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Oculus Announces Data And Privacy Shopify Connector

Oculus Announces Data And Privacy Shopify Connector↘

Oculus VisionTech, the emerging data compliance innovator announced the release of Forget-Me-Yes (FMY), a data and privacy solution via its brand, ComplyTrust on the 5th of October 2021.

This software release update has enabled the ComplyTrust team to market and sell the Forget-Me-Yes software as a service to Shopify’s customer base, which means that the software can now be connected to the ecommerce platform.

According to Statista, Shopify now represents 11% of the world’s ecommerce market share with over 1 million+ customers worldwide.

Forget-Me-Yes (FMY) is ComplyTrust's Software as a Service (Saas) application which has been designed for organisational; Data Subject Access Request (DSAR), Right to be Forgotten (RtbF) and Right of Erase (RoE) data and privacy compliance.

The Forget-Me-Yes (FMY) secure Zero-Knowledge platform by Oculus online is the single-source that is capable of continuous compliance which incorporates an automated policy-driven re-query service.

This platform guarantees that a Data Subject's requested RtbF/ RoE data remains forgotten over the life of their FMY subscription.

ComplyTrust on The Data and Privacy Shopify Connector

Michael Johnson, the Co-Founder at ComplyTrust stated:

- "We are pleased to announce that FMY's new multi-connector functionality now incorporates a Shopify query feature.
- Enterprise organisations can now cost-effectively streamline DSAR processing with a single request query across both Shopify and Salesforce org databases concurrently."

As Forget-Me-Yes (FMY) currently runs within the global AWS cloud infrastructure, the software provides a cost-effective, elastic, resilient, scalable and secure platform for organisations located in; California, Virginia, Colorado, Europe and Brazil to utilise.

The Forget-Me-Yes (FMY) cloud-native microservice's architecture is available to utilise on a monthly subscription basis which will provide users with access to automated DSAR structured data query processing across multiple organisational databases.

- "Protecting both our clients and their customers in this new age of data privacy is a critical component of our customised service offerings.
- The new FMY Shopify connector release will enable us to re-engage and offer an easy-to-use DSAR delete workflow process to both our current US and international Shopify clients." - Jack Corrao II, the Managing Partner at the Corrao Group.

For further information on the Forget-Me-Yes (FMY) software or to request a demonstration, visit the ComplyTrust website for the details.

About Oculus VisionTech

Oculus VisionTech, is a development-stage technology company that is focused on cyber security, data and privacy compliance solutions for Enterprise business customers.

With offices based in; San Diego, California, Vancouver and British Columbia, the company is expanding its ComplyTrustproduct suite which includes the ComplyScanTM cloud backup reporting tool alongside the Forget-Me-Yes (FMY) B2B data privacy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Oculus online's legacy Cloud-DPS digital content protection solution implements an invisible forensic watermarking technology that seamlessly embeds imperceptible tracking components into documents and video frames which makes tamper-proof legal audit-ability possible for intellectual property protection

About ComplyTrust

Founded by industry veteran storage technology experts, ComplyTrust is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Oculus VisionTech.

With headquarters in San Diego, California, ComplyTrust is operated by an experienced management team whose focus is specifically geared towards providing enterprise organisations and individuals with secure data and privacy tools and it is these data and privacy tools that provide sustained and continuous global regulatory compliance of subject rights.

About The Corrao Group

Last but not least, the Corrao Group has aided over one-thousand Salesforce customers in customising the platform to their business to maximise their Salesforce investment.

The Corrao Group has provided custom Salesforce consulting services including; configuration, development, implementation, integration, analytics and ongoing support for Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds since 2002 so, these guys already know what the game is about.

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