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Shopify Design: Beauty Shop Online Inspiration

Shopify Design: Beauty Shop Online Inspiration

30th October 2019
28 Minute Read

Today’s content is for all of you who are looking for inspiration to up the game of your beauty shop online with a stunning Shopify design.


Written by Louie

30th October 2019
28 Minute Read

Beauty Shop Online Website Design Inspiration 💄

In today’s article, we are going to be walking through a list of 32 ecommerce website examples that we believe to be the best on the web and yes you’ve guessed it, they all reside in the beauty industry.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is new ecommerce, or well established on Shopify, because today’s content is for all of you who are looking for inspiration to up the game of your beauty shop online.

So, let’s take a look together at how the following brands are approaching ecommerce and where your Shopify design could pick up a new trick or two:

Frank Body

First up on our list is Frank Body, a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand that came to be as five friends sat drinking coffee, discussing their industry-altering idea: a humble coffee scrub.

Today, Frank Body's mission is to remove the hyperbole that saturates the skincare industry and make clean skincare fun. From the looks of things, we can safely say that they're succeeding on the mission which all began with a great website.

We'd recommend checking out this beauty shop online to discover some inspiration for your Shopify design.

Be sure to take notice of how Frank Body pay attention to every small detail, to create the ultimate user experience and a seamless connection between the store and the customer.

We'd say that's super smart design and development which many Shopify theme templates offer merchants on the platform.

Need some help? Call in the Shopify experts and we'll come running.

Frank Body

Uruoi skincare

In Japanese "uruoi" simply means moisture, blessing and fulfilment. Inspired by this belief, Uruoi became established as a skincare brand in 1989.

Uruoi sees water as a blessing for the skin so naturally, this is one of the core elements that make up the brand's skincare collection.

We're going to be seeing many beautiful websites that can serve as inspiration for your store's Shopify design, as they practise the latest coding technology, but for us, there's no other website that utilises whitespace quite like Uruoi.

When black and white are used in conjunction with each other, this is a combination of complete opposites which conveys a powerful message to website visitors. On its own, white projects cleanliness, purity and peace, which perfectly represents Uruoi wouldn't you agree?


Kylie Cosmetics

In 2015, Kylie Lip Kits became established as a business, renowned for its liquid lipstick and lip liner duo cosmetic kits. Since this time, the company has evolved, making many changes along the way, including its name.

Formerly known as Kylie Lip Kits, the company was renamed 'Kylie Cosmetics' and in recent weeks, this Shopify design has undergone yet another revamp, as the business has moved towards a clean and vegan-friendly approach for product production.

For several weeks, the website was under maintenance, but we are pleased to say that the new and improved site can now be viewed and continues to impress.

We love the seamless transition between Kylie (the cosmetic aspect of the business) and Skin (the skincare aspect of the business), as it has made shopping between both brands super easy for the customer. All that’s needed here is a choice between left or right on the website’s navigation header.

As to be expected, Kylie’s website is naturally aesthetic, with thoughtful colourways, pleasing product packaging, crisp photography and ease of navigation. These factors are everything that you would expect from an established business website and we have to say that the Kylie Cosmetics website surely does provide its customers with a positive shopping experience.

Fancy a something similar for your business? As a Shopify development agency, we can offer our support.

Kylie Cosmetics


Since 2008, Oxygenetix has paved the way for new frontiers in the cosmeceutical world, as their Oxygenetix Foundation is the first and only of its kind. Never before has there been a foundation that covers compromised skin while supporting the healing process.

This website is a perfect demonstration of how smooth transitions and aesthetic appearance affect customer experience. Take a look around for yourself and tell us if you think their website isn't flawless.

Then, once you've finished having a browse, make a note of what you'd like to feature across your Shopify design.



Kinfield was created by Nichole Powell, with the hope of inspiring happier, healthier lives through the great outdoors. The business journey began with a camping trip to Yosemite and has resulted in an impressive collection of clean alternatives that reflects the freedom of being in the great outdoors.

Here at Karmoon, we love how this particular beauty shop online uses colour psychology to allow its customers to feel in sync with the brand's ethos. Right now, their pages are filled with hues of blue, orange and white.

Here's a quick overview of how blue and orange are perceived by digital users when visiting the Kinfield website:

Orange: Creative, young, outgoing and enthusiastic.

Blue: Calm, dependable, tranquil, strong and reliable.

Fancy utilising a bit of colour psychology within your Shopify design? Check out this store to see how the pros are doing it.



Twice is an online beauty shop that is centred around wellness for your mouth, but its story began back in 2015. Through years of research, development and focused collaboration with industry experts, Twice have created a cleaner vitamin-enriched toothpaste.

If you head over to their website, you'll be impressed with the visually distinct page layout that can be seen across the website, which is one of the most important goals for any Shopify design and beauty shop online to achieve.

