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Shopify Partnered With The Yahoo Internet Browser

Shopify Partnered With The Yahoo Internet Browser↘

Have you heard the latest news? Yahoo and Shopify are now ecommerce partners. SMBs will have access to Yahoo ConnectID and Dynamic Product Ads for quick campaign deployment to relevant audiences.

The Shopify x Yahoo Ecommerce Partnership 🤝

On September 23rd, Yahoo announced its new partnership with Shopify, which aims to link the two ecommerce platforms together, covering the SMB merchants who are already on board with Yahoo’s premium environments, Yahoo Finance and AOL.

With the deprecation of third-party cookies, advertisers such as these two ecommerce partners are now looking to collaborate more closely with publishers and ad tech partners to identify the solutions that will make their campaigns more addressable.

The Goal for Shopify and Yahoo

Through this partnership, Shopify merchants will gain access to Yahoo ConnectID, which has currently been integrated by over 3,000 publisher domains, including; Cafe Media and Newsweek.

By utilising the Yahoo internet browser ConnectID feature, merchants can feed the most relevant products to their customers who are engaging with content from those publishers.

Additionally, online users will also receive access to Yahoo’s Dynamic Product Ads, which means that merchants will be able to manage their Yahoo ad campaigns directly within Shopify’s admin. It is here that users will have the power to set up and monitor campaigns in near real-time.

According to Yahoo, before this partnership, Yahoo ConnectID had over 200 advertisers and agencies who were taking advantage of the feature, but with this particular partnership, many smaller sized merchants will be able to utilise affordable campaigns with this premium inventory.

Evolving Small-Scale Advertising 🔊

Shopify’s recent partnership with Roku achieves a similar upgrade to SMB ad campaigns, but data and identity technology are enabling smaller-scale advertisers to achieve relevant campaigns on premium streaming and online news experiences.

Through this democratisation, the ecommerce playbook is not only expanding on an international scale but it’s evolving closer to home for local and regional businesses who have the budget to target smaller segments.

Our take on this collaboration is that both ecommerce partners are aiming to open up the playing field for everyone in the industry which means that merchants of all sizes will be able to reach their targets in places where traditionally only big brands would have displayed business ads.

We here at Karmoon believe that the partnership between Shopify and the Yahoo internet browser is one that everyone has been hoping would come to fruition, no matter the parties involved because the end goal makes ecommerce marketing user-friendly for businesses of all sizes and statuses.

Yahoo and Shopify are the two platforms to watch when it comes to opening up revenue-generating opportunities for new and established merchants. What are your thoughts on this exciting partnership? Connect with us and share your thoughts.

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