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The Akeneo Shopify App Integration

The Akeneo Shopify App Integration↘

Have you heard? The Akeneo PIM Connector is now available for Shopify merchants to implement into their business via the Shopify App Store - hoorah!

It was announced earlier today that StrikeTru (a leading provider of; Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management and Master Data Management solutions for online companies) has developed a cloud-based Akeneo PIM Connector app that is now available for merchants to download from the Shopify App Store.

For retailers browsing the platform’s ecommerce app marketplace, the Akeneo PIM Connector is now a Shopify app integration that can be implemented into the running of an online store.

Excitingly, both Akeneo and Shopify customers can now take advantage of powerful PIM Connectors to unlock the power of agile merchandising.

The Role of PIM Connectors

If you’re wondering how Akeneo’s PIM (Passive Intermodulation) Connector functions to support an ecommerce business, stick with us as we take a look at the role in which PIM Connectors play:

PIM Connectors are a powerful solution that tackle all of your store's product management challenges by consistently delivering high-quality and accurate product information across all marketing channels and locales.

Ultimately the application has been designed for businesses to; build upon their brand's experience, expand upon the selection of products offered, enter new markets and take their store further on a global scale.

Additionally, subscribers of Akeneo’s Shopify app integration will be able to quickly set up a link to Akeneo PIM and sync all of their product catalogue data to Shopify within minutes.

With the help of Akeneo, merchants will be able to cut back on the time spent on manual tasks and get products in front of customers faster, enabling ecommerce stores to sell more and increase their ROIs.

StrikeTru and The Akeneo PIM Connector App

StrikeTru described Akeneo’s Connector app as part of their goal to

- “encourage organisations to integrate sufficient PIM practices in their ecommerce tech stack” and naturally, this cited an uptick in merchants selling using the Shopify platform last year as one of the factors.

StrikeTru’s self-sufficient SaaS-based Connector is designed to fuel fast-paced ecommerce environments; assisting organisations with preparations and transfers of clean product data into Shopify, whilst automating repetitive tasks, improving productivity, driving sales and revenues.

Vik Gundoju, a Partner at StrikeTru stated:

- “PIM and ecommerce are natural partners and we created a tight integration between two powerful platforms, Akeneo and Shopify, to work seamlessly together via our Connector.
- With Shopify actively used by millions of merchants globally, we are thrilled to introduce the Akeneo PIM Connector app that delivers effortless product information management capabilities to make ecommerce more profitable.”

Features and Pricing

N0.1: As we mentioned earlier, the new Akeneo PIM Connector is available as a public Shopify app integration via the App Store. However, the solution is available as a private app for merchants to utilise.

N0.2: The PIM Connectors app is also compatible with; Akeneo CE, GE, EE and all Shopify plans.

N0.3: Subscribers can reap a one-time 14-day free trial of the Shopify app integration so, why not try Akeneo’s PIM Connector for yourself?

N0.4: Furthermore, the PIM Connectors app offers three pricing packages known as; Starter, Basic and Professional which have been crafted to suit various merchant requirements.

N0.5: Subscribers can install the Connector on each of their Shopify stores and sync this to the same Akeneo PIM instance. Additionally, merchants can configure the Connector to sync the relevant products for each store.

N0.6: Last but not least, StrikeTru can also implement custom and complex requirements on an accelerated timeline for unique projects.

In short, the Shopify app integration by Akeneo has much to offer merchants. If you’d like to learn more about StrikeTru and their end-to-end portfolio for; PIM, DAM and MDM solutions, sign up for a one-to-one demo with StrikeTru by clicking the link provided.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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