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Rebuy App Joins Shopify Plus Certified App Program

Rebuy App Joins Shopify Plus Certified App Program↘

It was announced earlier today that the no-code omnichannel personalisation platform known as Rebuy has joined the Shopify Plus Certified App Partner program for brands on the platform to utilise.

It has been stated that the Rebuy app was hand-selected to join the Certified App Partner program due to its unique suite of ecommerce offerings which places the company into the service categories of; Conversion Optimisation, Personalisation and Upsell and Checkout Conversion.

The combination of characteristics that the Rebuy app possesses is the first-of-its-kind among Certified App Partners on Shopify.

Rebuy uniquely offers Shopify merchants a full suite of personalisation, marketing and retention services, not to mention white-glove support and a custom shopping cart functionality which makes the application truly stand out from the crowd.

The Rebuy App

Founded by two brothers in 2017, Rebuy began its journey by empowering Shopify stores of all sizes across the globe, offering personalised shopping experiences to their customers.

Each experience is designed to; increase conversions, boost the average order value (AOV) and enable businesses to retain their customers.

The Rebuy app utilises; using data-driven upsells, cross-sells and post-purchase follow-ups to achieve this.

Trusted by thousands of top retailers worldwide including; Something Navy, Fanjoy and Primal Kitchen, Rebuy's powerful technology is redefining data-powered shopping experiences.

Mark Bergen, the Vice President of Revenue at Shopify stated:

- "The Shopify Plus Certified App program is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the world's fastest-growing brands. We're happy to welcome Rebuy to the program, bringing their insight and experience to the Plus merchant community."

John Erck, the Co-Founder at Rebuy also commented:

- "This certification marks a major milestone and reflects Rebuy's high standards of quality and service. We are proud to be recognised by Shopify as a trusted technology partner with the capability to help merchants dramatically accelerate their growth."

Smart Cart

Smart Cart is the all-in-one intelligent shopping cart replacement that was designed and released exclusively for Shopify earlier this year.

In a nutshell, Smart Cart solves the key challenges that merchants face at a critical point in the buyer's journey.

By combining cutting-edge cart technology with best practices, online businesses can now increase their store's customer lifetime value (LTV) and average order value (AOV) whist instantly improving their shopping experience with Smart Cart.

Case Study: Kion

Kion, the Shopify Plus merchant and provider of health supplements/ functional foods shared the results that their team are now enjoying thanks to the Rebuy app.

Benjamin Nutt, the Ecommerce Manager at Kion stated:

- "When we implemented Rebuy, we saw a spike in sales right out of the gate and it didn't go away. Our conversion rate increased by 86% and our average order value increased by 19%.
- Rebuy has become our platform of comparison when we consider adding new pieces to our tech stack."

Additionally, Matt Kanfer, the Ecommerce Specialist at Kion added:

- "Rebuy's Smart Cart has been a game-changer for our online store. Its seamless integration and endless customisation have allowed us to boost AOV and conversion rate while also offering a streamlined user experience."

The Shopify Plus Certified App program

In short, the Shopify Plus Certified App program is a cohort of industry-leading apps that work to solve the complex and unique challenges that Shopify Plus merchants face.

Shopify Plus Certified Apps are fully vetted as they do well to provide a level of; product quality, service, performance, privacy and support levels that meet Shopify's exceptional standards.

To bolster Rebuy's team of innovators even further whilst bringing the revolutionary platform closer to the merchants who want to grow their Shopify business, Rebuy has also announced its appointment of Nick Hein as the company’s new Director of Sales.

To discover the full extent of benefits that the Rebuy app presents for Shopify Plus customers, click the link provided.

So, what are your thoughts on the Rebuy app becoming one of the latest members to join the Shopify Plus Certified App program? Reach out and let us know.

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