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A Guide To DatoCMS

A Guide To DatoCMS

5th August 2021
6 Minute Read

More than 25,000 businesses are currently utilising DatoCMS to create online content at scale from one central hub.


Written by Madeleine

5th August 2021
6 Minute Read

Who Are DatoCMS? 🤔

Haven’t you heard? DatoCMS is a content management solution for the modern web and over more than 25,000 ecommerce businesses are currently utilising this editor-friendly headless CMS platform to create online content at scale from one centralised hub.

Therefore, it could be a great fit for your Shopify store!

How so? Well, DatoCMS offers a complete, user-friendly and performant solution to creating projects that truly belong to each brand, making it one of the best CMS systems on the market in 2021.

If that impresses you, you can’t have heard that they are responsible for powering ecommerce experiences for over half a billion users and some of the ecommerce giants on this list include; Deutsche Telecom, Hashicorp, Verizon, Nike and Vercel.

Agency Designed 💻

In 2015, DatoCMS began as an internal tool, but this headless solution reached new heights in the industry due to the company’s understanding of business clients and partners.

How did they do it? Well, as a Shopify agency ourselves, we imagine that the company took knowledge from their own experience of clients and partners that DatoCMS itself collaborates with and moved onwards from there, because that's what we'd do.

Due to their start as an agency, the company has a familiarity with the worries and pains of a business because they have experienced the same sensations, but here's the rub - they broke loose.

By steering clear of trends and keeping things simple, DatoCMS designed every feature from the practical, real-world needs that they see every day.

In 2019, DatoCMS became an independent, profitable company with a fully dedicated team committed to providing its customers with the best headless CMS in the market.

Simply put, this means that ecommerce stores can now profit from the solution and we couldn't be more exctied!

So, now that we've given you the back story, it's time to find out what utilising DatoCMS could mean for your Shopify business:

A Technology Investment

The mission at DatoCMS is for online businesses on platforms such as Shopify to be able to move onwards and upwards with their empowerment journey.

The CMS solution provides every team member of a business with an end-to-end solution that creates and distributes content to websites and other digital experiences at scale.

From the perspective of a Shopify developer, our team members believe that every ecommerce website should have a reliable and future-proof infrastructure.

Digital marketers on the other hand need to be able to solve complex problems while setting strategic goals and technology in place to empower the team.

Last but not least, content editors need to automate SEO, whilst managing content across multiple platforms without filling an IT ticket every time they wish to do so.

So, if it sounds like your team on Shopify could benefit from learning more about one of the best CMS systems in the industry, here’s how DatoCMS could further assist your company:

Manage Content In One Place 👌

With headless CMS, everyone is kept on the same page. This means that everything is stored within one centralised hub, making an edit and publication instant across every applicable channel.

In short, here’s what you can expect from DatoCMS:

Shopify stores will be able to access every piece of copy at any time.

Content will become future-proof.

Real omnichannel experiences will be delivered.

Market In Hours, Not Months

The buzz around headless content management is based upon the ability to iterate painlessly, no matter the digital product that your business is currently working on.

What’s great with DatoCMS is that teams will not have to reach out to their IT department for complex migrations. Why? Well, this is largely due to the:

Flexible content model.

Fast iterations and instant prototyping.

Repeatable architecture across all projects.

Global Delivery At Your Service 🌐

With a network that spans across 200 cities in more than 90 countries across the world, you can be sure that content on your Shopify store will always be accessible, performant, secure and close by to every customer.

With reduced architectural complexities, built-in scalability and integrations ready for any digital product, DatoCMS is the perfect global delivery solution for stores on Shopify.

According to Gartner, 89% of online businesses are planning to compete on customer experience alone and we here at Karmoon wouldn't want you to be unprepared.

If you think DatoCMS could be the perfect solution foryour Shopify website, why not try it for free?

It’s super easy to set up, all you have to do is register with your; name, email address, company name and password. Then. you're all set.

If you’re interested to see how DatoCMS turned content editing around for Oberlo the Shopify merchant, check out the link provided for further information.

Well, that’s it for today’s article. We hope that this guide has shed some light on DatoCMS.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us to get started!

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