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Black Friday VS Cyber Monday Statistics On Shopify

Black Friday VS Cyber Monday Statistics On Shopify

If you’re as excited as we are after the buzz of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. you’ll be pleased to know that today we’re going to take an in-depth look at Black Friday vs Cyber Monday statistics on the platform.

The total amount of sales made across Shopify hit a record-breaking high, accumulating to a total of nearly 2.9 billion dollars on Black Friday.

As compared to last year’s Black Friday online shopping sales, the figures show that sales for 2021 are up by 21%. This is huge news for the ecommerce platform that calls for a well-deserved bow of respect.

This news comes after a year that would have been a tough act to follow due to the pandemic, not to mention the increased amount of time that consumers spend shopping for goods online.

If this wasn’t already a cause of celebration, the figures for Black Friday online shopping sales in 2021 have surpassed previous Black Friday figures since the platform doubled their calculated income as compared to the 2019 event.


Merchants utilising Shopify earned peak sales of 3.1 million per minute at 12:02 PM EST during Black Friday this year and crossed the 1 billion dollar marker at around 4 AM EST.

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Sales

Shopify saw an increase in mobile sales, with 72% of purchases taking place across mobile and tablet devices, as opposed to 28% of purchases being processed on the desktop.

For those of you who are wondering where the money is in regards to some of the most popular product categories sold during this year's Black Friday event, the top listings for 2021 are; apparel and accessories, health and beauty and home and garden.

Top Selling Countries

The top-selling countries recorded by Shopify for the Black Friday online shopping event includes; the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Harvey Finkelstein, the President of Shopify commented:

- “Every year, Black Friday represents one of the largest single-day sales moments for entrepreneurs around the world and this year it was bigger than ever.
- From in-store retailers to online and even viral Tik-Tok must-haves, these Black Friday sales show that independent businesses are having a massive impact on global commerce. Consumer support of independent brands is at an all-time high.”

Doing Good, Removing Carbon 🌱🌎

While Shopify merchants occupied themselves by; taking, fulfilling and shipping orders to their customers, the platform was pretty busy too, funding the removal of 23,000 tonnes of carbon, to combat emissions from delivery of every order made using Shopify’s platform on Black Friday.

Sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

The number of sales made by merchants across the globe from Black Friday to Cyber Monday in 2021 reached a record-breaking high of 6.3 billion dollars, hitting the peak on Friday at 3.1 million.

However, the good times didn’t stop rolling there, as 60K tonnes of carbon emissions have now been offset, according to Black Friday vs Cyber Monday statistics.

Well done Shopify, well done. We also have to say a huge congratulations to Shopify-powered businesses everywhere who are already on the platform. We bet you're glad you made that move when you did.

Even if you hadn’t heard of Shopify before, you’d have to admit that these figures are extremely impressive. However, we know that many of you are here to rejoice about the platform that you love - or to see what it is that you’re missing out on.

If your business falls into the latter category, it shouldn’t. Just think, all of this success and every year it just keeps on getting better -what is there to think about?

Who knows? Next year, your business could be in the midst of Shopify’s Black Friday online shopping success story.

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