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Protecting Store Data With The Rewind Shopify App

Protecting Store Data With The Rewind Shopify App↘

Have you ever considered safeguarding the data in your Shopify store? If the answer is no, let us be the first to tell you that you should probably start thinking about it.

Why? Let us put it this way: if the unexpected happened and your website went down, your company could lose hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective orders if shoppers are unable to browse and place an order with your store.

However, with the assistance of the Rewind Shopify app, merchants can rest easy, knowing that the programme will give them control over their data, allowing them to restore anything from a single image to a whole store.

So, for today’s guide, we are going to dive deep into the functionality of the Rewind app for stores on Shopify and Shopify Plus:

The Rewind App: Functionalities 🤹

If your store's data isn't secure and you're looking for some help, we know just the thing that will get your business back on track.

Introducing Rewind, the tool that functions as a lifesaver, giving the greatest data backup defense on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Having said that, if Rewind is incorporated into a business strategy, the worst-case scenario wouldn't occur, as the backup process would make it impossible to lose store data on Shopify.

However, if Rewind were to be included within a business strategy, the worst-case scenario would not occur, as the backup procedure ensures that store data on Shopify is never lost.

N0.1: Automated Backups

Did you know that Shopify can't assist merchants with data recovery? The Rewind app, on the other hand, is used to back up data for online stores daily. So don't worry, Rewind has got you covered.

N0.2: Peace of Mind

Many businesses will have hoped for the possibility of being able to undo their last steps at some point in the past, but with Rewind, Shopify merchants can relax knowing that their store is safe and secure.

N0.3: Get Support

Over 100,000+ organisations have benefited from the solution's award-winning team of professionals. For further information, look at the Shopify App Store reviews.

The Top-Rated Backup Application

Did you know that Rewind is Shopify and Shopify Plus' most popular backup application? That's right, the Rewind app is the most convenient way for Shopify businesses to back up their store's data and erase unwanted changes.

Additionally, the app provides store owners with peace of mind by automatically backing up the most crucial data for each business.

To take advantage of the service, retailers only need to set it and forget it, to take care of their store's data security.

The Purpose of Automated Backups 💿

If you're not sure why automated backups are so vital for online stores, take a look at the list below:

  • Even while Shopify backs up all of its data, merchants are unable to access it, therefore the Rewind app is critical for data recovery.
  • Let's face it, no one enjoys exporting CSV files to complete manual backups. The procedure is both hard and time-consuming, but with Rewind's help, the task will be taken off of your hands.
  • Some Shopify integrations have been known to mistakenly change or remove products. However, if this happens, retailers need not worry because all data, including; pricing, shipping rates and more, can be corrected in seconds with Rewind's solution.
  • We're all human and we all make mistakes, but in the event of a major blunder, merchants can quickly repair the error rather than losing hours of effort on-site.

The Rewind App: Setting Up

To get started with the Rewind Shopify app, go to the application page on the Shopify App Store and click 'Add app' to install Rewind Backups.

Then choose a plan and relax with a cup of coffee, knowing that Rewind will back up your shop every day and give you a copy of the weekly summary.

The Rewind App: Back Ups 💾

The Rewind Shopify app maintains a continuous backup of entire stores across the platform, backing up more item types than any other solution.

This means that Shopify merchants will be able to restore; products, product images, product descriptions, blog posts, Shopify themes, theme files, customer orders, customer lists, saved searches, website pages, menu navigation, store policies, locations, shipping zones, gift cards, metadata and more.

The Rewind App: Restorative Data

Should disaster strike, Rewind can help Shopify stores recover their data in minutes, giving them the choice to restore a single item, a collection of products, or an entire store.

Secure & GDPR Compliant ✔️

Connections to Shopify are always made securely, following GDPR legislation as merchant information is kept safe and secure in the master Rewind Vault.


All plans with Rewind run from month to month. Therefore, recurring charges such as monthly or usage-based charges will be billed once every 30 days.

7-Day Free Trial

The Rewind Shopify app is the only backup application to be approved by the Shopify Plus Certified App Program.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to protect your store alongside 100,000+ organisations who trust Rewind to protect their cloud data.

Get started with a 7-day free trial by clicking the link provided.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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