Take it from us, we are Shopify experts afterall.

In Layman’s terms, this is a way of maintaining a fluid user journey and engaging user experience. Think about it logically, it could never be a bad thing when an individual browsing your website does not need to think about how to find or do something and can just simply do it.


Carbon Beauty

The next of our wonderful ecommerce website examples that we are going to share for some serious Shopify design inspiration is Carbon Beauty, which was founded upon the idea that customers deserve a better platform to explore and purchase beauty products.

We couldn't agree more, it's super important for any beauty shop online to put its customers at the forefront of everything that they do. Additionally, we love the flawless transitions on this website too and there's no reason why more Shopify sites can't be like this.

Check out their homepage and see how the elements move in different directions, but seemingly work so well together?

We love stumbling across websites like this that implement the creative design at their very core. That is what makes an ecommerce store stand out from the rest.

Carbon Beauty


Harrys was created to be different from other shaving companies that overcharge for over-designed razors. Instead, they wanted simple, high-quality products that felt good to use at a fair price.

The two men behind this mission are Jeff and Andy. We think this site reflects their mission and has achieved consistency and flow, which is one of the most important practical aspects of user experience flow and continuity of the user’s journey.

This is why they have made it onto our list of ecommerce website examples and we can't help but ask if your Shopify design has "the flow"?


Beard Brand

Beardbrand aspires to make high-quality products for beardsmen accessible. Their grooming products are made with natural ingredients to scrap what's not needed and use what is. It's all about keeping things simple and at the end of the day, Beardbrand just wants men to have a good experience with their products.

Sleek and stylish, classy and elegant, this website is a great example for any Shopify design that is looking to provide a surge of masculinity and gentleman-like vibes, which is exactly what we are getting from this website. What do you think of this store's aesthetic?

We can honestly say as a team of Shopify developers and designers that this store is one of our favourites.



Founded in 1996, Bliss ignited the modern spa revolution and championed skincare as a self-care clean, cruelty-free brand.

Now, more than two decades later, this beauty shop online leverages that unique spa experience with the newest ingredients and skincare innovation to make products that are affordable and crazy-effective.

If you didn’t already know, full-page headers are the way to go if you want your ecommerce store to ooze modern characteristics in 2021. This can be seen via the Bliss website.

A popular set-up involves placing call-to-action buttons (or text) to the right of your webpage, ultimately making website navigation a breeze for the site’s visitors. Take a look around and check out how the Bliss website puts these theories into motion. Perhaps you could make simiiliar adjustments to your Shopify design?



The next of our website examples that should provide some Shopify design inspiration for your store is Plenaire, which offers a promise to its customers - to deliver products that celebrate your skincare chemistry. Naturally, all products are 100% vegan, clean and sustainable which means that their packaging is fully recyclable and BPA-free.

We love that mission and their website of the strip back and focus of course principles is nothing less than what you'd expect from this brand.

When it comes to ecommerce design, there is such a thing as too much, but you know what they say? Less is more. It would seem that Plenaire agrees with this, as they have done well to avoid jam-packed pages, elements and distracting typography.

Websites that don't execute the clean layout Plenaire may run the risk of website visitors bouncing elsewhere, which is of course not what a successful website will hope to aim for.



Our guess is that some of the world's best Shopify designers will be inspired by many of the web designs listed within today's guide and Glowbar is a brand that is committed to creating a listening environment that drives results for everyone.

Rachel, the founder of the company has stated that the businesses most singular mission is to make people feel confident in their skin.

Glowbar is another of the fantastic ecommerce website examples featured in this article that demonstrate smooth, professional and easy navigation with an effortless layout.


Bali Body

Over 6 years ago, a young Australian couple had the vision to create natural and vegan-friendly suncare products.

The tropical island of Bali provided them with endless inspiration to create a brand inspired by the sunshine that delivers bronzed skin better than any other. This is how the Bali Body beauty shop online came to be.

Each page has a single definitive purpose and Bali Body are using their website layout to its fullest capabilities to ensure that customers can find and view the products that they are looking for with ease.

For example, a product page should show clear information about that item available to purchase in your beauty shop online, the checkout page should contain what is required for the user to complete a purchase and the contact page should contain the details in which an individual could contact you (or a team member of the company).

The bottom line is to keep things in their place within your Shopify design to offer ease of navigation for the customer like Bali Body has on their website.

Need some help with your brand's Shopify development? Our team are on standby ready to roll.



The calling behind the next of our ecommerce website examples is to give people with kinky, curly hair gentle, effective solutions.

If you're looking where improvements can be made on your online beauty store and its Shopify design, our advice would be to ensure that you understand both your web visitor’s needs and demands.

Take a look at LivSo, their website is full of information that their customers may wish to know, from their story to customer testimonials and expert advice on hand, it is clear that this company website understands the importance of fulfilling customer requirements.


Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay is a huge platform, so it has to operate effectively for every website visitor they receive.

Right now, the website displays a fun dual-screen personality on their homepage which allows each side to move independently from the other.

It's a cool twist from the usual designs and layouts that we see here at Karmoon which is why Beauty Bay stays at the top of its game in the world of online beauty and cosmetics.

Thinking of getting started with a fun and playful Shopify design? Our team of Shopify developers and experts will be able to help.

Beauty Bay

Kim Kardashian Beauty

KKW Beauty is a brand that primarily focuses on bringing its customers the latest in cosmetics that follow the beloved nude tones and styles of Kim Kardashian West. Popular products include; lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, contour powders and eye shadow palettes.

Given the enthusiasm to own the key to Kim's favourite beauty products and techniques, we'd expect this Shopify design to reflect nothing less than her love for shades of pink, brown, nude and everything in between.

This beauty shop online incorporates several interactive video elements on the homepage that will do well to capture the attention of website visitors. These elements and placements would have been carefully considered so that they would not distract the customer, but enhance their experience of the site.

KKW Beauty

Benefit Cosmetics

The Ford twins are the founders behind the beloved cosmetics brand Benefit Cosmetics. Originally from Indiana, the two farm girls turned into successful models & makeup artists before moving to San Francisco to take on a new approach to beauty.

As we're sure that you know, UI pretty much refers to the visual side of a website and how appealing the presentation is to the human eye.

The Benefit Cosmetics website has enforced smooth, uninterrupted, and engaging transitions, alongside a fast loading speed to keep customers happy which is something that Karmoon's Shopify design team is all for.

Benefit Cosmetics

Content Beauty Wellbeing

Content Beauty & Wellbeing was founded in 2008 to provide a home for the new wave of natural and organic beauty that was taking shape in the cosmetics industry and 2018 saw them steadily evolve into a department store, created for all brands of the future.

How's that for an impressive beauty shop online? This brand is showing how simplicity can be utilised to a businesses advantage. We just love their ethos of respecting both the planet and its people. This is their carefully crafted simplicity at work again.

It's so simple, but this one will stay with us for a while and it could become part of your Shopify site and its persona too if you feel like following in this store's footsteps.

Content Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury

With over 28 years of experience, Charlotte Tilbury has distinguished herself and her beauty store online as a true creative visionary and self-innovator. By decoding her expertise into transformative makeup tricks and tools that are easy to use, choose and shop, we'd say the customers are at the forefront of everything that this brand does.

We're sure that you've heard of this lady and her endless line of cosmetic products. If you haven't you should check out Charlotte's website for inspiration. This is one of our favourite ecommerce website examples in today's post.

We know that we say that a lot, but as Shopify design agency, we find it hard not to admire many ecommerce website designs on the net.

Charlotte Tilbury


Have you heard about Glossybox? This brand's core focus is to provide a personalised, educational and fun experience for anyone who’s looking for a monthly box subscription.

We just love their quirky ideas and innovative box subscription ideas. It's no surprise that their website reflects that same creativity and aesthetic. Customers will find everything they need with easy access to everything they could ask for.

The Glossybox website is a wonderful example of how a beauty shop online can run smoothly, clearly and effectively, whilst providing its customers with so much goodness.

Are you thinking about setting up a Shopify subscription for your business? Reach out and drop us a line if you need any help.


Fenty Beauty

Founded by the sensation that is Rihanna, for the founder herself, Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin is everything that she wished she had way back when.

Ultimately, Rihanna wanted her brands to feel approachable and easy for others while taking the pressure off of choosing a makeup routine, so she created one for everyone to use.

Just like one of the other ecommerce website and Shopify design examples mentioned above in this article, Fenty Beauty also sports that dual-screen feature in the form of a small header that allows the user to surf Fenty Skin while staying in the realms of Fenty Beauty. That's a clever design and development for the customer.

Fenty Beauty


If you haven't heard of Beauty Pie, let us be the first to tell you that this brand is the epitome of all things girly. With features in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle, Beauty Pie isn’t so much disrupting the industry, as blowing it wide open.

This is a great website to take design inspiration from if you are looking to up the game of your beauty shop on Shopify that's also geared towards women.

Beauty Pie


The humble beginning of Olaplex started in a small California garage in 2014. Since this time, the brand has grown exceptionally by accumulating millions of fans worldwide.

It was their “invention,” the Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate ingredient that allowed professionals to reach new heights in colour and care that put Olaplex on the map.

Hair wasn't just healthier; it took on a completely different quality to before. Blondes are brighter, brunettes are radiant as ever, and redheads are vibrant.

This website uses that carefully articulated balance of black and white to assert their authority, strength and professionalism as a business and as a group of Shopify experts we too know a thing or two about smart Shopify design.


