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What Are The Latest Featured Shopify Website Templates?

What Are The Latest Featured Shopify Website Templates?↘

When it comes to finding the right theme for your online store, the look and feel are extremely important elements to consider, as these factors alone can determine whether sales fall flat or convert profitably for your business.

Naturally, we understand that you will likely be feeling eager to get your new site up and running as soon as possible, but first, it is crucial to master the theme selection process by understanding all of the resources that are available to you as a merchant.

So, where should your quest for the perfect theme start? Well, when it comes to browsing the Shopify Theme Store, we would suggest beginning by optimising your search and refining a list of Shopify website templates, categorised by industry.

Doing this makes the process of discovering the perfect web design much easier for merchants. However, if you're looking for inspiration beyond the realms of one specific industry, we would recommend taking a look at the hand picked Shopify website templates that have been featured via the Theme Store’s homepage.

Quick Answer

It is here that merchants on the platform can discover the designs that have been hand-picked by the team at Shopify and our thinking is that if these themes are worth showcasing on a high profile spot, these designs will undoubtedly work seamlessly and could potentially benefit many more businesses across the web.

So, if you’re ready to discover the six Shopify website templates that are currently highlighted via the Theme Store's home page, stick with us as we walk through several innovative templates known as; Taste, Alchemy, Streamline, Context, Maker and Empire.

N0.1: Taste

By Shopify

Price: Free

Taste is one of the Shopify website templates created by the platform, specifically with a store’s products and bold branding in mind.

This theme is ideally suited for businesses with any catalogue size that reside within the ‘Food and Drink’ industry, that require a site that can support editorial content, whilst presenting it in a visually appealing way, alongside offering a quick setup.

Key Features

Spacious Design

Think bold headlines, thin strokes, industrial fonts, a high contrast colour palette and a spacious design to catch the eye of your store’s customers.

Educated Purchase Decisions

It’s also worth noting that larger product cards, specialist product highlights and bespoke FAQs are all supported by product sections, assisting consumers when making educated purchase decisions.

Adjustable Layout and Styling

Additionally, Taste’s flexible design and customisation capabilities enable retailers to adjust their experience to synchronise with a brand’s vision.


N0.2: Alchemy

By Clean Canvas

Price: $260 USD

Alchemy is a fast and modern Online Store 2.0 theme that has been curated by Clean Canvas to showcase a brand’s products and story.

This theme is ideally suited for businesses with a large catalogue that reside within the ‘Clothing and Accessories’, ‘Sports and Recreation’ or ‘Health and Beauty’ industries that require a site that offers; a quick setup, visual storytelling capabilities and support for high-volume stores.

Key Features

Pixel-Perfect Shopping

You can thank us for this recommendation later, as the team at Clean Canvas has done the design work so that you don’t have to.

With the help of the Alchemy theme, merchants on Shopify can easily create a pixel-perfect shopping environment specific to their marketplace.

10+ Years of Experience

Think about it, who else have you heard say that they have more than 10 years of experience in the Shopify theme design space?

The simple truth is that the team at Clean Canvas already knows what works because they’ve tried it all.

So, it’s no wonder why this theme is one of the featured Shopify website templates on the Theme Store and from what we’ve heard, the team have poured their expertise into every corner of this design.

Loaded with Tools

SEO, speed, performance, customisable sections and advanced product filters are just some of the tools that have been loaded into this theme for merchants to utilise.


N0.3: Streamline

By Archetype Themes

Price: $320 USD

The Streamline theme by Archetype Themes is one of the Shopify page templates that offers an eye-catching design with a quick impact.

This theme is ideally suited for the businesses within the ‘Clothing and Accessories’, ‘Health and Beauty’ or ‘Sports and Recreation’ industry with any catalogue size.

Additionally, this theme can offer a quick setup and visual storytelling capabilities for high-volume stores.

Key Features

Sections Everywhere

More than 20+ sections including; product sales points, meta fields, numerous landing templates, product templates and collection templates are now available everywhere.

Streamlined for Effectivity

Streamline by Archetype Themes enables merchants to take advantage of a focused design, with a fast loading speed and immediate product pages to get their message and products out there more effectively.

Mobile-First Design

Furthermore, the Streamline theme by Archetype Themes offers a mobile-first design with GIF-style and scrolling text animations, seamless video integrations and an easily branded font-first aesthetic.


N0.4: Context

By Fluorescent Design Inc.

Price: $250 USD

Context is one of the Shopify website templates created by Fluorescent Design Inc. that offers a modular editorial theme that has been designed with larger catalogues in mind.

This theme is ideally suited for businesses within the ‘Home and Garden’, ‘Business Equipment and Supplies’ and ‘Clothing and Accessories’ industries with large inventories.

Furthermore, Context is one of the Shopify page templates that can support both high-volume stores and physical stores.

Key Features

High-Volume Stores

The Context theme by Fluorescent Design Inc. has been designed with retailers in mind that process a high volume of transactions in a short timeframe.

Physical Stores

Additionally, the Context theme is ideally suited for the stores that do in-person selling.


N0.5: Maker

By Troop Themes

Price: $250 USD

The Maker theme by Troop Themes is another of the Shopify page templates that offer an editorial-inspired design made for big and bold imagery.

This theme is ideally suited for the businesses within the ‘Clothing and Accessories’, ‘Health and Beauty’ and ‘Art and Entertainment’ industries with any catalogue size.

Furthermore, this theme can offer support for the editorial content, high-volume stores and visual storytelling content.

Key Features

Bursting with Personality

Maker’s editorial-style layouts, bold typography and stand-out hero sections will engage an audience by utilising modern storytelling that is bursting with personality.

Powerful Promotional Features

To increase brand discoverability and sales conversions, merchants can promote their store's promotions, discounts and featured products across multiple collection pages.

Editorial Features

Additionally, online stores can showcase editorial material via; tag filtering, highlighted blogs and pinned articles within masonry grid layouts.


N0.6: Empire

By Pixel Union

Price: $300 USD

Empire is an Amazon-inspired theme that has been optimised for large product catalogues.

This theme is ideally suited for businesses with a large catalogue that reside within the ‘Business Equipment and Supplies’, ‘Electronics’ and ‘Home and Garden’ industries that require support for high-volume stores, international sales and dropshipping capabilities.

Key Features

Optimised to Convert

Empire by Pixel Union offers online stores a visually appealing Amazon-inspired design that is equipped to optimise large product catalogues for the most conversions possible.

Best-in-Class Navigation

Additionally, Empire's best-in-class navigation and filtering will enable your store’s visitors to find what they are looking for, whilst discovering new items and checking out faster.

Create a Unique Business

Last but not least, this theme embodies visual story-telling capabilities, marketing tools, and customisable elements that enable retailers to create a genuinely unique business.


So, what are your thoughts on the latest Shopify website templates to be featured on the Theme Store? Reach out and let us know.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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