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Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

25th January 2022
12 Minute Read

We are going to turn our attention towards Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS which is considered to be the best email marketing app for Shopify.


Written by Madeleine

25th January 2022
12 Minute Read

Omnisend Email Marketing and SMS 📈

As a team of passionate Shopify experts, it’s our job here at Karmoon to know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to the platform’s many functionalities, tools and available integrations.

As an agency, our core focus has always been streamlined towards the design, development and scaling of Shopify and Shopify Plus businesses. We take pride in sharing our; insights, advice and tips, not to mention the latest news, themes and integrations that live up to the hype.

So, for today’s article, we are going to turn our attention towards Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS which is considered to be the best email marketing app for Shopify by many of the platform’s users.

However, the Omnisend application isn’t the be-all and end-all to the solution, as the integration has a variety of features that merchants on Shopify worship.

From; email to SMS and pop-up conversion tools, this application is one of the strongest marketing tools for Shopify stores to implement and drive sales for their business.

Omnisend’s Email & SMS Marketing Integration 📧

For those of you who are yet to be introduced, Omnisend is an Email and SMS marketing platform that is currently utilised by over 70,000 ecommerce merchants across the web.

If you’re wondering what it is that these retailers have in common, it’s the desire to increase the sales of their business and not their team’s workload.

So, if that sounds like something your store could jump on board with, stick around and discover how the Omnisend integration could assist your business:

The Basics of Omnisend Email Marketing

Before we dive head-first into the details, it should be noted that the Omnisend email marketing application is a full Shopify integration that contains pre-built automation workflows and intuitive, no-code editing to make the process of getting up and running as simple as possible.

So, if you’re ready for a whole list of reasons why merchants consider Omnisend to be the best email marketing application for their business, keep on reading:

Sell With Pre-Built Workflows 🏗️

It’s time for more businesses to start converting browsers to shoppers with pre-built ecommerce automation by targeting:

Browsers who abandon their shopping cart(s).

Browsers who abandon their product(s).

New subscribers and leads.

Consumers who are likely to churn.

Shoppers who can provide feedback and/ or product reviews.

Note:All email and SMS messages, subject lines and workflow settings are pre-built with Omnisend so merchants will be up and running within minutes.

Send Newsletters

With the Omnisend email marketing integration, merchants on Shopify have the power to create and send shoppable content to their mailing list with ease.

Think; stunningly visual layouts, beautiful designs and interactive elements that convert with an email marketing strategy that utilises:

The drag and drop builder.

Omnisend's ready-made and responsive email templates.

Dynamic coupon codes.

An automatic product picker.

Additionally, merchants can automatically resend previously run campaigns without the need for tedious manual work to be carried out. So, let’s give thanks to the Omnisend team for saving the stores on Shopify some serious labour time.

Email and SMS Lists 📜

Seamlessly collect and curate a list of leads that can be contacted via email and/ or SMS opt-ins using Omnisend’s mobile-friendly and fully customisable; pop-ups, signup boxes, landing pages and/ or wheel of fortune.

Streamlined Targeting and Segmentation

If you’re looking to boost your store’s conversions with well-targeted and personalised messages via; email, SMS and/ or push notifications, Omnisend is a fantastic solution for retailers to employ.

As a result, segments can be created for:

High-value (VIP) customers.

Customers who are considered as ‘likely-to-churn’.

Shoppers who purchase products from specific categories.

First-time/ repeat customers as well as data-driven audiences.

Note: Shopify stores can also turn to the built-in audience sync when it comes to running Facebook and Google ads.

Email Marketing, SMS and Push Notifications 🔔

With the Omnisend integration, there’s no need to pay for multiple apps, as the solution will:

Send free SMS messages for merchants on any plan.

Provide an SMS service worldwide.

Incorporate push notifications and SMS messages within campaigns and omnichannel workflows.

Analyse Campaigns and Customers

For the businesses that are looking to analyse their campaigns alongside the consumers who are passing through the checkout process, key data can be obtained via:

The sales dashboard.

Campaign, automation and form performance reports.

Personalised benchmarks that compare stores against industry brands.

Live visitor insights.

The breakdown of a customer’s life cycle.

Headless Commerce Compatibility 🔄

With custom storefronts and a single integration API, the Omnisend email marketing app is also a compatible solution to headless commerce.

Should you wish to contact Omnisend, customer support can be located via:

24/7 live chat and email support.

The customer success managers who are on-hand for Pro plan users with more than 15k subscribers.

On-demand Omnisend Academy training and live webinars that are readily available for merchants to access.

All Features, All Plans

At Omnisend, it’s the team’s mission to enable ecommerce businesses to make their marketing relevant by sending personalised messages to the right browsers, through the right channel at the appropriate time.

