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SEON Unveils Fraud Prevention App For Shopify

SEON Unveils Fraud Prevention App For Shopify

9th November 2021
5 Minute Read

On November 3rd, SEON - the fraud-fighting company announced that their fraud prevention app is now available for merchants on Shopify to utilise.


Written by Madeleine

9th November 2021
5 Minute Read

Fraud Prevention App 🔒

SEON’s new app delivers smarter fraud checks to reduce; chargebacks lost payments and goods which are powered by AI and machine learning to 1.75 million Shopify merchants across the globe.

Introducing SEON

SEON is a company that assists a magnitude of online business in the fightback against fraud. Built to adapt and access, SEON’s solution removes the barriers where fraud prevention is required.

With a; 30 day-free-trial, rapid integration and pay-as-you-go flexibility in its midst, SEON is the simplified, modern method to fight fraud online.

The company's technology combines both signals and digital footprint data to wean out false accounts and prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on any given merchant website.

Additionally, AI and machine learning adapt to how different businesses evaluate risk. So, essentially, SEON stops fraud before it happens with unbeatable; speed, scale, depth and breadth, all while running in the background with a frictionless business and consumer experience.

The Fraud Prevention App By SEON

Typically, merchants of all sizes have the same; privacy, fraud and banking concerns, but many smaller businesses will struggle to afford to fund large teams of security experts and/ or custom enterprise-grade solutions.

However, with no technical or fraud risk knowledge required, SEON’s fraud prevention app offers merchants an; advanced, flexible and transparent Shopify app integration that can be set up in just one click.

The SEON fraud prevention app has been created to ensure a frictionless customer experience, as the solution works to reduce losses and increase profits by enhancing Shopify’s fraud defences.

Additionally, SEON’s Shopify app integration amplifies protection for online businesses whilst utilising automated real-time data checks alongside assigned risk scores that are powered by the company's intelligent scoring engine as a defence.

Analysing Digital Footprints

With SEON’s industry-leading device fingerprinting and data enrichment technology at play, customers’ digital footprints can be compiled and analysed.

For instance, data such as; visited websites, email addresses and information previously submitted to online services will leave a trail of publicly available data that SEON’s Shopify app integration will be able to access.

Alongside this, the application will have the ability to check over 35 social media and online signals.

By any means, a fraudster would not be able to match this scale; depth or breadth of social and digital footprints in today’s highly connected world.

As a result, the analysis of this fraud prevention app will seamlessly enable vendors to radically improve their risk assessment accuracy, whilst reducing false declines, ensuring that orders are 100% legitimate before they are fulfiled.

Currently, SEON is offering a free life plan to Shopify users so that even the smallest of businesses will be able to access the latest cutting-edge tool kit in fraud protection.

The Shopify App Integration

“Merchants of all sizes want to understand and simplify their fraud-fighting efforts, but today’s enterprise solutions are too difficult and expensive for smaller online businesses to integrate.
Most AI and black-box machine learning fraud detection solutions also keep the actual fundamentals of how they fight fraud a secret and how risk assessments are made, making it hard for merchants to understand why a transaction is declined.
We’re democratising fraud-fighting with fully transparent, simple and powerful solutions that allow any size business to use enterprise-grade fraud prevention software to better protect their operations.” - Tamas Kadar, the CEO at SEON

To learn more about SEON’s Shopify app integration, visit the Shopify App Store for further information.

So, what are your thoughts on the fraud prevention app by SEON? Reach out and let us know.

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