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Upload Shopify Products to YouTube Shop 🛒

Upload Shopify Products to YouTube Shop 🛒

21st July 2022
6 Minute Read

Stores on Shopify can now upload and showcase products from their website onto a YouTube shop.


Written by Madeleine

21st July 2022
6 Minute Read

Shopify x YouTube Shop 🤝

Coming in hot with the latest news and updates, we’re excited to announce that YouTube’s innovative partnership with Shopify has changed the game of social media marketing forever.

It’s now possible for stores on Shopify to expand the reach of their brand by linking YouTube videos to products in their inventory.

This announcement came knocking on Tuesday 19th of July when YouTube released the rollout of its latest shopping features for both viewers and creators to enjoy.

Additionally, stores on Shopify can now upload and showcase products from their website onto a YouTube shop, increasing the potential for Shopify stores to be discovered by a new audience even further.

With this kind of support for Shopify merchants on YouTube, online stores could boost conversions, resulting in greater sales, success and overall growth.

We couldn’t be more hyped for the brands that can turn their hands to this marketing technique and own it like a boss. So, to ensure that everyone knows how to make the most out of this partnership, we’re going to share everything that we’ve learnt about the collaboration in today’s post:

Sync your Shopify Store to YouTube Shop

As a dedicated Shopify agency, we’re so hyped to share that eligible content creators and merchants can now link their Shopify store to YouTube through the new YouTube shopping feature!

To achieve this, the alliance between YouTube and Shopify utilises Shopify's real-time inventory syncing to display products on your selected YouTube shop.

Additionally, American content creators can enable onsite checkout so that their customers can finish their transactions without leaving YouTube’s platform. That’s a pretty nice feature for spontaneous purchasers.

To start benefiting from the exciting partnership between YouTube and Shopify, simply visit the “YouTube Shopping” tab which can be found inside the YouTube Studio.

Deliver Shopify Products to a YouTube Audience

YouTube has also introduced a variety of exciting and innovative new tools into the mix within its Studio shopping tab so that Shopify’s creators and merchants can easily manage how their products are tagged and appear across their branded YouTube shop.

In light of these recent updates, a spokesperson for the YouTube shop feature stated that the team is aware that creators and merchants spend a lot of time developing products for their online business.

Therefore, the platform’s goal is to “make it easier for them to manage their store(s) on YouTube to bring their products directly to their audience through these new tools.”

Live Redirects with YouTube Shopping Streams

Another of the new and exciting features claims to enable two content creators on the platform to go live and co-host a single live YouTube shopping stream at the same time!

Naturally, capabilities such as this could effectively double the draw for the event, as each creator would draw in a unique fanbase.

An additional upcoming feature for creators and merchants with a YouTube shop is a little something called “live redirects”.

From what we’ve heard, live redirects will enable the platform’s users to start a YouTube shopping live stream on their channel, which will redirect their audience over to a branded channel for fans to keep watching the stream.

Tag Products and Host a Broadcast on YouTube

If you thought that was everything, then think again, as content creators and merchants on Shopify can also tag products and host a broadcast straight from the Live Control Room on YouTube!

The arrival of this new user capability is a further new YouTube shopping feature to be granted to all qualified content creators and merchants as part of the partnership between the platform and Shopify.

Expanding the YouTube Shop Portal

For viewers within the United States, India and Brazil, YouTube is also creating a brand-new shopping destination in “Explore”.

Simply put, this means that the new shopping destination will feature relevant shoppable content for viewers in these countries.

From what we’ve heard, YouTube is also intending to expand the rollout of its YouTube shop portal feature to more countries across the globe later this year.

The Partnership that Karmoon Saw Coming

For some, this partnership may have come as a bit of a surprise, but for us here at Karmoon, we saw the likelihood of this partnership increasing, as a variety of platforms have recently partnered with Shopify to enable users on social media to shop where they hang out online.

For instance, there was the release of TikTok shopping last August and of course, Instagram shopping has become much more popular with ecommerce businesses on platforms like Shopify since its launch across Instagram and Facebook back in 2020.

Also, the YouTube platform teased us all about upcoming features that would soon be landing on the platform and these features were said to be able to “make it easier for viewers to discover and buy from brands online.”

All in all, there’s a lot of newness happening here for YouTube and Shopify, but the capabilities that the new YouTube shop feature can bring are sure enough to be so influential that we think it’ll just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to evolving social commerce in 2022.

So, what are your thoughts on the release of the YouTube shop feature for content creators and merchants on Shopify? Reach out and let us know.

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