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Looking for Shopify Support? 🕵️

It looks like you’re trying to reach Shopify’s customer service team, but unfortunately, we are not associated with Shopify support.

Karmoon is a UK-leading Shopify agency that builds market-leading stores, for merchants on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Our team of professional Shopify experts provide support to merchants on the platform, but Shopify's representatives are an entirely separate team from our Shopify developers.

Nonetheless, we're all about lending a helping hand so, we’ve researched the following contact information so merchants like you can reach out directly to the team at Shopify support.

Does Shopify Have Customer Support?

Why yes, Shopify's user-friendly ecommerce platform provides Shopify support to merchants across the globe!

While it is relatively straightforward to navigate and use the platform, Shopify's customer service team are ready to lend a hand, whenever you need it.

With Shopify, merchants don't need to pay more or sign up for expensive plans to receive Shopify support, as all subscriptions include access to Shopify live chat 24/7.

However, Shopify's customer service team is not limited to this one form of Shopify support, as merchants can speak with a member of the team via Phone, Email, Live Chat or Social Media.

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Can you Call Shopify?

Looking to call Shopify support? You're in luck! Shopify’s customer service team offers 24/7 telephone support.

The toll-free number to contact in the US is 1-888-746-7439. If you live abroad, Shopify’s international customer support numbers are as follows:

The United Kingdom is 0800-808-5233, Australia is 03-8400-4750, New Zealand is 07-788-6026, India is 000-800-100-5786, Malaysia is 1800-80-6678, Singapore is 800-181-1121 and Indonesia is 007-803-651-0008.

Please note that you may face longer waiting and resolution times via Shopify's telephone support service.

Shopify Support Email

To get in touch with Shopify support via email, reach out to, or log in to your Shopify account to access the contact form through Shopify's Help Center.

As mentioned above, Shopify's customer service team can also be reached through 24/7 live chat. To speak with a Shopify agent in real-time, head to the live chat page and complete an online form in the Help Centre to get started.

Social Shopify Support

Reaching out to the platform on social media is another great way to get in touch with Shopify experts in the customer service team.

Visit Shopify’s Facebook page to start up a live chat by hitting the “Message” button in the top right corner of the page, head on over to Twitter and Tweet @shopify with your query or tag @Shopify in Instagram posts and stories to summarise your issue.

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Looking for further Shopify support? Get help from Shopify's forum and third-party Shopify partners, or visit the best Shopify blogs written by leading Shopify experts like us here at Karmoon!

If you require Shopify development services, get in touch with our Shopify development agency and a member of the team will get back to you.

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