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Annex Cloud Engine Fully Integrated With Shopify Plus

Annex Cloud Engine Fully Integrated With Shopify Plus↘

Annex Cloud announced on February 11th that its sophisticated offer and promotions management module will be fully integrated with Shopify Plus - Shopify's premier global commerce platform.

Introducing Annex Cloud & Shopify Plus

Annex Cloud is a leading global provider of enterprise technology solutions for enhanced, personalised and experiential customer retention and loyalty management. In addition, the application is also one of the first app partners to be approved by Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus, on the other hand, offers large-business options such as enhanced reporting, white-glove priority customer care and high traffic volume capacity.

Annex Cloud: The Shopify Plus Integration

The Loyalty Experience Platform module by Annex Cloud enables brands to take advantage of a natively built promotion engine for smooth integration across digital channels on the web.

This promotion engine allows at-will generation of; coupon codes, vouchers, store credits and gift cards which can be awarded to end-users.

Brands can now use the Annex Cloud Incentive Engine via the Shopify Plus Certified App to effortlessly create offers for their end-users within the loyalty system or within marketing campaigns and promotions.

Annex Cloud on the Shopify Plus Integration

Erin Raese, the Senior Vice President of Revenue at Annex Cloud stated:

- “This is exciting news. Now any Shopify Plus client can easily enhance their marketing efforts with more relevant offers, promotions and even gift cards, independent of their loyalty program.
- If you’re looking to deliver true personalisation, segment customers based on attributes beyond the number of purchases and create offers beyond the basics like birthdays, our agile Loyalty Experience Platform enables you to collect unlimited attributes to create individualised messages and offers for each shopper across the entire customer journey.
- Whether you’re a global brand, a brand expanding to brick-and-mortar, or you’re already omnichannel, the Incentive Engine integration allows you to easily create offers, promotions and gift cards that work seamlessly across both your ecommerce and POS platforms.”

The Enterprise Customer Retention Solution

Annex Cloud is a leading enterprise-ready loyalty service with Shopify Plus connectivity for businesses that desire to include loyalty within their strategy.

Furthermore, Annex Cloud's platform is the only full-suite loyalty solution that allows businesses to buy only the features required, allowing retailers to start with a simple value exchange and collect first-party data before expanding to more sophisticated omnichannel reward and programme types as their business grows.

If you're wondering what benefits retailers can expect from the Annex Cloud Shopify Plus integration, take a look at the section below:

  • Modularity: The Annex Cloud application has the most engagement modules for merchants to develop attitudinal, emotional and empathic connections. Furthermore, this adaptable platform enables flexibility and nimble delivery to fulfil ever-changing requirements.
  • Comprehensive Engagement Suite: Brands may use Annex Cloud to capture, recognise and reward various types of consumer behaviour, such as; referrals, gamification, surveys, influencer management and contests.
  • 100+ Pre-Built Integrations: The Annex Cloud application is purposefully architected with pre-built connectors with over 100 market-leading technologies to speed the delivery of loyalty management programmes and compelling customer experiences.

So, what are your thoughts on the Annex Cloud integration with Shopify Plus? Reach out and let us know.

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