The Body Shop

The next of our ecommerce website examples belongs to The Body Shop. We're sure that you've heard of these guys already, but we just wanted to point out how they use colour to their advantage. The bursts of tone and vibrancy are what make this brand's image so recognisable and iconic.

We often find that when it comes to web design, many ecommerce sites try to stay away from using a palette of colours as it can be distracting for visitors browsing the website, but The Body Shop has found that gap where the website would just lose all of its Body Shopness without the use of these colours.

So, if you're wondering how to get the balance just right for your Shopify design, check out their website for ideas on how they are approaching smart ecommerce design.

The Body Shop

Bare Minerals

Next up on our list of beauty shop online examples is Bare Minerals and this store could prove to be very inspirational for your Shopify design. Straight away you know what to expect from this brand by its name. It's all about stripping back to the basics. Taking what you need and leaving out what you don't. It's natural beauty at its finest and their website is in tune with this belief.

Its simplistic yet modern design can clearly show its customers the way to better skin, through the product display and easy navigational tools.

So, here's one for you if you're thinking about taking the stripped back, all-natural and down with the earth route with your store's Shopify theme.

Bare Minerals

Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic is on the larger scale of some of the website examples which we have shown here today, so if your business is already well established and you're looking for ideas for your next Shopify design re-vamp, look no further than Look Fantastic for Shopify site inspiration.

It's important to note that all of these sites are well adapted for use on a browser, as well as a mobile device. In 2021, ensuring that your website design is mobile-friendly is an absolute must. So, make sure that you check out these ecommerce website examples from your mobile or tablet device too.

Look Fantastic

Feel Unique

Since it was founded in 2005, Feelunique is now Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer. From must-have palettes to game-changing skincare, there are over 30,000 products at the customer's fingertips on this website.

If Feel Unique can maintain a website that is constantly putting the customer first at that capacity, then you all can too with an outstanding Shopify design. To do this, their philosophy is simple: beauty is more than skin deep.

It can be easy to overdesign a Shopify site, especially when it is on this scale, but sometimes the best design is large whitespace framing, which you can see on Feel Unique's homepage, partnered with professional imagery and eye-catching typography.

Feel Unique

The Lip Bar

Let's head to The Lip Bar and take a closer look at these guys and their beauty shop online for some Shopify design inspiration. As soon as you check out their homepage, you're hit with professional imagery that packs a punch immediately.

Ecommerce photography is a big deal. We're sure that you don't need us to tell you this, but the quality of photography holds much of the power in what it takes to make or break a sale.

We're thinking that dingey unprofessional-looking shots aren't going to cut it, but because you're here that's good news because you're probably looking to start fresh or revamp right?

Now's your chance to follow the advice of Shopify experts and start on the right foot and get those images up to a high standard for your store's customers.

The Lip Bar


That's right, they said it. The Lush website is, well you know and the super eye-catching videos and high-resolution shots that can be found on each of the product pages are what make this website stand out for us as well as the other website visitors they have.

When you're able to see a product in use, we can only imagine how these elements must drive sales for the company, which is why we'd recommend implementing them into your Shopify design where possible.

It sounds so simple, but so many websites still don't do this, which is why Lush is deserving of a place within this guide. How could they not be? Their website is flawless. Now we're re-thinking, could this be our favourite site design?


Milk Makeup

Have you checked out the Milk Makeup website for some Shopify design inspiration? Whitespace, whitespace everywhere. We love it. The soft and gentle brand name suggests as much, but this cosmetic company is cruelty-free. paraben-free and 100% Vegan like several others on this list.

Many cosmetic brands are gaining customers based on being clean and looking after the environment. It makes sense to us though, because if they care about what their customers are using and how the production and waste process affects the earth before and after we use their products, we'd say that's a solid business with all questions asked and answered.

Take a look at their website, they hide behind nothing. No gimmicks, no distracting imagery or typography or transitions. They are simply Milk Makeup and we respect stores like this.

Milk Makeup

Byrd Hair

Inspired by the gentleman surfer, Byrd products harken back to an era where grooming was an essential component of one's daily routine, with an enthusiastic nod to classic 60s surf culture.

Their website structure and layout are cool and unique with some interesting ideas and designs implemented here. Are there any elements of this store that you feel inspired to use within your brand's Shopify design?


Cap Beauty

Beauty is wellness according to Cap Beauty. Stocking over 150 brands, the power of plants is at work in all of them to create change, both outside and within.

They may not be the most well known on this list, but their purpose is clear so, in our book, their branding is on point and they're doing incredibly well to build an audience around this prospect which would be a definate positive for any Shopify design.

Cap Beauty

Have we missed out on a Shopify design or any other beauty shop online examples that deserve to be on this list? Reach out and let us know.

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We've got a lot more to say in our guide to the best Shopify ecommerce themes for 2021. So, if you fancy another article, dive straight in.

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