So, for shoppers, this means that tailored messages and a unique online shopping experience are the core of focus, whereas the power to rise above promotional noise and sustain effective results is the best approach for marketers to follow.

Getting started with Omnisend is as easy as pie, as store owners can access all of the solution’s features via the Free plan. Nonetheless, retailers can choose to upgrade their plan with Omnisend to suit the size of their store’s current recipient list.

The Key Features

Navigate the drag-and-drop email editor for an easy email design experience.

Target specific groups of visitors with greater granularity via email segmentation.

Take advantage of automation workflows to set up a variety of triggers that will generate consistent sales.

Utilise A/B testing to discover which email campaigns are performing the best with your business strategy.

Implement SMS marketing and push notifications in all of your campaigns and workflows to maximise results.

Omnisend’s Best Practices

Small businesses lean on Omnisend to curate an email list in a short timeframe.

Growing Shopify stores with; email, SMS and push marketing strategies already in place turn to Omnisend to execute these methods to reach their fullest capabilities.

Online businesses can continue to maintain their marketing strategy by driving sales to their store(s) with email automation in place.

Marketing Automation for Shopify Plus 📩

It should be understood that Omnisend isn’t just for merchants on Shopify, as the stores on Shopify Plus can also build personalised customer experiences to scale and grow by utilising Omnisend's powerful automation features.

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started with Omnisend, here’s an in-depth overview of what you can expect from the integration:

N0.1: Single-Click Installation

Simply download the Omnisend app and the integration will automatically sync all contact and order information to your store.

N0.2: Ease of Use

Omnisend’s pre-built; automation workflows, seamless email templates and drag & drop content editor make it simple for merchants to get up and running.

N0.3: Integrated with Shopify Flow

Syncing and personalising on-brand messages can now be based on customer behaviour throughout all Shopify Flow supported apps.

N0.4: Omnichannel Automation

Evolve your store by combining email with SMS marketing via additional third-party channels to drive 2.9x more conversions for your business without the need to integrate multiple apps into your store.

Omnisend’s popular automation workflows have been pre-built into the integration so that merchants can implement; cart abandonment, welcome, order and shipping confirmation messages as well as workflows into their conversion strategy.

N0.5: Advanced Email Marketing

Why not save time designing email campaigns without having to compromise on the look or impact of your store’s content?

Busy marketers adore features such as the integrated Product Picker as well as the drag & drop content editor, as they make creating campaigns as easy as pie.

Additionally, the ability to A/B test subject lines and add dynamic coupon codes into marketing messages are present to enable merchants to increase the effectiveness of their store’s campaigns.

N0.6: Smart Segmentation

By taking advantage of Omnisend’s smart audience segmentation feature, retailers can get personal with; VIP shoppers, first-time buyers, customers with upcoming birthdays and dormant contacts.

So, get ready to get personal with each of your unique customer segments by executing a strategy that includes Omnisend’s advanced segmentation features.

N0.7: Actionable Reports

With actionable reports on hand, merchants can always keep an eye on how their store’s automation and campaigns are performing alongside how many sales are they driving.

Compare performance; daily, weekly, or monthly and improve your actions by learning which form of content generates the highest engagement level and sales conversions.

N0.8: Full Marketing Suite

The full marketing suite can be accessed by Shopify Plus stores.

N0.9: Real-Time Data Sync

Start activating your customers without any delay with Omnisend, as the solution instantly syncs data from Shopify Plus.

N0.10: Automation Templates

Save time with pre-built workflows where; cart recovery, welcome series and order and shipping confirmations are concerned.

N0.11: Email Newsletters

Engage your subscribers with targeted and easy-to-build email campaigns that include a variety of CTR boosters.

N0.12: SMS Marketing

Try an SMS channel for segmented, one-off campaigns or integrate this approach with further channels within your store's automation workflows.

N0.13: Building Forms

From pop-up boxes to gamified forms, stores on Shopify can use Omnisend to seamlessly collect email addresses and phone numbers to add to the database.

N0.14: Drag & Drop

Experience email creation at its finest with the Omnisend email marketing app. It’s an easy-to-use content editor that is beloved by many merchants across the platform.

Note: The Omnisend application integrates with; Gorgias, Justuno, Recharge, Aftership, LoyaltyLion and Loox which are available to download via the Shopify App Store.

Plans and Pricing

From the Free plan to the Pro plan, merchants can experience a plethora of tools at their fingertips. Take a look at the capture below to view the full details of Omnisend’s plan and pricing tiers:

Omnisend - Pricing

Note: Please note that all charges are billed in USD and recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days for users on Shopify.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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