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Shipfusion Joins Shopify Plus Certified App Program

Shipfusion Joins Shopify Plus Certified App Program↘

On April 26th, Shipfusion announced its entrance into the Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Program and with its powerful custom technology solutions and extensive fulfilment centres across North America, Shipfusion is an industry leader in ecommerce fulfilment.

In addition to its established distribution centres in; Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto, Shipfusion recently launched its 250,000+ square foot warehouse in Las Vegas, a growing hub for logistics companies in North America.

From what we’ve heard, Shipfusion controls all of the facilities and employs its warehouse management systems to achieve this.

Introducing Shopify Plus Partners: Shipfusion

'Shipfusion combines flexible, reliable fulfilment with powerful, real-time technology. With warehouses located across the US and Canada to support ecommerce businesses.'

In a nutshell, Shipfusion provides organisations with the best tools for launching a successful ecommerce business through its; completely managed and maintained warehouses, skilled inventory management and cutting-edge real-time technology that enable businesses to concentrate on rapid expansion.

Since this announcement, Shipfusion, the leading ecommerce fulfilment provider, has become a new member of the Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Program , joining other premium SaaS providers in its evolution.

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The Shopify Plus Certified App Program

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program is a collection of industry-leading apps that enable Shopify Plus merchants to overcome tough challenges.

Therefore, Shopify Plus certified applications have been thoroughly reviewed and satisfy Shopify's high standards for; product quality, service, performance, privacy and support.

As a result, the purpose of the Shopify Plus Certified App Program is to solve a niche problem for merchants. However, not just any business can become Shopify Plus Partners, as this regulatory list of requirements must be met before a partner can be approved.

Additionally, all Shopify Plus Certified App Partners must have a 99.9% uptime service level objective alongside establishing and maintaining an app rating greater than 4.0 after 10 reviews have been reached.

Shipfusion Have Become Shopify Plus Partners

Brandon Luft, the CEO and Co-Founder at Shipfusion stated:

- "We are excited to join the great group of companies on the Shopify Plus Certified App Program and to deepen our relationship with Shopify.
- Joining this program will allow us to service even more Shopify Plus clients and give them a world-class fulfilment experience through our software platform and within our expanding warehouse network.”

Additionally, Mark Bergen at Shopify Plus commented:

- "The Shopify Plus Certified App Program is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world's fastest-growing brands.
- We're happy to welcome Shipfusion to the program, bringing their insight and experience in ecommerce fulfilment to the Shopify Plus merchant community."

To discover how the Shipfusion Shopify Plus app can benefit merchants and their customers on Shopify, click here.

So, what are your thoughts on Shipfusion becoming one of the latest Shopify Plus Partners to join the platform? Reach out and let us know.

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