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The 8 Best Apps For Shopify Product Reviews

The 8 Best Apps For Shopify Product Reviews

2nd March 2022
14 Minute Read

We will share eight apps which merchants can use to collect Shopify product reviews.


Written by Madeleine

2nd March 2022
14 Minute Read

Have you developed a fantastic online store, to the point where your devoted clients are leaving glowing Shopify reviews?

If the answer is yes, then congratulations, as this is no easy feat. However, if the answer is no and you’re looking for the reason why we’re here to help.

In 2022, there is such a high volume of false information on the web for pretty much every topic, alongside an ever-increasing number of scammers.

It’s only natural that consumers are becoming savvier when they shop, especially where customer reviews are concerned.

See, customer reviews are not always as genuine as they first appear, which is why many browsers could be sceptical of the legitimacy of a store’s consumer feedback.

Nonetheless, this is a matter which can be easily avoided. All that’s needed here are authentic and organic product reviews for online browsers to grow confidence in the business and make a purchase

So, the question is - how can businesses acquire genuine product reviews?

Well, this is something that we are going to discuss within today's guide, as we will share eight apps that merchants can use to collect Shopify product reviews.

Implementing Product Reviews Shopify Style

As we’re sure you will have already gathered, just sitting around and waiting for your consumers to take the initiative and write reviews for your store is not the most effective strategy when it comes to generating valuable social proof.

So, if you’re serious about boosting sales, apps that enable users to leave Shopify product reviews are a vital tool for businesses on the platform to keep within their armoury.

In a nutshell, these applications work by automatically sending out review requests to consumers, making the entire review collection process simpler and easier to operate.

Are you ready to discover the finest applications to collect product reviews Shopify style? If so, take a look at the list below:

N0.1: Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Price: This application is available from $9.99 a month.

Free Trial: 14 days.

Loox is thought to be one of the greatest apps on the market for merchants to collect Shopify product reviews according to reviews left on the Shopify App Store back in September 2020.

In 2022 however, Loox is used by more than 90,000 Shopify stores, so the stats speak for themselves.


Import product reviews and photographs from any source with one single click.

Fully responsive reviews and photographs will load quickly and appear flawlessly on any device with the Loox application.

Fully branded review requests and reminders will be generated automatically.


N0.2: Ali Reviews - Product Reviews

Price: This application is available from $9.90 per month.

Free Trial: 7 days.

Ali Reviews is an innovative and user-friendly product review software that has generated a 4.9-star rating on the Shopify App Store.

With the Ali Reviews app, customer reviews can be shown across all pages of a store, making online reviews more accessible and valuable to online shoppers.

Additionally, the tool can collect customer reviews by delivering review requests to recipient lists via email and SMS messages.

Furthermore, merchants can also choose to provide customers with a discount if they submit glowing reviews.

The option to offer customised evaluations based on consumer data such as; location, average order value (AOV), total spending and on-site behaviour (products in cart/ viewed products) is a major benefit of the Ali Reviews app.

Ultimately, the functionalities of the application work to improve customer to business relationships and trust in the purchasing process to help lower cart abandonment rates for stores on Shopify.


Send personalised and automated review requests via email and/ or SMS messages to collect customer feedback.

Enhance consumer retention by providing discounts in exchange for photo reviews.

With beautiful review widgets, merchants can display reviews on their store’s home and/ or product page(s).

Display customised reviews based on customer information and/ or on-site activity.

Merchants can display product reviews and ratings on Google Shopping ads.

Ali Reviews
Ali Reviews

N0.3: Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

Price: This application is available from $19 per month.

Free Plan: A free plan with limited features is available.

Another excellent option for collecting Shopify product reviews is the Stamped application.

The Stamped tool is dedicated to gathering and growing social proof for online stores and it just so happens that some of the fastest-growing brands on Shopify and Shopify Plus (such as; Rhone, Colgate and SodaStream) have come to rely on this tool.

The application is also unique in the sense that it provides an unusually large selection of user-generated material for merchants to implement into their sales conversion strategies.

Last but not least, the solution also offers merchants the choice of 10+ widgets to create trust and boost conversions for the business.


This application is perfectly mobile-optimised and highly responsive with any Shopify theme.

There are over 10+ widgets available, including; a carousel, a side drawer and an all-reviews page.

Merchants can use their; logo, layout, font and brand colours to make the application fit with their store.

Customers can explore previous reviews using the free text search feature.


N0.4: Fera Product Reviews

Price: A free version of this application is available. Plans begin at $15 per month.

Free Trial: 14 days.

The Fera Product Reviews application is one of the most inventive tools that merchants use to obtain Shopify product reviews.

