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What Are The Latest Shopify Website Templates?

What Are The Latest Shopify Website Templates?↘

Have you heard the news? The team at Shopify announced the release of three new online store 2.0 Shopify website templates earlier today, including; Bullet, Be Yours and Drop.

This is an exciting time for the platform and its Theme Store, as the collection of online store 2.0 ecommerce Shopify themes are ever-expanding.

With no coding knowledge or experience required, each of these Shopify website templates has been created to allow merchants to get up and running quickly with their core, configurable features at the heart of their store's design, whilst offering a cutting-edge experience for; developers, merchants and consumers alike.

Quick Answer

As Bullet, Be Yours and Drop are the latest Shopify website templates to be made available for download via the Shopify Theme Store, we are going to walk through each of these ecommerce Shopify themes within today’s guide:

N0.1: Bullet

Price: $250 USD

Designed by: OpenThinking

Introducing Bullet, one of the latest minimal grid-based Shopify website templates for contemporary brands within the; clothing and accessories, health and beauty and art and entertainment industries on Shopify.

With an eye-catching configuration that has been optimised for visual storytelling, Bullet is the ideal Shopify template for physical stores with a large inventory that require a speedy setup.

Key Characteristics

N0.1 Shopping Experience

As one of the latest Shopify website templates, Bullet walks hand in hand with all of the necessary tools and opportunities for merchants to construct stunning online stores, providing customers with the ultimate shopping experience.

N0.2 Greater Detail

Customers want to see what they're purchasing and Bullet makes it easier to show off every feature of a store's products in greater detail.

N0.3 Pedal to the Metal

When it comes to this theme's speed, loading times are lightning fast, as Bullet is centred around putting the pedal to the metal.


N0.2: Be Yours

Price: $220 USD

Designed by: RoarTheme

Introducing Be Yours, one of the latest ecommerce Shopify themes for; clothing and accessories, home and garden and electronic-based brands on Shopify.

Merchants on Shopify may utilise this energetic theme to construct extremely intuitive and responsive websites for stores on the platform that are looking to provide an exceptional experience for their customers.

Be Yours is also one of the best Shopify website templates for physical stores and dropshipping businesses that demand a quick setup.

Key Characteristics

N0.1 Sections and Designs

With more than 30+ sections available throughout the stores that implement online store 2.0 themes, these Shopify website templates offer; product sales points, multiple landing designs, product designs and collection designs.

N0.2 Intuitive Experience

Be Yours is also one of the ecommerce Shopify themes that have become well known for distinctive design, which was created with great care and attention to detail to provide an intuitive user experience.

N0.3 Brand Consistency

Additionally, this theme's flexible sections and support of alternate product templates for single-product stores keep the look consistent for brands on Shopify.

Be Yours
Be Yours

N0.3: Drop

Price: $280 USD

Designed by: We are Underground

Introducing Drop, one of the latest ecommerce Shopify themes for; clothing and accessories, health and beauty and home and garden-based stores on Shopify.

As you might have guessed, Drop is a product release-focused theme that aims to maximise audience anticipation and buzz.

Drop can also accommodate any store with any catalogue size that needs to run flash sales and sell internationally.

Key Characteristics

N0.1 Buyer Urgency

Increase buyer urgency with a countdown to the completion of a sale or create buzz and establish dates for new debuts without any applications required.

N0.2 Animate Product Grids

Auto-playing videos can be used to animate product grids and collection pages.

N0.3 Brand Consistency

Drop is one of the Shopify website templates that offer free updates for a lifetime, regardless of price or feature changes.

Additionally, this theme is also supported by a team that has been with Shopify from the beginning.


The Latest Shopify Website Templates

Fancy taking a look at the latest Shopify website templates in the Shopify Theme Store? Be sure to explore the range of layouts and designs using the link provided.

So, that’s it from us for today’s article. We hope that you have found our guide to the latest ecommerce Shopify themes useful.

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