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Shopify Subscription

Shopify product subscription ↘

Is your business model based on the idea of selling a product or service to receive recurring monthly or yearly revenue? If the answer is yes, a Shopify subscription could be for you.

The Best Platform To Start & Build Subscriptions

Sell subscriptions online with Shopify’s recurring payment solution. Created to convert with apps built for the platform’s pre-existing, lightning-fast checkout. Shopify is the commerce platform that is trusted by over 1.7 million businesses around the world and our clients are amongst them.

At Karmoon we know that Shopify subscriptions offer a better experience for your business and its customers. Want to know more? Here’s how:

Reduced Checkout Friction:

Increase sales with the most powerful checkout in the world, featuring a smooth and snappy experience that transforms browsers to buyers.

Customer Offerings:

Whether your business offers; subscription boxes, or product replenishments, we’d suggest that you prepare your brand so that it is ready to offer its customers what they want.

Recurring Payments:

Increase sales with the most powerful checkout in the world, featuring a smooth and snappy experience that transforms browsers to buyers.

Business Management:

With a Shopify subscription-based business model merchants will be able to run their entire enterprise and customer experience from one place. From the first click to order fulfilment, repeat services are made easy with subscription apps.

How Do Subscription-Based Models Work?

Let’s take things back to the 1600s when subscription-based business models were first introduced. Yes, that’s right, the whole concept of repeat purchasing isn’t a new idea. It’s a thing of the past that has evolved into the very foundations of online businesses today.

In its earlier days, subscription-based models were used by the newsprint and book publishing businesses. However, in 2021, many companies have moved away from business revenue models (where revenue is made from one-time purchases) to a subscription-based business model (where revenue is made repeatedly).

Take The Economist for instance. Here is a prime example of how an international weekly newspaper is taking advantage of the subscription-based model set up to reach their readers both digitally and in a printed magazine format. Readers can opt to purchase an annual or quarterly subscription for the news content in print and digital format or in just digital format alone. Other subscription services include; student subscriptions where a 50% discount is given), gift subscriptions that can be shared with friends and family and group subscriptions that provide access to a corporate subscription plan.

With such an enticing service offering with payment options applicable for variable budgets, the core principles of lifetime customer value are truly enforced into The Economist’s business model. In short, if you’re aware of a customer’s lifetime value, businesses can acquire new subscribers at an initial loss in marketing costs.

Product/service subscriptions are generally renewed and activated automatically with a pre-authorised credit card or checking account. The benefit of subscription models for online stores is largely due to the recurring revenue that they provide. In addition, such services have been proven to create a strong brand to customer relationship.

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Subscription-Based Business Model Example

We think that the easiest subscription model to explain and understand is that of a magazine publication. Instead of selling a magazine as a standalone product where the customer makes a one-time purchase, magazine companies offer a subscription service for the delivery of a weekly or monthly magazine.

This makes the revenue model of the company stronger because it guarantees itself sales over 12 months as opposed to a single purchase. With a subscription-based business model, revenue forecasting and business planning are made easy for companies to project their sales further with accuracy.

For additional examples of how subscription services operate within this sector, visit The Atlantic and the Financial Times for more information.

Shopify Subscription Business Needs

An Online Store:

Build a beautiful shopping experience with over 70+ ready-to-use, customisable themes on Shopify.

A Shopify Payment Method:

Whether one-time or recurring payments are the strategy of your business, merchants can confidently know that they will be paid quickly, securely and reliably every time.

Product Fulfillment:

Save time with a unified inventory that stays accurate across all business channels, accessing simplified shipping tools that scale with your brand in the process.

A Checkout:

Access the most powerful checkout in the world. With over 2.5 billion orders processed, Shopify’s checkout is constantly analysed and optimised for; speed, conversion and customer experience.

Insight Access:

Easily track subscription revenue and view analytics across key customer touchpoints from one single place.

Shopify's Free Trial

If your business is ready to start offering subscriptions to its customers, try out Shopify’s free trial for 14 days to explore all of the tools and services that your brand could utilise to start, running and growing in its new venture.

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