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Shopify To Create Virtual Shopping Experiences

Shopify To Create Virtual Shopping Experiences↘

The live video ecommerce and chat platform Immerss announced the rollout of its Shop Live app-only yesterday which will be available for Shopify merchants to download from the Shopify App Store.

From what we’ve heard, the Shop Live app will allow merchants on Shopify to create in-person virtual shopping experiences for their customers. With the application in place, online browsers will become connected to a sales associate through a live shoppable video via one of the most revolutionary apps for Shopify. This video will then guide the customer through the purchase experience until they reach the checkout.

The goal here is to increase customer engagement, whilst raising average order value and decreasing the rate of product returns for Shopify stores.

According to the company announcement, the application will also offer customers the services of; live video co-shopping, shoppable chat and outbound clienteling.

Essentially, the live video feature means that customers will be able to shop face-to-face with merchants and Shopify stores will be in a better position to connect with their customers in chat using a branded widget, via SMS messaging, by sharing new products, or by scheduling a one-to-one call with all sales activity tracked.

- “What's missing from ecommerce is a live sales associate who can talk more about how products; look, feel and fit, upsell customers and help people shop,” stated Arthur Veytsman, the Co-Founder and CEO of Immerss.
- In the same company announcement, Arthur also stated - “Live video commerce is rapidly emerging and redefining how brands and retailers interact with their customers to provide an elevated online shopping experience.”

Shopify saw a 76% increase in its social commerce channels between February 2020 and February 2021, with TikTok becoming the fastest-growing platform on the web.

Additionally, recent Shopify research determined that 54% of consumers aged between 18 to 34 discovered brands on social media, with 28% making purchases there.

There have been multiple waves of change for Shopify merchants in recent weeks where virtual shopping is concerned and we’ve been covering all the details.

Did you know that TikTok recently announced a new shopping solution that has been designed to manage everything for retailers on Shopify, including shipping and point of purchase? The TikTok Shopping API is scheduled to be released later this year.

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So, that’s the latest news on this virtual shopping application and we can’t wait to see how merchants begin to transform virtual experiences for their customers using this new tool. Let us know your thoughts on this update.

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