancellations and duplicate orders can be amended without ever leaving the help desk app.

Furthermore, Gorgias is a great solution for the stores that want to use; templates, automation, rules and macros to cut down on support time. Trust us, your team will be more productive and your customers will love you for it!

Key Features

Have we piqued your interest in Gorgias, the live chat and helpdesk app? Take a look at its key features below:

Provide Customer Service Across All CRM Channels

Manage conversations from; email, live chat, phone and social networks all from the Gorgias helpdesk app.

See the full customer live chat and message history across different channels in one place.

Merchants can support multiple stores with Gorgias.

Halve Customer Support Time

Respond to customers instantly with Gorgias live chat.

See customer support and order details next to their ticket.

Respond with one click using pre-made templates.

Use Macros variables such as; order status and the date of shipping to pre-fill answers.

Eliminate Ticket Backlog

Set up automated responses for common ticket queries such as “where’s my order?”.

Create rules and regulations to manage your inbox efficiently. For instance, tag a ticket as urgent if the word ‘refund’ is attached to it.

Increase Conversions and Revenue

Chat in real-time with customers who are currently shopping in your store.

View which pages they're viewing alongside their purchase history.

Trigger live chats and contact forms on important pages such as the checkout page.

Be More Than What Consumers Expect

Perform actions such as awarding loyalty points without ever leaving the Gorgias chat.

Cancel, refund and duplicate orders with one click inside the Gorgias helpdesk app.

Easy Installation

Gorgias is compatible with both Shopify configurations known as ’Traditional and Headless Commerce’ (Custom Storefronts).

N0.2: Justuno Pop-Ups Bundle Upsell

Justuno has been a Shopify partner since 2017. If you didn’t already know, this application is part of the hand-picked Shopify Plus Certified App program, making it one of the best apps to download from the Shopify Apps Store.

The Justuno app is trusted by many evolving Shopify stores and top-performing agencies as its performance stands out from other apps of its kind due to its; pop-ups, banner offers, exit offers, upsell promotions and product recommendations. Justuno is simply one of the best solutions for merchants to capture data and push the existing marketing tools at play.

With Justuno, Shopify stores become more efficient by converting existing traffic and enhancing marketing performance from other channels such as; email, paid ads and SEO by targeting active visitors on-site. It is thought that Justuno customers see a 135% lift in revenue within the first year of using this vast suite of conversion tools.

So, why not join high-converting merchants such as; Pura Vida, Untuckit and Vitamin Shoppe to start reaping the results of immediate ROI from your store’s website traffic with Justuno?

Key Features

Interested in learning more about the Justuno Pop-Ups Bundle Upsell app? Check out the outlined list of key features below:

Supporters of Headless Commerce

Got a headless Shopify store? You’re in luck, Justuno will support this setup.

Justuno Plus

With the Justuno Plus plan, the solution can ingest product feeds and begin to learn about a business’ customers in great detail. Based on these findings, merchants will then be able to; show recommendations, upsell or cross-sell offers anywhere on their website.

Many Shopify merchants use this solution via product pages to receive offers above the fold without a whole website development overhaul. This Justuno Plus plan also includes a dedicated strategist to help advise on targeting rules, A/B testing and a segmentation strategy too.

SMS Capture

Justuno integrates with other SMS providers such as; Postscript and SMSbump to capture an organic part of your website’s user experience from a customer perspective. This has been made possible with the use of Justuno’s Tap to Text feature so that merchants can view a one-click opt-in from a mobile visitor.

Email Capture

The solution’s two-step forms will allow merchants to capture an email on one screen alongside an SMS follow-up. We would highly recommend that this information is pushed to each app combined with any extra data points collected from Justuno (such as; UTM information, IP address, the first URL landed on and coupon code used).

Additionally, email information can be captured and pushed onto Klaviyo’s integration. Then, on the second screen capture the customer’s phone number and push it to Postscript.

N0.3: Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

If you haven’t already guessed, the customer loyalty program that offers points, rewards, tiers and referrals by LoyaltyLion is a way to make your customers feel special.

LoyaltyLion is an award-winning Shopify loyalty provider, trusted by over 9,500 ecommerce stores to date. Its purpose is to increase customer retention and engagement across any Shopify store.

