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Pinterest Shopify Checkout Integration Unveiled

Pinterest Shopify Checkout Integration Unveiled↘

Have you heard the latest news? The announcement of the Shopify checkout page for merchants on Pinterest made its noteworthy debut during Pinterest's annual advertising summit on March 10th.

For businesses on Shopify, browsers will now be able to complete their transactions from a store on Shopify without leaving the application via a Pinterest Shopify checkout page.

Furthermore, the company announced at the Pinterest Presents event that there will be several new features coming soon to its platform.

Right now, however, all eyes and ears are on the release of the Shopify checkout page, which has supposedly been a long-standing request from its users.

Introducing the Pinterest Shopify Checkout Integration

As stated above, the new Pinterest Shopify checkout integration has been made possible by utilising a native tool, which is now in beta testing for many Shopify stores based within the United States.

Additionally, the Pinterest platform intends to employ a new shopping application programming interface (API) to streamline its catalogue uploading and updating processes.

Furthermore, the company is also said to be working with Tan France, a retail personality, to launch the ‘Your Shop’ feature, which is thought to work as a customised concierge, providing unique commerce pages based on the actions and preferences of each customer.

As a result, this is expected to be effective when it comes to driving shoppers to the Shopify checkout page.

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Did You Know?

Pinterest claims that monthly customers on the platform spend twice as much as those on competing platforms and according to the business, brands with merchant details on their profile are 16% more likely to generate a sale.

As a result, the Pinterest Shopify integration was established to collect potential sales as displayed within these statistics.

Furthermore, Pinterest is also expanding its Trends platform for users based in the UK, the United States and Canada alongside other countries that are expected to appear later this year.

Pinterest’s Ecommerce Augmented Reality Tool

Pinterest is also rumoured to be working on a new augmented reality feature that will allow customers to virtually explore home décor options before making a purchase.

‘Try On’ for Home Décor products will be a new approach for Pinners to pursue items that catch their eye, allowing users to arrange the items in a virtual space via an augmented reality tool and a Pinterest Lens camera.

The Shopify Checkout Page

Jeremy King, the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Pinterest stated:

- “Since the pandemic began, we’re seeing more digitally savvy shoppers than ever before, as millions of people now expect virtual and mobile options to try before they buy, see personalised recommendations and gather information as part of their decision-making process.”

So, what are your thoughts on the unveiled Pinterest Shopify checkout integration? Reach out and let us know.

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