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Feedonomics And Shopify

Feedonomics And Shopify

2nd August 2021
7 Minute Read

Feedonomics is fully integrated into the Shopify platform so, let’s take a look at how one of the leading data feed services can be utilised by Shopify merchants.


Written by Madeleine

2nd August 2021
7 Minute Read

Feedonomics Is Now Fully Integrated Into Shopify 🤝

Launched with the vision of creating a leading feed platform within the ecommerce industry, Feedonomics empowers customers on Shopify through the use of best-in-class technology and service to list retail products where consumers shop online.

It is the belief of Feedonomics that optimised feeds perform better and we have to say that the team here at Karmoon strongly agree with this notion.

See, optimised feeds perform better for the customer and produce positive results for the merchant.

So, it would seem that we are not the only ones who have experienced shortcomings with legacy feed platforms, as the founders at Feedonomics concluded that something new would need to be created before this issue could be solved. So, that’s what they did.

At first, Feedonomics was used in-house to solve an issue, but once the FeedFillment team caught wind that other retailers were experiencing the same issues, the direction of this revelation took a huge turning point.

Feedonomics was just too good not to share and we are so glad that they did just that with Shopify.

After this discovery, the team worked closely with the challenges that they experienced in support and the ability to transform data to achieve the best advertising performance possible in an increasingly omnichannel world.

Today, the innovative technology of Feedonomics now serves some of the most prolific advertising agencies, brands, and retailers across the globe. Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook are just a few of the high profile web locations where Feedonomics can be seen in action.

Additionally, Feedonomics is fully integrated into the Shopify platform, which means that Shopify store owners have a powerful solution here at their fingertips. So, let’s take a look at how one of the leading data feed services can be utilised by Shopify merchants:

Shopify Integration

With Feedonomics, Shopify stores can leverage ecommerce expertise and industry-leading technology to; list, categorise, optimise, and sync a Shopify catalogue to the Google Merchant Center, alongside hundreds of other channels.

One of the Best Data Feed Services in the Business 🙌

As a team of passionate Shopify developers and experts, dedicated to the merchants out there who are (or who are wanting) to utilise this powerful platform, we burst with excitement when new developments make the life of an ecommerce easier.

With Feedonomics, merchants on Shopify can trust the powerful technology and superior service that this handy solution provides.

After all, our team is here to help you save you time and resources, allowing you to refocus on the other facets of your ecommerce business, so, we would not recommend something which we do not believe could be of benefit to you or your business.

So, if you’re thinking about signing up with Feedonomics, these are the following amenities that you can expect for your Shopify store:

A dedicated account manager.

Proactive feed management and 24/7 support.

Comprehensive onboarding to align product feeds with ad campaigns.

Complete feed optimisation for Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Product Listings

By taking advantage of Feedonomics’ flexible platform, Shopify merchants will be able to control how their catalogue is listed on Google Shopping. Ultimately, this eliminates the need (and frustration) for unreliable apps, limited customisation, and manual troubleshooting.

Simply put, Feedonomics’ technology empowers the merchant to do more and achieve more with their store as follows:

Shopify merchants will be able to list product variants on Google Shopping to show different; sizes, colours and price variations of a product, alongside other variable attributes. Store owners can exclude poor performing products on a per-channel basis to protect business profits.

Additionally, merchants can automatically update product feeds without scheduling limitations to keep product listings as fresh as possible.

As a result, this will reduce wasted ad spend. Lastly, store owners on Shopify will be able to apply inventory buffers to avoid overselling low-stock items.

Catalogue Feed Optimisation 🛒

With Feedonomics - one of the best data feed services around, Shopify stores can stay ahead of the competition with better search relevancy, which will enable ecommerce businesses to reach the customers that are more likely to buy their products. In Layman’s terms, Feedonomics enable merchants to:

Improve; titles, descriptions, product categorisation and parse relevant attributes to create highly detailed product listings.

Prepare product feeds for A/B testing to analyse new ad strategies.

Apply custom labels to identify and group products by; price buckets, seasonality and profit margin.

Improve campaign performance by automatically comparing their Google Shopping feed to actual converted search terms with FeedTelligence.

Trustworthy Data Security

Last but by no means least, Shopify stores can prevent costly mistakes by using Feedonomics’ data governance features.

In other words, stores can improve their product uptime by preventing account suspensions and item disapprovals in the Google Merchant Center.

We don’t want you to lose out on sales for your Shopify store by wasting time trying to solve frustrating problems, which is why we’d highly recommend looking into this trustworthy solution if you haven’t done so before now.

At Feedonomics, the emphasis on data security includes:

Proactive feed management to curate and maintain healthy feeds.

Quick error resolution in the Google Merchant centre.

Safety triggers to stop an export or send an alert for potential issues with inventory, price, or other parameters.

Experienced feed specialists who are well-acquainted with evolving best practices for all marketing channels.

All we can say is thank you to the FeedFillment team for creating an amazing data feed services experience for everyone to work with and if you’re not already, sign up with Feedonomics.

So, what are your thoughts on our guide to Feedonomics and Shopify? Reach out and let us know.

If you’re actively looking to work with a Shopify agency designer or developer to assist you with your business, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to get started!

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