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Trident AB Simplifies A/B Tests For Shopify Stores

Trident AB Simplifies A/B Tests For Shopify Stores↘

Trident AB, the intuitive AB split testing tool, announced its launch for marketers on the Shopify App Store earlier this month, offering both free and low flat cost plans to merchants on the platform.

Trident AB seeks to offer merchants on Shopify a simplified A/B testing solution, making AB split tests more accessible and compelling to those who have previously been deterred.

Conducting A/B tests are one of the most effective strategies in which online marketers and D2C brands optimise their conversions.

However, many marketers find A/B tests a challenging strategy to manage, as it can be difficult to test and interpret the resulting data correctly.

Sufficient AB split tests can also be expensive to conduct due to the costs of marketing suites that are required to perform intuitive comparisons.

However, we here at Karmoon are pleased to be the bearers of exciting news, as the Trident AB solution is now live on the Shopify App Store for Shopify merchants to utilise.

Introducing Trident AB

Built by the very same team who created Accessibility Spark (Shopify’s leading automated AI accessibility compliance app), Trident AB is well versed in the needs of new and established Shopify users.

Dedicated solely to conducting A/B tests, users can AB split test all of the pages within their store simultaneously if they wanted to improve conversions.

Testing results are then delivered in the format of simplified charts for easy analysis. With a single click, marketers can proceed to select the best-performing pages to publish on their store.

From what we’ve heard, customers have already begun to respond positively to Trident’s intuitive UX and 24/7 customer service.

However, this comes as no surprise to us, since Trident AB is currently boasting a 5-star rating via the Shopify App Store.

The Benefits of Trident AB

The Trident AB - A/B Test Products application is especially beneficial to new Shopify store owners, as it offers a much easier way to select pages to test and publish compared to other marketing apps.

Trident also features an integrated dashboard where users can easily view their test results in seconds instead of having to interpret in-depth spreadsheets.

From where we are standing, the store owners who are unfamiliar with A/B testing now have access to a customer service team who are dedicated to introducing the app’s; benefits, setup and implementation process - so, why wait any longer?

Trident AB on The AB Split Testing Solution

Clyde Schumaker, the Head of Communications at Trident AB stated:

- “A/B testing is critical to your online marketing efforts. This is why so many apps charge per test or require users to purchase a suite of additional features users don’t need just to access their A/B testing function.
- Trident AB provides unlimited A/B testing, including simultaneous A/B testing, with both a free and paid plan.
- Store owners can also get access to one of the highest-rated customer service teams on Shopify. Shop owners can test pages and replace them with optimised versions in a few clicks.
- Trident AB is the simplest way to A/B test pages on your Shopify store.”

Free Trial

Are you ready to explore the wonders of Trident AB for yourself? Shopify stores can now take advantage of a 5-day free trial to explore the solution's capabilities.

What are your thoughts on this application for merchants on Shopify to conduct simplified A/B tests with? Reach out and let us know.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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