Stores like; Vitabiotics, Astrid & Miyu, Skinnydip and Lively use LoyaltyLion to connect and accelerate their marketing efforts on a huge scale, driving more revenue from existing customers in the process.

Key Features

Build your customer loyalty and referral program in minutes, with LoyaltyLion, awarding points for; purchases, sign-ups, site visits, reviews, referrals, friend referrals, social follows, birthdays and custom activities of your choosing.

Rewarding your Customers

Reward your customers with more than standard discounts by redeeming loyalty points for; discounted or free shipping, discounted vouchers, early access to VIP sales, free products and custom rewards.

Loyalty Program Benefits & Features

LoyaltyLion is one of the best apps to download from the Shopify Apps Store for its ability to:

Increase repeat purchases with points allocated for on-site activities.

Acquire new customers via LoyaltyLion’s inbuilt refer-a-friend/ referral functionality.

Grow social audiences by rewarding points for; social follows likes and shares.

Use points to incentivise reviews from happy customers.

Access your loyalty program’s customer insights and data.

Create loyalty tiers for devoted customers.

Customise the application to match your brand with a widget or a fully integrated page.

Encourage customers to return with loyalty emails within LoyaltyLion or an ESP.

Create reward subscriptions.

Fully integrate your rewards program and POS.

The Shopify Plus Loyalty Program

As a Shopify Plus Certified App (and the only loyalty app to integrate with all Shopify Plus features), LoyaltyLion can also integrate with all of your favourite tools including:

ESPs such as; Klaviyo, Omnisend, Ometria and Hubspot.

Review providers such as; Okendo,, Stamped and Yotpo.

Helpdesks such as; Gorgias, Re:Amaze and Zendesk.

Other tools like; ReCharge Subscriptions, SMSBump, Plobal, and Venn Apps.

Which Plan Is the Right Plan for Your Business?

If your Shopify business currently processes under 400 orders per month, we would recommend using LoyaltyLion’s free plan to build a customised rewards program that is optimised for; the mobile, desktop and POS, allowing customers to collect and redeem points for; visits, signups and/ or purchases.

More often than not, stores on the free plan will add individual enhancements as they start to reap successful results. Enhancements can be trialled free of charge for 14 days when a merchant installs the application, after which time the loyalty program will be added to your bill at a small monthly cost.

N0.4: Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Founded in 2011 Yotpo, is the leading ecommerce marketing platform, with over 500 employees and 100 support agents.

Yotpo assists thousands of forward-thinking brands such as; Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT and Steve Madden to accelerate their direct-to-consumer growth with the help of Yotpo’s product and photo review app.

The role of the application is to collect; product reviews, photo reviews, site reviews and ratings from your store’s customers. With Yotpo, migrating reviews from; Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews, Trustpilot,, Stamped, Loox, and Rivyo has never been easier.

Yotpo and Shopify

As Yotpo is one of the Shopify Plus official Technology Partners, the application has more than 2,900 5-star reviews within the Shopify Apps Store. Its forward-thinking approach allows the fastest-growing Shopify stores to increase their sales with content attained through customers.

What Can Merchants Do with Yotpo?

With the help of Yotpo, Shopify stores can; collect reviews, ratings, photos and Q&A data from their customers. Additionally, these stores will experience an increase in conversion by showcasing customer content onsite.

By leveraging Yotpo’s official partnership with Google, merchants will be in a strong position to boost their chances of brand discovery and increase traffic from search results. Shopify businesses can also share their best customer content across Facebook and Instagram with Yotpo, which will without a doubt help any company to build a powerful brand community.

We also believe that Yotpo is a great decision-making tool for businesses where analysing analytics and customer feedback is concerned.

Yotpo’s Free Plan

Yotpo’s free plan offers the most extensive features in the industry. So, let’s delve into the details below:

Special Offers: Sign up for Yotpo’s free plan to receive 200 extra review credits in the first month to help your business get started.

Automatic Email Requests: Collect additional reviews with one single email.

On-Site widgets: Display customer reviews and photos alongside star ratings to increase conversion.

Social Tools: Share customer reviews on Facebook and Twitter.

Powerful Moderation Tools: Publish reviews and share them across social media to engage with customers. Yotpo is super handy for drawing the merchant’s attention to negative reviews that require further steps to be taken.