Currently, this solution not only boasts a 4.9-star rating but has also been used by more than 10,000 Shopify merchants on the platform.

Fera enables Shopify stores to automatically gather; video, photo and/ or text reviews, whilst rewarding shoppers that leave a positive rating with the likes of; loyalty points, cashback and online discounts.

Additionally, photo galleries and reviews are ready to use right out of the box and they can also be entirely modified should retailers prefer.


With the Fera application, stores on Shopify can request product reviews in video and photo format, as well as conventional forms of review.

Online stores can display; video, photo and product reviews across desktop and mobile devices.

Merchants can instruct product reviews to show up as rich snippets on Google.

Automatic review requests are simple to set up and send.


N0.5: Product Reviews

Price: This application is available for $15 per month.

Free Plan: A free plan with a plethora of features is available. is another wonderful Shopify app that utilises customer product reviews to enable retailers to develop their business.

It's also one of the most cost-effective options for stores on Shopify to implement into their conversion strategy.

The application offers merchants a forever free plan which includes SEO rich snippets and imported reviews.

As a result, the software is an excellent option for stores that are looking for the best free or low-cost product review tool.

Features generates automatic reminders for; text, photo and video product reviews.

Unlimited review requests, orders and imports can be obtained from this application.

24/7 email and chat customer support are available.

Q&As and custom forms can also be offered with this tool.

N0.6: Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Price: This application is available from $19 per month.

Free Plan: A free plan with limited features is available.

Another ecommerce tool that allows online stores to collect Shopify product reviews is the Yotpo app.

This application differentiates itself from the competition thanks to the feature that enables online stores to collect reviews for several products with one click.

Customer feedback can be gathered with an automated review request via email. Yotpo also provides stores on Shopify with SMS marketing options, which is another fantastic feature.

Aside from all of the amazing product reviews Shopify enables merchants to collect, the application also presents its users with several extra features, by collecting and posting; customer reviews, ratings, images and Q&As.


Stores on Shopify can include; reviews, ratings, Q&As, images and video content across critical conversion points on site.

Merchants can utilise social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to share consumer material.

With the support of powerful analytics tools, retailers can make well-considered judgments.


N0.7: Product Reviews & Testimonials

Price: This application is available from $9.99 per month.

Free Plan: A free plan with limited features is available.

The Product Reviews & Testimonials application isn't just another Shopify tool; it's a three-in-one solution.

Does your store need to be able to; collect reviews, testimonials and assist with sales?

This tool will take care of this for you, allowing; product photographs, reviews and testimonials to be added by customers.

Subsequently, reviews and photographs can be displayed on a store's homepage or relevant page(s) and there's also an option for merchants to respond to their store's consumer reviews.

We’d recommend using this function to establish a reputable and trustworthy reputation for your business.


Reviews and testimonials can be collected with this application.

Merchants can respond to product reviews to increase their store’s social proof and credibility.

A verified user tag can be displayed next to reviews to boost customer trust.

For a smooth review collection, merchants can utilise both email and on-site review requests.

Product Reviews
Product Reviews

N0.8: Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

Price: This application is available from $5.99 per month.

Free Plan: A free plan with limited features is available.

The Shopify product reviews app by Rivyo is a highly rated product, as this tool assists businesses who have recently launched a store with the likes of Amazon and AliExpress or who already have set up a store with Shopify.

Rivyo is a great solution for merchants to keep track of email review requests and their status. For instance, was the email; sent, delivered, opened, or clicked? Rivyo will reveal all.

This application also provides online stores with daily real-time reports that include all of the data from all published and unpublished reviews.

Additionally, the application is so inexpensive, making this tool one of the finest options for ecommerce newcomers.


This application is a budget-friendly option for businesses that are new to the ecommerce scene.

The solution offers seamless integration with Amazon, making the task of migrating product reviews even easier for store owners on the platform.

The handy Google widget enables online stores to sell more by displaying store products via Google search.

Last but not least, a store’s most positive reviews and testimonials can be displayed anywhere across a site on Shopify.


The Best Apps for Shopify Product Reviews

If you've made it this far, you have probably realised that there are a variety of; applications, tools and integrations to choose from and these are just eight of our picks.

Though it may be difficult to choose just one Shopify product review solution to implement into your online business, why not give one of these guys a shot based on our recommendations above?

Keep in mind that almost all apps come with a free trial, so there's no risk involved. Many of these tools are also unrestricted, meaning that stores on Shopify can test out a solution one week, before moving on to the next.

Take it from us, you will be sure to find at least one option from this list that will match the needs of your store.

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