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What Is The Best Shopify Theme For 2022?

What Is The Best Shopify Theme For 2022?↘

We’ve all heard the question - What is the best Shopify theme for my business? In 2022, the competition for web design has blown wide open and it's critical to make a good first impression with an audience every time they visit a store.

This means that choosing the correct theme for your business is more crucial than ever before.

According to the Blue Corona statistic, 38% of online shoppers will leave a website if its appearance is unattractive.

As such, online stores strive to build visually aesthetic designs that provide positive customer experiences whilst increasing sales conversions for the business.

As a result, implementing the correct Shopify theme is crucial to online success.

Quick Answer

When it comes down to asking - what Shopify theme would bring the most success to my business?

The simple explanation is that if a website's design does not appeal to your store's customers, they will head to another website.

Therefore, selecting the best Shopify theme for your store's goals will make it easier to manage the website and put your business ahead of the competition.

See, many aspects play a role in brand and theme synchronicity such as conversion methods of choice and the business industry at hand, but the final choice of design will boil down to the theme's capabilities and what the business demands from its layout.

As Shopify experts, you can take it from us that there are many fantastic Shopify themes available on the market today and we have narrowed down the best ones for you to choose from within today's guide.

For instance, Minimal is one of the best free Shopify themes on the Shopify Theme Store, whereas; District, Responsive, Testament and Icon are fantastic premium alternatives that suit a variety of industries.

Selecting The Best Shopify Theme for your Business

Shopify is one of the most prominent ecommerce platforms on the web, which currently offers its users 88 flawless themes to choose from via the Shopify Theme Store.

While having plenty of options is always a great thing as a merchant, selecting a Shopify theme that best suits the needs of a business can almost feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack if you're not sure what to focus on.

So, for today's article, we are going to explore five of the best Shopify theme options for online stores in 2022, beginning with Minimal:

N0.1: Minimal

By: Shopify

Theme Styles: Vintage, Fashion, Modern


Price: Free

Minimal is a free Shopify theme that has a well-deserved reputation for its ease of use and backend customisability.

This theme is also a fantastic alternative for novices and businesses who wish to reduce visual distractions and highlight their products - thanks to its clean and basic interface.

Minimal also offers the following handy Shopify theme default features to users:

  • Customisable content sections on the home screen of a store.
  • Search engine optimisation capabilities.
  • Drop down navigation support.
  • Free theme updates.
  • Mobile friendly and responsive designs.
  • Social media icons.
  • Adjustable elements with built-in styles and colour palettes.
  • Access to free stock photos by Burst.


One thing to note is that all of the themes available on the Shopify Theme Store contain the characteristics listed above. As a result, we've referred to these features as ‘Shopify theme default features’.

However, Minimal is regarded as one of the best, if not the best Shopify theme by users on the platform, not just for its default features but the following outstanding characteristics:

Key Features

  • Home Page Video: The homepage will be a browser’s first impression of a store. Therefore, having a homepage video onsite can help merchants to create a more enjoyable and positive experience for visitors while increasing conversions. For instance, the Minimal theme allows users to embed a video from Youtube or Vimeo onto the home page.
  • Product Image Zoom: It’s common knowledge that a website with zoomable product imagery is preferred by users. The rationale for this is that online shoppers can instantly picture how products look in depth.
  • Cart Page: On the cart page, customers can add notes to their order(s), which means that merchants can receive special instructions from their shoppers in regards to fulfilment and delivery.


N0.2: Responsive

By: Out of the Sandbox

Theme Styles: London, Paris, New York, San Francisco


Price: $220

For those of you wondering what Shopify theme would be the best fit for your online store, Responsive is a fantastic option for businesses that reside within the industries of; houseware, home and garden.

With this technically robust and adaptable theme, merchants can demonstrate how specific products would fit into a browser’s living space.

Additionally, Responsive is an excellent design choice for businesses seeking synchrony and flawless presentation across all devices.

What’s more, this theme’s highly customisable elements enable merchants to make changes to the; layout, typography and featured promotions.