Yotpo’s Growth Plans

Yotpo’s growth plan is designed to scale with your business. Staring at $19 per calendar month, everything from the free plan is included within the growth plan as well as;

Photo/ Video Reviews: Show viewers how existing customers are using your products.

Rich Snippets: Stand out on search results with Yotpo’s rich snippets.

Coupons: Incentivise users to leave a review with appealing coupon offerings as a thank you.

Review Requests: Collect both site and product reviews in one email flow.

Note: For the larger businesses that accumulate around 2,000 monthly orders should check out Yotpo’s prime plan which includes; Google Shopping, Google Seller Ratings and Q&A features.

N0.5: Octane AI Shop Quiz & Pop‑Ups

The Al Shop Quiz & Pop-Ups application by Octane is the zero-party data marketing platform that increases conversion rates by collecting the data that your customers choose to provide your business with. This is achieved via Octane’s Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-ups that personalise the shopping experience for website visitors browsing a Shopify store, but that’s not all...

The customer’s journey can be examined at any touchpoint, from the website to the email list, ads, SMS and Facebook Messenger, Octane is always in motion. Did you know that Octane is trusted by Shopify itself to power their store's Shop Quiz? That’s right and it’s not just Shopify that has seen the potential in the application’s power.

Octane is used by thousands of other leading merchants including; Skinny Mixes, Glamnetic, Ben Hogan Golf, Polysleep and CYSM.

It’s a pretty big deal that Octane is the only certified Shopify Plus technology for quizzes or Facebook Messenger and what’s more, they’re GDPR and TCPA compliant too!

The Shop Quiz

Learn more about your brand’s audience with; unlimited quizzes, questions and logic branches.

Increase conversion rates with personalised product and bundle recommendations.

Improve AOV with the add to cart function straight from the results page.

Grow your marketing list and append it with detailed preference data.

Improve email and SMS ROI by syncing data to Klaviyo.

Improve ROAS by utilising data to create segmented lookalike and retargeting audiences.

Facebook Messenger & SMS

Here is a list of the further features that can be reaped with Octane via Facebook Messenger and SMS:

Recover revenue with cart and browse abandonment flows.

Strengthen customer trust with order and shipping notifications.

Grow engagement with pre-and post-purchase flows.

Decrease the support response time with AI-driven smart responses via your Shopify store and Messenger.

Make Better Decisions with Octane

With the detailed analytics that Octane provides, better decisions can be made where; conversion rates, revenue, average order value, number of orders, engagement rates and A/B testing are concerned.

N0.6: Algolia Search & Discovery

Search & Discovery by Algolia is an ecommerce search and discovery platform that enables Shopify retailers of all sizes to deliver fast and personalised experiences to their customers.

These experiences drive engagement and conversions across the web and mobile so, merchants can rest easy, knowing that everything will be taken care of in every aspect so that customers can find and view everything they need within your online store.

Algolia comes with a suite of tools built for Shopify users that will allow merchants to analyse, optimise and merchandise the customer’s experience. So, let’s take a quick look at how businesses can improve store conversions and order value using Algolia’s application, which is downloadable from the Shopify Apps Store:

Shopify Store Conversions & Order Value

Algolia connects with a Shopify store’s product catalogue to provide the brand’s customers with a frictionless search and navigation experience. Easily bring; search autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms management and filters/ facets to your audience via any device.

Looking for ways that your business can stay in control with built-in merchandising and business tools? Check out the following list for how this is possible with the Algolia app:

Make use of the Algolia visual dashboard to promote specific results and merchandise collection pages.

Rank in Shopify search results by; popularity, discount rate, shipping weight, or any other form of data that is important to your business.

Choose what filters your shoppers will use to refine their search.

Use Algolia to configure and optimise collection pages.

Customise the sort order and the look before promoting your own set of products.

Understand your users with powerful analytics in regards to; what customers are searching for, what filters they use and what searches return no results. Then use these insights to improve your; product catalogue, SEO strategy and merchandising initiatives.

N0.7: Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Rewards & Loyalty by is where over 50,000 Shopify brands have already found success when it comes to creating an easy-to-build loyalty platform for their customers.

