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What Are The Best ThemeForest Themes For Shopify Stores?

What Are The Best ThemeForest Themes For Shopify Stores?↘

As one of the most prominent ecommerce platforms on the web, Shopify currently offers its users 88 flawless themes to choose from, which can be viewed and implemented via the Shopify Theme Store.

However, the option for Shopify themes doesn't end here as retailers can also achieve their desired website design from the likes of third-party theme stores such as ThemeForest.

So, what are the best ThemeForest themes for Shopify stores? This is the question that we are going to be answering in today's article.

Quick Answer

As mentioned above, ThemeForest offers a wide variety of store; designs, capabilities and layouts for Shopify merchants to choose from.

However, there will always be a selection of designs that will best support and grow each business to reach its capabilities. So as you might imagine, selecting the right theme is crucial.

For example, Wokiee and Ella are two of the top versatile themes on ThemeForest, whereas Vendy is a wonderful all-rounder for clothing stores, whereas Roxxe has the user’s experience at the heart of its design.

It's entirely up to you which theme you choose, but if you need a little help making the decision, we’d recommend sticking around for the rest of today’s article.

So, if you haven’t already guessed, we are going to take a look at four of the greatest ThemeForest themes for stores on Shopify, beginning with Ella:

N0.1: Ella


Ella offers the following two licences for users:

  • Regular Licence: $89
  • Extended Licence: $2800

Developed by Halothemes, Ella is one of the best ThemeForest themes for merchants on Shopify.

Did you know that this design just so happens to be the best-selling item on ThemeForest?

That’s right, Ella has an outstanding reputation as a drag-and-drop Shopify theme with fantastic UX and UI capabilities for mobile-friendly design.

This Shopify theme also walks hand in hand with a plethora of well-designed, responsive and eye-catching layouts for online stores to choose from.

Key Features

  • Drop-Down Shopping Cart: When customers click on the cart symbol, the shopping cart drop-down will appear. As a result, browsers can easily check the status of their basket without having to navigate to another page.
  • Monthly Themes: Ella not only updates current themes frequently but releases new Shopify themes monthly to keep online stores looking fresh.
  • Child Themes: A child theme inherits all of the features and functionalities of its parent theme. So, if and when a merchant chooses to customise the parent theme, the child theme will retain all of its present functionalities.
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading is an online content optimisation strategy that minimises both loading time and memory use. As online stores tend to display images on product and category pages, loading all contents can be time-consuming. However, lazy loading loads only the photos that are requested, deferring the appearance of remaining images until they are required.


N0.2: Wokiee


Wokiee offers the following two licences for users:

  • Regular Licence: $89
  • Extended Licence: $1750


The Regular Licence allows users to utilise the theme to build a single website for themselves or a client. Additionally, website content is free to access. However, an Extended Licence of this ThemeForest Shopify theme allows users to use the design to develop a single website for themselves or a client, whilst charging individuals to access the content.

Wokiee is one of the multifunctional ThemeForest themes for stores on Shopify and has been rated among the best Shopify themes by Envato Tuts+.

We here at Karmoon believe that Wokiee is a fantastic way to transform any Shopify store into a; professional, creative and aesthetic space.

Furthermore, stores on Shopify can construct a variety of arrangements to satisfy the needs of their consumers.

Key Features

  • Homepage Layouts: Currently the Wokiee ThemeForest Shopify theme contains 70 beautiful homepage layouts, enabling merchants to choose the ideal design for their business. This design also employs motion visuals to provide a rapid overview of all 70 demonstrations displayed on one single page.
  • Header Options: Wokiee supplies business owners with eight different navigation design options that are both attractive and effortless to use.
  • Ecommerce Features: Wokiee also embodies several features that allow merchants to satisfy their customers. For instance; colour, size and material swatches enable customers to visualise a product in depth. Additionally, retailers can develop fantastic content to gain higher search engine rankings thanks to Google’s Rich Snippet Tool.
  • The Best Theme: Wokiee has been rated as one of the best ThemeForest themes on the platform.
  • Theme Support: The price includes 6 months of support.


N0.3: Vendy


Vendy offers the following two licences for users:

  • Regular Licence: $48
  • Extended Licence: $10,000

Vendy is a brand-new ThemeForest Shopify theme for clothing retailers that features clean styling and seamless content integration to highlight the brand at hand.

Additionally, Vendy has a variety of pre-made; homepage, lookbook and product page templates, which is why this design has earned the title of ‘best Shopify theme’ for many merchants on the platform.


If you’re wondering what Shopify theme your store requires, it’s important to note that Vendy is well suited for the brands that reside within the trendy industries of; clothing, footwear and accessories.

Furthermore, this Shopify theme is a straightforward option for merchants to utilise with a ready-to-use basic design.

As a result, this design will be relevant in years to come, so commercial propositions will be highlighted from the best side.

Key Features

  • A lightweight and speedy design.
  • Offers merchants more than 10+ home page layouts.
  • Clothing retailers can utilise lookbook pages and size guide pop-ups and/ or pages.
  • Online stores can maintain an SEO/ mobile-friendly store.


N0.4: Roxxe


Roxxe offers the following two licences for users:

  • Regular Licence: $59
  • Extended Licence: $10,000

The Roxxe Shopify multipurpose theme was created with current trends in mind alongside a positive user experience.

As such, the Roxxe ThemeForest Shopify theme includes a strong navigation search module, as well as 70 pre-designed layouts with ready-to-use sections.


These components are open to adjustments and enhancements, enabling retailers to quickly build a store using one of the most popular online business demonstrations to modify onsite content. Additionally, Roxxe displays skins for; selling clothing, cosmetics and accessories and also works in conjunction with Shopify’s Visual Builder, enabling merchants to create as many pages and web forms as required.

Key Features

  • Official Shopify app integration.
  • Unique store demonstrations.
  • Customisable headers and footers.
  • Collections of catchy banners for merchants to utilise.
  • Pop-up capabilities.


So, that’s it for today’s guide. We hope that our article has provided some guidance as to what Shopify ThemeForest themes would best suit your business.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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