Key Features

  • Shopify Theme Default Features: This theme contains the standardised characteristics that are included with every Shopify theme (see the previous section for reference).
  • Versatile Sidebar: In a switchable sidebar, Responsive displays; menus, a search bar, and other means of content via collection and blog pages.
  • Currency Conversion: Customers who are not in the United States will find it easier to verify the price of a product in their currency.
  • Instagram Feed: Merchants can link their Shopify account to Instagram, resulting in the platform displaying the most recent posts in the news stream. This function aids in the increase of social proof alongside the acquisition of new followers and browsers.
  • Wide Layout: Full-width slideshows and centred menu navigation are possible with the Responsive design.


N0.3: District

By: Style Hatch, Inc

Theme Styles: District, Energy, Coast


Price: $220

For the merchants who are searching for the best Shopify theme, we have to say that District would be a fantastic choice in 2022.

District is a wonderful option for the online stores that are looking to showcase featured products and innovative collections to their audience.


As this stunning design allows shoppers to explore the finer details of online products, we’d recommend the District theme for the brands that reside within the; fashion, clothing and sports industry.

Key Features

  • Shopify Theme Default Features: This theme contains the standardised characteristics that are included with every Shopify theme.
  • Email Popup: Popup refers to an ad displayed in a window on the same page, which enables merchants to highlight; relevant offers, products and sales, whilst building email lists and recapturing the customers’ attention before they leave the page.
  • Colour Swatches: This tool allows shoppers to see a product in a variety of colours. As a result, customers can then view how the product will look and choose the version that appeals to them.
  • Dedicated Support: Aside from its exceptional UX and UI components, District's responsive support team has enabled the theme to become one of the top Shopify themes on the platform.


N0.4: Testament

By: We are Underground

Theme Styles: Genesis, Exodus, Revelation, Deliverance


Price: $240

Testament is another contender in today’s list of the best Shopify theme options for health and beauty stores on the platform.

Customers shopping from brands in these industries are often interested in seeing how products will improve their appearance and well-being. On this front, the Testament theme will have you covered.

Additionally, this theme has proven itself to be the appropriate Shopify theme for a multitude of industries due to its outstanding customisation features.


We Are Underground, one of the top five theme developers in the Shopify Theme Store, are responsible for creating this theme and to date, Testament has powered over 9,300 Shopify sites across the web.

Key Features

Shopify Theme Default Features: This theme contains the standardised characteristics that are included with every Shopify theme.

Documentation: The Testament theme provides detailed guidance including animated steps and lively video tutorials. This guide is also a great place to start when it comes to customising your store’s theme.

Product Quick View: Customers can view product information in a popup window without leaving the current page. This feature can enhance the time on the page, which undoubtedly boosts conversion rates.

Sticky Navigation: As users scroll down the page, the navigation bar will remain stationary at the top. As a result, your customers will appreciate it when they can switch to a different portion of the page without having to scroll upwards.


N0.5: Icon

By: We are Underground

Theme Styles: Dolce, Christian, Yves, Vera


Price: $240

When it comes to finding the best Shopify theme, Icon has the credentials to back up its claims.

This particular theme is ideal for brands that want to stand out aesthetically with image-focused content. As a result, it is best suited for those who own and operate art and photography businesses.

Just like the Testament theme, Icon is a We Are Underground product. However, this theme does have unique elements that contribute to its enviable reputation.

So much so that we’ve heard Icon is packed with many features that empower Shopify store owners to create conclusive and particular experiences with ease.

Key Features

  • Shopify Theme Default Features: This theme contains the standardised characteristics that are included with every Shopify theme.
  • Parallax Scrolling: When shoppers scroll down the page, this technique produces a dynamic depth by making background images move slower than foreground images. Parallax Scrolling has become popular in recent years due to its impressive capacity to improve user experience.
  • Google Web Fonts: Icon is a theme that has been designed specifically for the artsy stores on Shopify, bringing the best experience to your online browsers. As a result, merchants can choose a font that is suitable for their objectives to design an innovative and unique store.


So, that’s it for today’s guide. We hope that our article has provided you with some guidance as to what Shopify theme would best suit your business in 2022.

If your favourite Shopify theme has made it onto the list, reach out and let us know.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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