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What Does The New Product Tagging Instagram Feature Bring?

What Does The New Product Tagging Instagram Feature Bring?↘

If your brand currently has a presence on the likes of social media channels such as Instagram, you will know how exciting it is for your business to be tagged in a post, especially if you're just getting started with social media marketing.

That little @ symbol indicates that the product tagging Instagram feature has been used by another profile which means that your implemented social media marketing strategy is taking shape and users on the platform are beginning to engage with your business.

No matter whether you’ve been tagged by a long-time influencer partner or a new admirer, this is all cause for celebration as these types of social engagement produce a lot of buzz for online businesses thanks to the capabilities of user-generated content.

Quick Answer

If you’re wondering what the new product tagging Instagram feature will bring to online businesses, it should be noted that this simple functionality is about to receive a powerful upgrade that could fundamentally benefit online stores when it comes to generating sales:

With plans for product tagging Instagram feature in full swing, item tags will now be directly linked to product pages that are incorporated within shopping tabs.

As a result of this update, more members of a brand's audience on Instagram will be able to communicate their enthusiasm for specific products, resulting in more sales for the business at hand.

This is a significant eureka moment for retailers who are eager to get the word of their inventory out there, as the new product tagging Instagram feature also allows users to make more direct connections with the standout items that they love from each store.


This feature was previously available for Business and Creator accounts on Instagram, however, it will soon be rolled out for use to users within the US.

Product Tagging Instagram Feature: Utilised by Beauty Brands 🏷️

Given that beauty brands rely on Instagram to highlight everything from; product samples to packaging and incredible full-face looks, it's no wonder that the platform decided to highlight Kulfi Beauty, a makeup brand, for the announcement.

Leslie Valdivia the Co-Founder of Vive Cosmetics stated:

- “Our customers, community reviews and feedback are what drives sales, so their posts and recommendations go a long way.
- Being able to now tag products, not just brands, will hopefully make it easier for others to discover the products their friends and family are recommending online.”
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Product Tagging Instagram Feature: Influencer Collaborations

Instagram hasn't yet announced when the new product tagging Instagram feature will be available in new countries. However, enabling users within the US alone to link out to products could have a huge impact on online businesses, especially when it comes to collaborating with influencers.

Ashley Buchanan, the Senior Director of Product at Obviously commented:

- “From an influencer's perspective, working with brands directly, it’s really exciting to be able to link to a product directly within the app, it means the call to action is that much more direct.”

In the case of Vive Cosmetics, the new product tagging Instagram feature implies that a user or an influencer can post a photo while wearing the brand’s products and tag the item within the post.

Then, when other users on the platform stumble across this post, they will be taken to a link where the product can be purchased.

Product Tagging Instagram Feature: Influencer Marketing 📷

As we’re sure you already know, Instagram influencers are an exceptionally powerful marketing tool as they can highlight and present products in a real-world context.

So, with the introduction of the new feature for product tagging on Instagram, being able to link directly to the product enables customers to locate and purchase highlighted products much faster and easier than before.

In a nutshell, this approach to marketing on Instagram is a win-win for influencers, too, as the strategy keeps users on the platform, as opposed to sending them away from their content to hunt down featured products on the grid.

Product Tagging Instagram Feature: Additional Benefits

The new feature for product tagging on Instagram will enable additional users (even with small accounts or niche audiences) to behave as influencers or micro-influencers, directing their followers to products of their choosing.

Furthermore, Instagram product tags allow influencers to be associated with a specific product that best suits their audience and its niche, as opposed to associating one individual with an entire brand, making influencer marketing finer tuned for online stores to utilise as part of their strategy.

For instance, one particular influencer might be a social ambassador for a rosewater face spray instead of an entire range of products from an organic skincare brand as this is what the individual’s audience is most interested in.

Ashley Buchanan, the Senior Director of Product at Obviously noted:

- “Being able to open up the concept of ‘everyone is an influencer’ just means infinite opportunity.”

We here at Karmoon have to agree, as Instagram's product tagging tool has expanded the concept of social purchasing significantly for both influencers and online stores.

The Changing Game for Affiliate Marketing 💰

Instagram is also piloting an affiliate sales program that is thought to integrate with product linking.

Therefore, if this feature is made available generally, participants will be able to earn a commission from the customers who shop using their product tags.

Needless to say, this is a huge game-changer where affiliate marketing is concerned and a fantastic incentive for influencers to continue collaborating with brands.

In a nutshell, we believe that this new Instagram feature will enable more customers to be rewarded when sharing the brands and products that they love across social media.

Ashley Buchanan, the Senior Director of Product at Obviously commented:

- “I think that’s huge. Being able to monetise linking products means you don’t need to be part of a formalised program to make money.
- Outside of the campaign context, it means that influencers can be recommending products they like and going out of their way to find brands their audience will like.”

Additionally, Leslie Valdivia the Co-Founder of Vive Cosmetics added:

- “I think this feature with Instagram will allow more customers to be rewarded to talk about brands and products they love.”

Product Tagging Instagram Feature: Perfect Timing

The release of the new product tagging Instagram feature has come at a perfect time, considering the recent announcement that normal hashtags have little effect on reach.

Therefore, it could be concluded that hashtags may not have the same impact as product tagging for businesses very shortly.


It's important to note that your followers are likely unaware of these changes so, if your business already works with influencers that do not have Creator accounts, it's worth contacting them to encourage product tagging or amend future contracts to make the most out of this new feature. Additionally, we would suggest informing your brand's followers that they will now have a direct opportunity to support the products that they enjoy using.

So, what are your thoughts on the latest functionalities of the new product tagging Instagram feature? Reach out and let us know.

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