It’s no wonder Smile’s solution is the most trusted rewards app in the world so, why not join the thousands of Shopify stores that are saving both time and money on expensive and unpredictable ads while boosting sales from your existing customer base through; referrals, interactive pop-ups, points and campaigns?

Powerful Rewards Program

Build a powerful rewards program to grow your business with Smile to guarantee your customers access to; exclusive perks, attractive discounts and a fun way to engage with your businesses every time they log in to their customer account.

Loyalty Points Program

Let your customers earn points for; creating an account, placing an order, celebrating their birthday or leaving product reviews.

Create urgency with bonus points and campaign points that expire.

Save abandoned carts and invite customers back with reminders about their accumulated points.

Let customers redeem points for coupon codes or free gifts at the checkout.

The Referral Program

Create social proof via word-of-mouth marketing.

Encourage customers to refer a friend using a personalised referral link through pop-ups and email messages.

Easily monitor referral traffic and sales with in-app analytics.

The VIP program

Strengthen customer retention with VIP statuses and perks.

Upsell customers to progress towards VIP tiers.

Thinking of giving your customers a beautifully branded rewards program experience from their very first visit to your Shopify store? No problem, let’s see how Smile can assist your brand below:

The engaging rewards button and pop up panel that lives right on your store makes email capture and gaining new members easy with Smile’s handy application.

Add logos, banner images, advanced colour options and more to your website with one of the best downloads on the Shopify Apps Store.

Smile for Free

Getting started with Smile rewards is easy, fast and exciting for merchants on Shopify’s platform, as many brands can get their rewards program configured, designed and launched on their store in less than a day.

With customisation that takes just minutes to implement, Smile’s intuitive UI and no-coding approach is a plus for many merchants. Additionally, 24/7 email and online customer support are available to the businesses that are on paid plans. Merchants will also receive access to hundreds of helpful Smile resources to boost program success.

Growth happens together and Smile is ‘small business-friendly’, meaning that smaller-scale stores can access Smile’s powerful; loyalty points program, referrals and essential design customisations via the free plan without having to pay a penny.

N0.8: Recharge Subscriptions

Merchants that utilise Recharge are connected to their audience via repeat subscriptions and more than 35 million subscribers are returning customers thanks to Recharge in 180 countries.

Want to implement a subscription service model into your business and take advantage of its benefits? Manage your business within Recharge’s powerful merchant portal all while enabling your customers to fully manage their subscriptions directly from your store.

Increased Lifetime Value & Customer Engagement

Let’s take a look at the pros of incorporating Recharge Subscriptions into your business model below:

Create a better subscription experience for shoppers while increasing brand revenue.

Let customers manage their subscriptions via the customer portal or RechargeSMS.

Grow AOV through upsells such as adding one-time products to the catalogue.

Keep everyone in the loop with automatic notifications.

Roll out subscriptions with Shopify Payments in minutes.

Leverage the powerful Recharge API to scale your subscription business.

Integrate with top commerce tools such as; Klaviyo, Gorgias and Avalara.

Reduce Customer Churn

Create brand loyalty by meeting your customers where they are by allowing them to; skip or reschedule deliveries, swap products or improve payment conversions with automatic retries.

With no monthly fees, adding recurring payments with Recharge’s standard plan has never been easier, which is why it’s on our list of the best apps to download from the Shopify Apps Store.

N0.9: Store Locator by Storemapper

The Store Locator app by SureSwift Capital has features that you will not find anywhere else in the Shopify Apps Store, but before we delve into what they are, let’s check out the features that you would expect to see from such an application:

Expected Features

Flawless customer support.

A custom marker image for map pins.

Customisability incorporating your .css.liquid file.

Limit returned results so that your competitors can't scout your distribution.

Unexpected Features

Merchants will have the ability to sync data automatically from a Google Docs spreadsheet to a Shopify account or 100s of other data sources.

Uploading CSV files is a thing of the past as Storemapper makes adding thousands of locations painless and fast for your team.

The powerful analytics suite allows merchants to view what products customers are searching for and where they can't find them.

Add a store locator or product map to your Facebook Page.

The SureSwift Capital app provides a beautiful mobile UI with native apps for directions, click to call and native GPS alongside map colour themes to match your branding.

