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The Best Shopify Ecommerce Themes For 2021

The Best Shopify Ecommerce Themes For 2021↘

As a Shopify design agency, it’s our role here at Karmoon to help you to create a store that doesn’t just look nice but is effective in its role of helping you to convert browsers into loyal customers. What’s more, a good website theme should assist your business in achieving its goals.

In this post, we will walk through the best Shopify ecommerce themes for 2021 going by their popularity. So, sit back, relax and grab a cup of something caffeinated while we introduce you to a potentially perfect Shopify theme for your store.

Shopify Design: Online Store 2.0

Before we dive in and introduce you to the flawless crowd of; Prestige, Impulse, Warehouse, Motion and Expanse, we’d first like to talk about the key features of Online Store 2.0 for merchants who choose a corresponding theme.

In a nutshell, Online Store 2.0 provides Shopify merchants with a next-level standard of customisation and speed. With one of the platform’s OS2.0 themes, businesses will find that their ability to personalise and adapt their ecommerce presence on the web has never been easier.

To get started, simply use the drag-and-drop sections and blocks to create custom pages throughout your store without the need for writing a single line of code.

Extra Features

With OS2.0, merchants now have access to even more features with over 20+ sections to play with. From; product sale points, meta fields, collection templates and more, there’s an endless selection of features to choose from.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep current customers shopping? Cross-selling allows you to do just that, keeping the steady flow of custom rolling with consumers who already know and love your business.

With product recommendations, you can expect more from your customers and in turn, they can expect more from your store. So, push the limits of your current inventory and witness a surge in cart upsells with helpful customer suggestions.

Powerful Promotions

Keep your customers shopping with maximised product awareness with Shopify’s versatile custom promotion designer. If you didn’t know, the designer is now available for all merchants to utilise, no matter what template they choose.

If that wasn’t enough, here is a list of new integrated features that Shopify offers merchants who utilise any theme on the Shopify Theme Store:

Cart & Checkout

  • Cart notes
  • In-store pickups
  • Quick buy
  • Slide-out cart

Marketing & Conversion

  • Cross-selling
  • Quick view
  • Recently viewed
  • Recommended products
  • Stock counter
  • Store locator
  • A customisable contact form
  • A company blog
  • In-menu promos
  • Press coverage
  • Product badges
  • Promo banners
  • Promo popups
  • Promo tiles
  • FAQ page
  • Product reviews
  • Trust badges


  • High-resolution images
  • Image galleries
  • Image rollover
  • Image zoom
  • Lookbooks
  • Slideshows
  • Colour swatches
  • Product options
  • Product tabs
  • Product videos
  • Shipping and delivery information
  • Size chart
  • Usage information
  • Animation

Product Search & Discovery

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Collection page navigation
  • Enhanced search
  • Megamenu
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Sticky header
  • Recently viewed products
  • Recommended products

So, now that you’ve seen what the themes can do, let’s take a glance at each one individually:

N0.1: Prestige - $250 USD

Introducing Prestige, a premium theme with a high-end brand appeal. This Shopify design has been curated specifically for; clothing, accessory, health, beauty, business, equipment and supply stores.

The theme was designed by Maestrooo with the physical stores that lead with editorial and visual storytelling content in mind.

There is a vast array of businesses utilising the Prestige Shopify theme. Here’s a few examples where the Shopify design can be seen in action:


N0.2: Impulse - $310

Impulse is a Shopify design that has been crafted by experts for fashionable and flexible stores that require a proven design with powerful promotions.

According to the platform, this is one of the best ecommerce Shopify themes for stores of any inventory size within the; clothing, accessories, health, beauty, sports or recreation industries.

The theme was designed by Archetype Themes with; physical stores that need to communicate via visual storytelling content with their customers.

The Ecommerce Stores Using Impulse

Want to see the Impulse Shopify theme in action? Check out the stores below for further examples:


N0.3: Warehouse - $250 USD

Warehouse is a theme that has been designed to display and promote a large catalogue of products. More specifically, this theme is well suited for; electronic, home, garden, sports and recreation stores.

The theme was designed by Maestrooo with the stores that want to; drop ship, run flash sales and sell internationally at the forefront of this design.

The Ecommerce Stores Using Warehouse

Want to see the Warehouse Shopify theme in action? Check out the stores below for further examples:


N0.4: Motion - $310 USD

Motion is a theme that brings brands to life through the power of animation and video, well suited for; food, drink, health, beauty, clothing and accessory stores.

The theme was designed by Archetype Themes with; physical, high volume and visual storytelling stores in mind.

The Ecommerce Stores Using Motion

What does the Motion Shopify theme look like for merchants? Here are a handful of store examples where the Shopify design can be seen in motion. See what we did there?


N0.5: Expanse - $310 USD

Introducing Expanse, a clean, versatile theme for large inventories, well suited for; food, drink, health, beauty, home and garden stores.

The theme was designed by Archetype Themes with; physical, high volume and dropshipping stores in mind.

Just like the other themes on this list, Expanse comes with flexible, well-designed blocks for images, products, video, quotes and more. To learn more about sections and blocks, visit the Shopify Help Centre for further information.

The Ecommerce Stores Using Expanse

There is a community of businesses utilising the Expanse Shopify theme and here are just a few examples where the Shopify design can be seen in motion:


The Shopify Theme Store Promise

It’s Shopify’s mission to make the world of commerce better for everyone and to date, the platform has already assisted over 1 million independent businesses.

Part of fulfilling this promise means that Shopify endlessly ensures that the platform has beautiful and versatile, mobile-friendly themes available to its users so that merchants can build and customise their online store.

This is just one of how Shopify go above and beyond for their customers, so let’s take a closer look at the additional guarantees together:

  • Themes discovered on the Shopify Theme Store are guaranteed to remain up to date and work seamlessly with Shopify’s ever-growing feature set.
  • Every theme in the Theme Store will undoubtedly meet Shopify’s performance standards, ensuring that a faster shopping experience is achievable for customers.
  • Merchants can try the theme for free with their products, brand colours and customisations. If you like what you see, all that’s needed here is the one-time payment to publish your store’s new theme.
  • Merchants can access free stock photos from Shopify Burst.
  • Merchants can access the latest theme features and fixes from Shopify’s Theme Store. What’s more, a purchase is downloadable at any time so you can make decisions and changes to your ecommerce store when the moment is right.
  • Payment entitles Shopify merchants to use their chosen theme on a single store and it can be kept for as long as you’d like.

What do you think of our guide to the best Shopify ecommerce themes for 2021? Have we missed out on a theme that deserves to be on this list? Reach out and let us know.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to get started!

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