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Features Added To Reality Ecommerce Snap Ads

Features Added To Reality Ecommerce Snap Ads↘

On January 26th, it was announced that retailers advertising on Snapchat can now add; item descriptions, prices and links to purchase at the top of their augmented reality ecommerce Snap ads.

Here at Karmoon, we like to keep our ears to the ground when it comes to the latest launches and developments in the world of ecommerce, which is why we are super excited to share the latest updates of Snapchat’s augmented reality advertising capabilities.

Introducing Snapchat 🔔

Snapchat is an application for mobile users that caters to an audience demographic of those in their early teens to late 20s.

Advertising on Snapchat: Augmented Reality

Snap. Inc, the creator of Snapchat, has been strategically investing in augmented reality to offer more creative shopping experiences to users on the platform.

Additionally, augmented reality ecommerce Snap ads were designed to assist retailers with their social media marketing efforts, increasing the likelihood of generating sales via Snapchat’s camera-overlay tools.

Therefore, it’s common knowledge that Snap Inc. has been training businesses to start advertising within the application by introducing products via camera overlays.

See, it was the pandemic that inspired this approach to social media marketing, as the events of 2020 kept many consumers bound to their homes.

So, to be able to tackle the issue of lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic, advertisers across the web began to accelerate their experiments with augmented reality.

As a result, Snapchat's digital try-on feature was born. In a nutshell, this exciting and innovative shopping tool allows users to test out that new lipstick shade or edgy style of shoe.

Advertising on Snapchat: 2022 Updates 📢

Now in 2022, the company has made it possible for businesses to add more information to the top of their augmented reality ecommerce Snap ads.

For instance; item descriptions, prices and links to purchase are several of the new key features listed within the company’s announcement.

Furthermore, it is thought that these new features will enable merchants to receive additional granular analytics in regards to the products that gain a healthy volume of attention in real-time.

Advertising on Snapchat: The Stats

According to Digital Commerce 360’s Digital Marketing June 2021 survey of 143 retailers, 19% of merchants said they plan to increase their advertising budget on social platforms by more than 50%.

However, only 9% of retailers said they use Snapchat to advertise, though this is an increase from 4% which was recorded in 2020.

So, that’s the latest from Snap. Inc and the updates for retailers who are implementing a digital marketing strategy into their business. What are your thoughts on the new features? Reach out and let us know.

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