Store Locators & Product Maps

Adding the SureSwift Capital Store Locator and product map to your online website will significantly improve offline conversions by helping customers to find a business’s physical locations.

Let’s review what can be further achieved with this application below:

The ability to add unlimited locations in bulk anywhere in the world.

Store Locator will match your site design out of the box and can be customised further with CSS and/ or Javascript.

The app’s responsive design looks fantastic on mobile themes.

The Store Locator app is powered by Google Maps with browser and mobile "get directions" data.

Note: It’s important to know that this Shopify app integrates beautifully with any Shopify theme. Full design and colour customisation are possible here with CSS too.

N0.10: Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Win the hearts of your customers with ultra-personal email marketing and SMS messages with Klaviyo. For those of you who don’t know, Klaviyo is the leading ecommerce marketing platform in the Shopify ecosystem, as more than 265,000 stores around the world use Klaviyo to send personalised email and SMS messages alongside signup forms and other materials too.

Klaviyo has been designed to scale with your business no matter how much it grows. Your brand can go from launch to billion-dollar business without slowing down or switching platforms.

Here's what you can expert from Klaviyo:

Powerful pre-built integrations.

Access to the entire Klaviyo platform and it’s free - forever.

The ability to put your ideas into action in minutes with; pre-built templates, signup forms and automation tools at your fingertips.

Unlimited data to personalise product recommendations and dynamic content with endless possibilities.

Automate your brand’s welcome series and abandoned cart messages in a matter of minutes. You can start with Klaviyo’s library of pre-built automation, or build your own.

Grow your email list fast and collect more information about your customers by adding forms directly to your website. With A/B testing in place, merchants can optimise their form copy to drive a bigger impact.

Send tailored messages to drive first-time customer sales and build strong relationships with VIP members.

Measure your results in currency, not in clicks or opens. Track what matters most to your business and understand how much money you’re earning with Klaviyo at a glance.

Collect consent through forms and at checkout with best-in-class SMS compliance management.

Attract more of your ideal customers by syncing data to build Lookalike Audiences for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Take your business to the next level with tips from the Klaviyo Community Forum. It’s important to know that paid plans feature additional Product Expert support via email and chat.

N0.11: Hotjar Install

Last but not least on today’s list is Hotjar Install, the application by Dualsided. This is one of the best apps to download for your business if you’re looking to truly understand how your visitors interact with your Shopify store.

The Role of Hotjar

The purpose of the application is to automate the inclusion of the Hotjar script across all of your website themes on Shopify’s platform. To do this, the app makes use of the Shopify ScripTags to append the Hotjar script to a published theme without editing the theme directly.

Here at Karmoon, we think that it works great for those that; don't have development resources, don't want to edit their theme or those who tend to change published themes consistently.

Note: This application does NOT edit your theme in any way, shape or form.

Why Do Merchants Choose Hotjar?

Heatmaps: Understand what users want from your site by visually representing their; clicks, taps and scrolling behaviours, as these are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

Visitor Recordings: Eliminate guesswork with recordings of real visitor behaviour on your website. By being able to view your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements merchants can easily identify usability issues.

Conversion Funnels: Where are your visitors dropping off? Identify the biggest opportunities for improvement by locating the point that visitors are leaving your Shopify store.

Form Analysis: Improve online form completion rates by discovering which fields take too long to fill, which are left blank and why your visitors abandon your form pages.

Feedback Polls: Understand the reasons behind customer behaviour by improving the performance and experience of your website. We would suggest targeting questions to specific visitors anywhere on your site for both desktop and mobile visitors.

Instant Feedback: Give visitors an easy way to leave instant visual feedback on your website or app. See what people love and hate, identify issues and find growth opportunities.

Surveys: Get to know your audience better by building responsive surveys with an easy editor. Collect responses in real-time from any device and distribute your surveys using web links and emails. Equally, brands can invite their visitors to uncover their objections or concerns just before they abandon the site altogether.

Note: It is important to note that the monthly charge of this app is in no way associated with Hotjar. Any charges for usage of the Hotjar service will be through your Hotjar account.

So, that concludes today’s article. We hope that this guide has provided you with some insight into the best apps to download from the Shopify Apps Store. If you’re not currently a merchant on Shopify but want to test the water, get started with a 14 day free trial using the link provided.

If you need a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to get started!

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